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Fact Check: Biden Lies On GOP Holding Social Security and Medicare Hostage

bidenSocial Security and Medicare should be “completely off the table” when it comes to negotiations over the debt ceiling.  So said Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy in a January 29 Sunday interview on CBS.

So why does Joe Biden keep saying otherwise?  Why did he use an address to the entire nation, with Speaker McCarthy just feet behind him, to state yet another falsehood (to use the polite term)?  What part of the word “completely” or “off the table” does the President not understand?

The only possible answer is Biden believes what Democrats believe, that you the American voter can be fooled.

It’s not a new tactic.  Democrats have been using various versions of Republicans want to “cut Social Security” or “cut Medicare” for decades.  Ronald Reagan famously put Jimmy Carter in his place in their only debate in 1980 with the one liner that will live forever, “There you go again.”

So then, what are the facts?

Fact:  Speaker McCarthy has called for “strengthening” the two programs.  “If you read our Commitment to America, all we talk about is strengthening Medicare and Social Security,” McCarthy told CBS’s Face the Nation on January 29th.

The GOP unveiled their Commitment to America plan in September 2022, which calls for holding Washington accountable by addressing Social Security and Medicare, among other proposals. 

The national debt now stands at over $31.5 trillion, and the president shows little interest in reining in federal spending other than to say the debt ceiling must be raised. 

Of course Biden takes credit for deficit reduction, even though nearly all of that is the expiration of temporary Covid spending.  It’s like turning the scale back 10 pounds and saying, “Look, I lost weight.”

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1 month ago

He says things that someone wrote up for him. I don’t think these are his words. Yes in my mind it all words. You can tell his PANTS are on FIRE lol

Neal M Christensen
1 month ago

Liars lie…it’s just what they do.

Sean Richman
1 month ago

So,whats new joey mumbles lies about anything and everything that he can remember.

Randall L. Beatty
1 month ago

The Dems always want to scare everyone no one is cutting Medicare or SS for seniors when Biden said that last night he got booed not for telling the truth he again lies to make the Dems look good he also said the best speaker in the house there ever will be is Nancy Pelosi with Kevin McCarthy sitting right behind him what an insult. I wanted to hear the rebuttal from Sarah Huckabee Sanders she was great very intelligent woman she will make a great governor for that state.

Tim Toroian
1 month ago

He should have been booed so long that people would have started leaving.

1 month ago

As usual the Democrats are lying likely always do. They can’t win if they don’t cheat and lie and if their lips are moving they’re lying. This is the same old song and dance they always pull out the Republicans are going to take away your Social Security and your Medicare. Never been attempted there’s not any proof that’s ever been proposed they just like to beat the drum and some people believe them especially with the liberal media helping them

anna hubert
1 month ago

It is not the lack of solutions to fix the problem but a lack of people to start implementing them There is no will to deal with never mind solving the mess

1 month ago

Same old Democrat song and dance about Republicans taking away things away. Bold coming from a party who taking away freedoms everyday. Speech being one…prove me wrong.

1 month ago

These leftist won’t stop until the middle class is destroyed and everyone is on the government dole for survival! Then these clowns will strip this country of all its resources for themselves and their cronies while making sure anyone who steps out of line (non-conformity to their Marxist ideology) will be sent to sensitivity training or just eliminated – who’s going to stop them? We will all be in a prison camp doing the bidding of our masters! The biggest whiners will be those useful idiots that voted for these leftist!!!

1 month ago

he treasonous sob, he sold our secrets to our enemies for money and power.

1 month ago

Why do we have to raise the dept ceiling if Joe Brandon reduced the deficit?

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

The ONLY true statement that Biden has ever made was: “This campaign is for the soul of America.” He didn’t dare say WHICH SIDE he’s fighting for! But his actions clearly show that he is
working for Lucifer himself!

1 month ago

I am 86 years old and my last so called 8% Social Security raise reduced my social security by over $500 and added that amount to my Medicare benefit. I am now paying over $6,000 a year for Medicare benefits plus I must have a supplemental. I worked and paid into social security for over 60 years and my husband the same. When he deceased 4 years ago, I get nothing from his benefits. Social security should be paid only to those who paid in and certainly not the illegals who are moving up the rank to replace Americans.

Karen Knowles
1 month ago
Reply to  Kay

I agree with you, Kay!

1 month ago

How about this:

Its already baked into the pie. I really hope none of you guys were stupid enough to beleive the federal governments promises!

There is only 2 workers for everyone taking benefits.

All ponzi schemes end this way.

If you are gen X you’ve been robbed! its going to go bust JUST AS you get old enouh to collect!

