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Fading History


Think the notion that some are trying to erase or rewrite our history is nonsense? Look no further than George Washington University. This passage from a piece by Kara Zupkus, for the Young America’s Foundation titled GW is Quietly Removing “Colonial” From Campus Following Referendum to Remove “Offensive” Mascot is evidence of the erasing…

“GW is up to no good.”

Following a student body referendum last spring that narrowly voted to change the university’s “offensive” colonial mascot, The George Washington University has been quietly removing “colonial” from familiar campus fixtures.

While the official mascot remains the colonial, the university recently renamed “Colonial Central,” the student center focused on registration and financial services, to the “Student Services Hub.”

It’s not just George Washington University either. If you are paying attention you can find news stories, almost daily, about something being deemed offensive by someone, and so much so that it must be removed.

An important book about the statues, songs, and other symbols representative of our history that are slowly disappearing is  “ERASING AMERICA: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past”  In the book, author James S. Robbins discusses many instances where some are trying to remove history rather than explore it and learn about it in the context of its era.

This quote at the beginning of Chapter 12 is one to be heeded, before we lose our valuable history.

“Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” – George Orwell, 1984

If the removing of statues and other symbols isn’t enough to alarm you…look at the work of the word police, which is multiplying. Words are being removed and redefined. How can we discuss important topics if the words we are using in a discussion become the topic of the discussion instead?

Do people even know what communism, Marxism, socialism, fascism and capitalism mean anymore? It seems that the true meaning of these words has been obscured. Only a few years ago these words were often considered a slur.

There was a reflexive gasp if you said someone was a Marxist or a communist. It was as if you had slandered them. Today, capitalism is used as a slur.  Capitalism seems to have been assigned the definition of an economic system in which poor people are taken advantage of. As if the growth of a business is not good for the economy and a benefit, but somehow business growth is a negative.

In the last decade capitalism has stealthily been portrayed as a system that only raises the wealth of the wealthy but is of no benefit to those who work for the wealthy.

There are many other words that are being redefined or eliminated from the national dialogue. Some are demoted to slur words, not to ever be used in polite company, or perhaps in any company, private or public.

This redefining, and in some cases elimination of certain words that describe complicated and important political and socio-economic systems endangers the foundation our republic has been built on. The First Amendment enumerates the natural right we are born with to speak freely. If words are manipulated and taken from a society as they were in George Orwell’s novel 1984, we may soon find ourselves facing the bleak world the citizens of Ingsoc lived in.

The language transformation Ingsoc was undergoing according to Orwell, from Oldspeak to Newspeak. Oldspeak words were either eliminated or redefined into Newspeak. Citizens were expected to engage in a process called doublethink. That meant citizens must know and not know simultaneously. They were trained to know the truth, while telling carefully constructed lies; to use logic against logic; to repudiate morality while laying a claim to it. They were to believe that democracy was impossible, yet the Party of Big Brother was the guardian of democracy. One had to use doublethink to understand doublethink.

All this is confusing, as it is meant to be. How else can a society be transformed? Changing the meaning of words is a powerful weapon against a society. Perhaps it would be wise to take some time to understand our words and be sure the next generation understands them before they are redefined out of existence into a Newspeak. A Newspeak where capitalism is communism, and there is no difference that can be spoken of. A Newspeak that is designed to fade our history…  

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World”, along with her Blog Series, “Statues: The People They Salute”.

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All a part of the dumbing of America. Stated back in the 60’s and has progressed to these types of stunts! The people responsible for these antics should be detained for seditionand charged with conspiracy to commit treason!

Mary Lou

We need the schools to teach a more balanced understanding of politics. We’re raising a bunch of indoctrinated people.

Brenda Blunt

This is extremely sad! Someone is offended and something must be done! This is pure bull crap!! Political correctness is just wrong! People should NOT be afraid to say or do just because someone doesn’t like what that person has to say!! Tough cookies!!!!!! I remember the days where a person could say something and you either accepted it or not!!

Richard FURMAN

every day is gets scarier and most of our high school youth don’t even realize its happening

Philip Boggs

Most of the time, life is tough. It is tough for individuals, for families and for governments. But, that is how we learn. Not from books or universities, although helpful that knowledge comes from skewed points of view of the authors and professors with their own agendas. The United States of America has always suffered from growing pains. History is our past and looking back on it we see all the good and bad, all of the justice and injustice done by individuals, families and our society. If we as a nation do not remember our mistakes, then we will have no errors to correct, no benchmark to measure ourselves against. We must accept our history as just that. We cannot change it for good or bad, right or wrong, we are stuck with it. But, we can and should learn from it. We each should do the best we… Read more »

Robert Hellam

“Capitalism” has for years been a pejorative used by Marxists. I prefer to say “private enterprise” or “free enterprise” or “economic liberty.” While the enemy is trying to erase the language of freedom, we should not adopt the language of the oppressors, in my opinion.


