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Even Nancy Pelosi Claimed Presidential Overreach | EP 147

Even Nancy Pelosi claimed presidential overreach after Biden’s outrageous plan to forgive over $300 Billion in Student Loan Debt. Upon recently winning his primaries and beating his opponent, Laura Loomer, Congressman Daniel Webster representing Florida’s 11th district joins the BFA Podcast to talk about his AMAC-sponsored bill, The HEALTH Act. While he is working diligently to help those on fixed incomes and cut out the middle man – they unfold Washington’s most recent spending sprees. Nancy Pelosi may be back peddling now, but Congressman Webster has staunchly opposed student loan relief and presidential overreach on any issue. Hopeful for a 2022 red wave, Rep Webster points out that the far-left desperation was the downfall of their power.

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Robin Boyd
6 months ago

If government can spend so many billions of tax dollars to bail out irresponsible loan takers, We the People are being taxed WAY too much! Billions of dollars wasted on those who do not support the economy, taken away from those who do!

6 months ago

Wake up Americans!! The Student loan-forgiveness stunt move by Joe Hidin’ “Biden is only partly intended to “buy” votes for DemocRats from the recipient students. The real major profiteers are the educational institutions’ personnel that get paid to manage the institutions and teach the students. If student loans are going to become freebees to recipient students, it won’t take long for students to figure out they have a “bird nest on the ground” or a “freebie” and walk away from paying their debt as a matter of custom. Student Loans NOT paid off by the student turns the program into a farcical boondoggle that get paid for by the balance of taxpayers.

Robert Belcastro
6 months ago

I still say It should be law that ANY person going into public service, elected, appointed or as an employee of any public service organization where they give their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the U.S., that they demonstrate, by presenting a valid certification, that they have completed a course in which the U.S. Constitution was taught and that they demonstrated by direct testing, giving examples of their understanding of each principle, article and amendment of the U.S. Constitution that they understand and can apply these in everyday life at the level their position will require it, A member of Congress, President and Vice President, Federal and State department heads, governors and state legislators and ALL law enforcement officials of every level for example, will require demonstration of a much higher level of understanding of the Constitution than an employee of a public organization, for example, a postal worker.
Who knows how to start this rolling?

6 months ago

We do not just have a Presidential overreach problem… we have a Federal Government problem.
An mammoth out-of-touch Federal government beholding to lobbyists, special interests and themselves; return control back to the states and the people.
Article V empowers the States to put forward Amendments! A Convention of States. This starts with us the people.
– Impose fiscal restraints on the federal government
– Limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress
– Limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government
Congress will never fix these issues.
Become informed and engaged consider this movement which is already millions of Americans strong and growing. Consider signing the petition.

David Millikan
6 months ago

SWAMP QUEEN pelosi is such a hypocrite. How many times has she flapped her arms running off at mouth with her overreach and inside trading? A lot.
In my whole life I have never seen such a 2-faced TREASONOUS administration.
To top it off the FAKE News (cnn, abc, msnbc, cbs, nbc, NPR, Wall Street Journal, NYT) supports them 100%.
And SWAMP QUEEN pelosi only takes her party to Taiwan for photo op accomplishing NOTHING.
DICTATOR Beijing biden ONLY reads teleprompter’s and NEVER takes REAL Question’s.
He always HIDES.

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