Allan Terry
1 month ago

Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar deficit spending, and other inflation-creating actions, have impacted Social Security and Medicare recipients the same as any benefit cuts would.
It appears that Biden and Congressional Democrats have a plan to create an economic meltdown, resulting in a crisis to justify emergency powers so they can solve the priblems they created. Part of that response would likely be a “temporary” cancelling of our First and Second Amendment rights.

John Bass
1 month ago

I watched the State of the Union last night, it seem like there’s nothing to worry about. Lying joe is taking care of everything. Under his administration we’re safer than we’ve ever been before, every bit of debt that’s been accumulated was from the Trump administration, the southern boarder is secure and social security will never go under, and all because diaper joe is at the helm.

The only thing he may have even came close to telling the truth about is when he was talking tough on China and he told us he had made several call’s to Xi Jinping. I seriously doubt it was about what he was telling us it was about, but I’m sure he’s been calling Xi…probably to get his next round of instructions on how to weaken the USA or how much to pay for Hunter’s next masterpiece.

The sad thing is, this morning when I checked the local news and had my first cup of coffee, I noticed that every news channel was focused on and saying how the Republican’s were showing how uncivil they are by booing and shouting out during this wonderful speech of comrade joey. The Republicans even went so far as shouting out that the commander in chief was a liar…Oh my!

IMO, we’re in serious trouble. Half the country believes all this dribble, and the other half continues to allow it to continue. We know he’s in bed with the Chinese and he’s been using his looser son to be the go between for decades. We also know the election that put him in office was a sham. Yet we continue down this very dangerous road which will result in our demise should it be allowed to continue for much longer.

God help us all.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Bass

If he phoned Xi, it was to ask him if the photos from the balloon came out clear and to order some take-out food for the Biden crime family.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Bass

You are 100% correct sir. Biden and his staff of Globalist are so far in bed with China, they’re below the box springs. 100% compromised. The speech last night was so full of lies that it was extremely hard to watch without busting out laughing. That’s the one and OLNY thing ole Joe is good at, ‘LYING’. he could easily pass any lying detector test, with flying colors.

1 month ago
Reply to  John Bass

How uncivil the Republican’s were? What are they suppose to do? Joey boy keeps lying to the people, and the MSM won’t call him out, and he refuses to take questions, I know I am frustrated because he doesn’t defend or explain his lies, should we just allow him to bloviate the lies, and not hold him accountable? I applaud MTG and anybody else that shouted at him to expose him!

Allan Terry
1 month ago

The Communist Chinese “test balloon” (to see what our reaction would be) should have been shot down before it reached North America. If our military can identify and respond to nukes from Russia or China, why didn’t they shoot down the balloon over the Pacific Ocean. They certainly weren’t measuring weather events.

We were told our armed forces can jam any communications the balloon sent back to China. That sounds like an admission the balloon was spying and transmitting what they discovered. Has Joe Biden been blackmailed by the Chi Coms, who have threatened to expose his and Hunter’s business dealings with them?

1 month ago
Reply to  Allan Terry

the artic fox population isn’t the only thing being monitored on Shemya. They track of every piece of space junk orbiting earth. Check out Cobra Dane in wikipedia. They knew.

Smili'in Jack
1 month ago

99% of whatever this imbecile says is a lie. The real question is whether or not he knows the difference. Personally, I don’t think he does.

1 month ago
Reply to  Smili'in Jack

When you have spent a lifetime without telling the truth, he wouldn’t be able to identify the truth.

1 month ago

No one wants to ‘cut’ social security, or medicare. BUT, Biden wants to increase the corporate income tax. Only people pay taxes. And corporations can only pass these taxes down to employees, and customers (if board of directors pass them off to shareholders, they will loose their positions. Bottom line, Biden wants to tax the poor even more.

1 month ago

I turned on MSNBC news to listen only to hear phony fantasizing of how “great” Lyin Jackass Josefs State of the Union address was. I was also disappointed in Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders rebuttal remarks though much better than Jackass Josef’s fantasies in my opinion it didn’t go far enough! . . . I ask “Why didn’t she ask Fellow Americans, are you better off since 2 Yeats ago?” “Are you alright with paying the highest gasoline prices ever, or the highest food prices ever, or the highest energy prices ever, or that over 5 million plus people have entered our country illegally?”
Biden’s State of the Union address was mostly LIES but exactly what we should expect from this blustering clown! As usual, Republican politicians are just NOT TOUGH ENOUGH!. . . I, myself, could do a better job!

1 month ago
Reply to  Rik

I totally agree Republicans sometimes act as if walking on “egg shells “. I say it’s past time to fight like it is a street fight.

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