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Facebook’s Blatant Election Interference

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Did Facebook blatantly interfere with the 2020 election? Join Ben Ferguson and Bobby Charles for your first story of the AMAC Weekly News and make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 4:30 EST for the second update of the week!

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Stephen Russell
6 months ago

To rerun 2020 again??

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago

TikTok is another thing to avoid! Why do parents (or anyone) allow kids to put information of TT which is going directly to Red China! The CCP already has towers feeding phone and computer info back to China and spies in our universities and companies.
Also, why aren’t “our” companies taking manufacturing OUT of China? Do we really want our medicines and technical equipment made in China?

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

I was booted off Twitter in 2016 for posting about Hillary’s graft in Uranium One. In 2020, it was You Tube for posting about Hunters “imaginary” computer and Bidens documented history of racism. Now instead of posting all day, I go for walks in the park with the dog so THANKS SOCIAL MEDIA!

Stan d. Upnow
6 months ago

Suckerberg and FB was a left-wing tool long before the FBI gave them direction. Nice try to deflect, Suckerberg.

6 months ago

Facebook, Twitter and Google, all manipulated by government for political agenda.

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago
Reply to  Chris

More like willingly colluding with government… they are not made to do anything they don’t want to!

David Millikan
6 months ago

Those that are on FASCISTBOOK must not understand that they are supporting Communism and George Soros. While at same time the FBI and IRS STASI will use EVERYTHING on FASCISTBOOK against you just like employer’s and schools including colleges and universities.
Remember, DICTATOR Beijing biden just MILITARIZED the IRS STASI.
If your smart you will get off FASCISTBOOK. Otherwise, the Lies, Deceit, and CENSORSHIP of TRUTH will continue with you being sucked into it.
Think for yourself and actually talk to each other. And they can’t SPY on your conversations then. Which is what they are exactly doing with your permission Violating your 1st and 4th Amendment Rights.
So DON’T give up your Constitutional Rights for convenience. It’s NOT worth it.
Otherwise, you will end up paying a VERY HEAVY PRICE.
You have been warned.

Stan d. Upnow
6 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

I only joined FB at the insistence of my Tea Party leader. They had a FB page used to communicate across the board. Suckerberg and his Progressive-Socialist goon squad continuously harassed and persecuted our group. After FB suspended me for “signing into your account too fast,” I terminated the account. What BS! FB tried to get me to re-enroll for months afterwards. I gave them the middle finger.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Years ago, I was on FB. After a few weeks they sent me an email implying I was NOT a
person and demanding I send a copy of my driver’s license to verify who I was! Sorry, NO DEAL!

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