Emails Supply New Evidence of Hillary Clinton Pay-to-Play Scheme, Watchdog Argues

Hillary Clinton emailsFormer Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin used her personal email account to transmit classified documents and coordinate favors for Clinton donors, according to emails obtained Wednesday by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents as part of a lawsuit filed after the State Department failed to respond to a March 2015 Freedom of Information Act request.

The newly obtained documents include 91 email exchanges involving Clinton when she was secretary of state that were not turned over to the State Department, the group said.

It said the documents contradict Clinton’s claim that, “as far as she knew,” she had turned over all of her government emails, sent via a personal email account using a private server while she was secretary of state.

The emails reveal multiple instances in which Abedin used her personal account to send and receive classified documents as well as arrange personal favors for Clinton donors and political allies on behalf of the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, Judicial Watch said.

“Pay to play, classified information mishandling, influence peddling, cover-ups—these new emails show why the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s conduct must be resumed,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a prepared statement.

In one example, Miguel Lausell, a Puerto Rican telecom executive and donor of over $1 million to the Clinton Library, requested through Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band that a specific candidate be considered for the U.S. ambassadorship to the Dominican Republic.

The following day in April 2009, a Clinton aide passed Lausell’s message to the secretary of state’s special assistants and instructed them to “make sure there is a response.” It remains unclear whether the person in question received the ambassadorship, as the name is redacted.

In a similar example of apparent preferential treatment for Clinton donors, the managing director of left-wing fundraising organization Democracy Alliance, Kelly Craighead, emailed Abedin asking her to “reach out” to an “extremely loyal supporter” who was awaiting a response regarding an application for a senior position at the State Department.

One year later, in April 2010, Craighead reached out again with a State Department personnel request.

“It would mean a lot to me if you could help or advise on a personnel situation for a dear friend,” Craighead said.

Abedin appears to have prioritized the request. “We love [name redacted]. Looking into this asap,” she responded.

Fitton criticized President Donald Trump’s Justice Department for “slow-walking” the release of information, and said the newly obtained documents merit a new investigation into Clinton’s conduct as President Barack Obama’s first secretary of state.

“Justice Department officials are in court repeatedly and regularly defending Clinton’s conduct,” Fitton told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The sheer number of instances of influence peddling and pay to play we’ve reached passes the point of critical mass for something to be done.”

“Someone who doesn’t feel the need to protect Clinton or Obama could make a clear-eyed decision. You want to reassure people that justice is being administered clearly.”

Fitton argued that Trump will need to assume a more active role if the Justice Department is to launch a thorough investigation into Clinton’s conduct.

“If [Trump] wants something done, he’s gotta do it himself, and I think he knows it,” he said.

From - The Daily Signal - by Jack Crowe

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Hillary is such a liar! She sold her country and let Americans die in benghazi. Thank the good Lord that she is not the President!! God bless President Trump!!

The swamp is to large and to deep, both parties are in muck up to their neck. No one will ever be brought to justice. How sad for us tax paying morons we will never get our country back until term limits are put on the ballot.

Term limits, term limits, term limits!!!!!!

I absolutely agree with term limits and those will require a constitutional amendment by a convention of the states, simply because Congress is infested with swamp reptiles and will NEVER vote to limit their own power in the numbers needed to implement term limits. But in the meantime, never forget that the ignorant people of this country elect the vermin and continue to do so. I cannot understand that, but it’s an obvious fact. One worry is that lousy, corrupt people may still be elected even with term limits!

The proof of your statement is that NO-ONE in the media is talking about this!

Since I live among those ignoramuses, they vote for them because the vermin promise them more freebies (also the fact that they receive up to $20 for their vote, plus a “free” ride to and from the voting booth, helps).

I’ve asked before, where do i get my 20 bucks and a ride to the polls?

Just read Art V and note the last clause that states that there are no restrictions to what can be proposed for Amendments. COS relied on Art V for authority to call for the Convention and Art V itself exposes the lies that the States are in control.

Agreed – but at least they won’t be their for their life & our death

I agreed, Congress should have term limits in order for them to not abuse their powers. Also, they should have to participate in health care the same way their constituents do, and don’t let me forget social security.

Amen!! Why do only the lowly tax payers have to abide by the rules!?? I always thought the Government worked FOR US!!! However, things are taught MUCH differently in schools NOW! Well– that’s another subject!

Amen Brother!!!

I dont get it, i thought elections were meant to be term limits. Really, thats what elections are for. Term Limits= Elections, or is it the other way around?

TheClinton family all need to be in jail, and their foundation millions given to a
Wounded Warriors to help these brave men & women, who prect trash like the Clinton’s

I agree!!

Brilliant idea!

Curious that none of Hillary’s closest staff and advisers were raided in their homes by the FBI!!!
She has gotten away with stuff for which a Republican would be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Hillary and Abrdin and Mills etc.
Didn’t get anywhere near the amount of scrutiny
That anyone involved with the Trump campaign received.