Is this why textbooks aren’t used in schools anymore? This allows any kind of teaching and no parents know what is being used. Some don’t allow papers to go home, except homework. Parents and grandparents raising children need to be aware. They have computers in school for many classes. History is taught as not what happened but what should or should not have happened. Destroy the country from inside out is what has been stated by many people in the past. The prediction of this is coming true. America is destroying itself as seen by lack of concern for our country in congress. We already have a generation that can’t accept reality of life, disappointment, not getting their own way as shown in by other generations in talk shows and bias news.

Evelyn Sellers

The easing of history is real. Students do not receive accurate history presently because Liberals write the history books. This article makes valid points concerning the removal of history from our society. We need to stand up against this onslaught of total annihilation of our U.S. history.


Thanks for a timely piece. Most of us have no mass audience and therefore assume we cant do anything but vote. We admire people like tucker carlson, charlie kirk and candace owens. The thing is, if youve got neighbors and especially young people around you, ask yourself if you’re afraid of being labeled and shunned for speaking up. We all want to be liked, but timeslike these call for more than paying your taxes and voting.

Lisa Toth

I am so depressed and scared about what is happening to our country. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that we would be in the place we are today.
Our grandchildren and great grandchildren are being indoctrinated and no longer believe in our country, marriage or other important life lessons.

Deborah Benson

We citizens could help preserve our country by purchasing good books and passing them out to young people and placing them in Little Free Libraries in our neighborhoods. I have started with Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson. Buy some Mark Levin, Orwell’s 1984, Thomas Sowell’s books, or check your own bookshelves for classic conservative and libertarian works. Dust them off, pass them on to some young people in your life, on your block, at your church, to that nice kid at your grocery store.
Do not hide the vast wisdom of the past! Fight back! And watch your tongue……use civility against incivility.

Wayne D Peterkin

Good article and it is scary. Lost in the discussion is that the radical left rewriting history offends the hell out of me, but that doesn’t matter, at least to them. They use being “offended” to justify the changes they demand and really could not care less who they may be offending in the process. They are the only people who matter in their warped little world. Therefore, I don’t worry a bit about offending them because anyone can choose to take offense at anything! What these fools really need is a good American History and Civics lesson. I would personally recommend “The 5000 Year Leap” and wish it were required reading to every high school student in America. They might actually learn something for a change.


Why are these idiots allowing this garbage the hell with these people that want to erase our History we where not perfect still need work but History is Knowledge that all need to know remember so we don’t ever make the same mistakes which are in some ways already happening because of the vile Muslims that are not even to be here because years ago as of now they want destruction of the Free world and all who do not follow their destructive Islam and if we have dum asses that can’t use their brain Common Sense and follow like dum ants so those in-charge need to stop this vile garbage

Kenneth E Yow

This is all about racism, (to use an overused word), it’s all about “evil whitey”, the head cheerleader is the naacp (the national association against Caucasian people), their militant arm–which should be labeled the black klan—black lives matter, resist movement, antifa & of course the ” new” black panthers. These are all violent racist, hate groups. I read about 30 yrs ago the naacp’s racist agenda. First, schools & young people– brainwash them into believing their ancestors were evil, terrible people–next—destroy all evidence of the Confederacy, monuments, street names, schools, etc. At the same time, go after the Founding Father’s, destroy them simultaneously. Label them all white supremist, white privilege, etc. I used to think they were all full of you know what! But here we are, living their dream of the new “master race”—-The African American—always the perpetual victim! Never the problem! ” These are the times that try… Read more »


History repeats itself. Amen. if you are too stupid it know what happened; guess what you will do??? yep same things. We have to stop this way of thinking; taking down statues, erasing history in books, how dumb can these folks be???? Our history is what it is, has been, and will be again if you don’t learn the lessons taught after it happened. and now we have articles on the first slave ship that came to America. I hope every black reads them. The BLACK mercenaries captured a village and put all the folks in chains and took them to the port. They were being shipped to Mexico as salves. then pirate boat attacked and took them to Jamestown. The planters needed helpers, most were taught to read and write. Some were given their own plots to grow. The pirates needed food and traded the slaves for the food.… Read more »

Josephine pooley

Scary but true! We have to stop this trwnd now!


Bring back history in all areas of education. We need to know the past to know the future

R. Tabor

Just more stupid things from stupid people.

Todd Taylor

I once heard that “Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.” I say those who ignore the lessons of history are idiots who our headed for a train wreck. Unfortunately, all Americans get to experience their pain and devastation.


Change name of George Washington University to Joseph Stalin University.