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EPA Impoverishing Seniors

DanPictureTLC20062-768x1024from Tribune-Review – The American people registered their disapproval of President Obama’s policies in the midterm elections. This means EPA’s proposal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in new and existing power plants needs to be entirely re-evaluated with a commonsense approach.

Congress and this administration need to take into account the adverse financial impact upon millions on fixed and lower incomes who are already suffering from rising electricity costs and decreased reliability from past EPA regulations, and will face even more cost increases and electricity failures from these proposed regulations.

EPA should not continue to gloss over the fact that all Americans have been paying for years for increased costs of electricity due to environmental regulations and will pay an even heftier price for the proposed regulations — again, hurting those most vulnerable, including seniors. Sadly, many seniors just getting by on Social Security and limited, if any, retirement income will be forced to choose between heat during cold winter months and money for food and medicine.

Electric bills will again inevitably increase. Last winter, the great majority of increased demand during the polar vortex was supplied by coal-fired plants, but many are slated for closure in the next two years due to other EPA regulations. EPA’s latest proposal could finally push our grid over the edge by taking more plants offline and putting Pennsylvania’s electricity system at risk of failing.

We need to continue environmental progress without threatening seniors and all on modest incomes with economic hardship at the hands of the president’s EPA.

Dan Weber

Bohemia, N.Y.

The writer is president of the Association of Mature American Citizens (


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Phil silverman
1 year ago

Epa monitors toxic waste dumping to the chagrin of the Kochs and their shillpuppets at the capitol and in the mainstream media

6 years ago

My son just graduated with his Bachelors in Geology & has just begun his career in the environmental field. We recently had a discussion about the over regulation of the EPA. He also agrees that the EPA is out of control & needs oversight. I am so relieved that he is able to see through the fog of liberal views he was subjected to in college. Even in high school he would point out a different opinion if he disagreed with something he thought wasn’t correct & thought it was important enough to take issue with.

I agree with PaulE that the oversite needs to be an outside NON biased 3rd party & should be thouroughly vetted to determine their ability to oversee the EPA without prejudice.

Phil Silverman
1 year ago
Reply to  HAM

What’s so liberal about being concerned about non monitored toxic waste dumping ??

6 years ago

This is not merely a senior issue, but an issue that will negatively impact all Americans going forward. Since Obama cannot get his much desired carbon tax enacted, he has been using the regulatory powers of the EPA to forcibly transform the energy generation landscape. From feedstock resources, such as coal and natural gas mining, drilling and transporting, to point of use (America’s homes and businesses), Obama’s EPA has been steadily driving up the costs, while also doing everything possible to curtail the supply. What he seeks to achieve is a duplication of the onerous energy pricing structure that exists throughout Europe here in the United States. That will unfortunately also help duplicate here the stagnant economic conditions European countries have grown accustomed to since they bought into the whole climate change scam. What Obama could not impose upon us legislatively via Congress, he is imposing upon us via administrative regulations by a complicit EPA.

It would be far better to demand the EPA produce an impartial, third-party cost / benefit economic analysis of any and all proposed regulations than to simply demand some sort of special carve out or exclusions for seniors. After all, whatever special exclusion is granted to seniors, that will likely have to be made up by additional chargers to our children and grandchildren. That’s how the government works. For that matter, every EPA regulation imposed over the last 40 years should be subjected to a rigorous cost / benefit analysis to determine its impact and value upon the nation as a whole, as well as the cost to individual taxpayers. It would be an eye-opening experience for many AMAC members. Much of what the EPA does today has little to do with actual substantial environment improvements or environmental progress as you call it. Instead they are focused on the imposition of political will upon segments of the economy. .

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

PAULE has it entirely correct, no further comments are even needed! … We should all be contacting our government representatives and tell them to DEFUND THE EPA untill we can get a Republican in the White House to clean house of all the climate control donkeys!

6 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Yes yes, Paul es comments are models of clarity, detail and precision. The only thing I will add is that the third party panels, if created, should not have Eco cultists on board. If some donkeys are needed for show they should be from, where everyone knows the value of coal. The folks needed in order to clean out the donkey poop from the govt stables are going to have to be people with a mission, deaf and indifferent to the inevitable caterwauling from the press.

Ivan Berry
6 years ago
Reply to  D.A.

PAULE is right that passing it off to our next generations would be a mistake. What I prefer, though, is that the individual States decide and do whatever regulation that’s needed and get rid of the EPA totally.

Phil Silverman
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Nah. Trump is getting rid of obamas reasonable restrictions on toxins in the atmosphere ONLY because he despises Obama personally and ethnically and has served notice he wants to nullify the legacy of our first Black president , who he lied and lied about in building his support

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