Special Counselor Mueller and his Clintonista staff need to be terminated and banished
How about the Republican majority in Congress stick up for Trump and the agenda that got him elected.
What do they have to hide.

It’s unbelievable that we are tiptoeing around this issue. I’m not convinced that for whatever reason this couldn’t be concluded with all the facts they’re uncovered! She should be in jail! Period! And all the people related to this mess! Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what your position or the money you receive. Is there anyone with a shred of integrity – that can’t be bought? It makes me sick!

As long as the liberals control the media, all these will not only continue, but increase.

Pay to Play Hillary ?
I’m shocked.

How else could She afford that Armani wardrobe and Westchester home
While droning on about equal pay.
Do you think she had to up her speaking fees to pay for all those fine china dishes that got smashed after the election ?

Yawwwwnnn. Why does this even get brought up anymore? We all know that the Deep State Swamp Denizens and the yellow turn coat GOP will never do a thing about it. Money and power rules now not justice and truth.

In same times Clinton would have been prosecuted years ago and forever banished from the American political scene. Today? She’s untouched by the “law” and still honored by Liberals!

Apparently the majority of people are so disconnected and apathetic they aren’t paying attention or don’t care enough to spend any energy on the issue.

This is the caliber of people that half of the voting public clamors for.
We are doomed.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 KJV

Helps keep the faith

Nothing new under the sun

1/3 if the 1/2 are illegals, Desdemona, or fraudsters.

Desdemona should be DEAD. Stoopid smartphone

Hillary and her entire entourage should be in jail…..for a long time. Why don’t the Republicans go after her? Maybe some special “tarmac deal?” I pray for AG Jeff Sessions to get something done about her.

Again, as long as liberals continue to control the media, she can’t be touched.

Time to hold her and her associates criminally liable for all lies and misdeeds…and all who covered up for her

Most of this is expected “news” based on the Clinton corruption. The scary part is near the end where it says “Justice Department officials are in court repeatedly and regularly defending Clinton’s conduct,”. If that is still true today and it sounds as if it is, why is the Justice Dept. still defending Clinton’s conduct?

Because socialists/communists have infiltrated all areas of unelected government employees.

And it’s Politically Correct to have therm there. STOOPID, no?

Because the last guy stacked the deck with democratic loyalists, which outnumber the good ones in large numbers. I think it’s time for the swamp drain plug to be pulled out; President Trump needs to fire everyone of them.

Better yet, WHY is it still called the “Justice Department”???

Trey Gowdy is the only one I trust to actually clean up this mess. Whatever gave the Clintons the right to be above the law?
I hope they are treated to blind justice so that the rest of us can have faith in our government again.

I, to, trust Trey Gowdy. But, will his family be threatened? That would change the picture drastically. How did the clintons (lower case deliberate) gain so much power? They are vipers.

I investigated Bill and Hillary for 4years when I was chairman of Government Reform and Oversite and they did everything possible to destroy me. Trey is doing a great job and I’m sure he will be able to stand up to the Clintons. But they and their gang will nevertheless try to stop him or anyone that investigates their crimes.
Congressman Dan Burton Ret.

God bless you, Dan. Your career was a trail of blazing stars. As Abe once said, “…people will little note or long remember…”, but no one should ever forget your efforts that exposed the incredible FBI corruption in the wrongful conviction of four innocent men in the murder of Teddy Deegan. I watched with interest your 1998 resolution, concerning government performance and results, which would have forced fed. agencies to do more (and more transparent) planning, to set standards for accountability, and to submit honest performance reports. I was very hopeful when it passed in the House, and greatly disappointed that Lott wouldn’t bring it up for a vote in the Senate. With a ten-vote majority, it should have been passed. I suspect the current handful of traitorous swamp-rat RINOs that now oppose Trump are very much like the ones who shelved and buried your resolution. It should be exhumed,… Read more »

Thank you for your efforts. I read that,when Bill was asked why he married Hillary, he replied casually that her father was connected to the mafia. They lived in a two story brick house in a nice neighborhood, so she was not poor as she claims. Also that could account for the many bodies in their past and the coroner reports of suicide. Remember the two young boys who were found on the railroad track near the Mena, Ak. airport, where apparently planes flew in with drugs?

And Trey is blocked on his every move, if possible, by e cummings

E. Cummings is in the next voting district from me – he still owes the government millions in back taxes, but, since he is seen as the useful idiot by high ranking democrats, he’ll never have to worry.

Yes, Trey seems to be a reputable guy, but why in the world does he give Comey a pass? That bothers me. How about Mueller? (needing to be fired since he is “expanding the investigation of Trump”)…Trey said Trump should not fire Mueller…

Over the years, we have hoards of evidence. I am getting really tired of investigations and not indictments. Someone put this in the court system, please!

I’m starting to believe these “investigations” are just another way of politicians giving people and friends lots of money on the taxpayers dime! Remember the Ken Starr investigation of Bill Clinton employed 100’s of people, went on for months and months and cost the taxpayers 40+ million dollars back then. What was done? Nothing! I think Dick Chaney was under an investigation also that cost money and nothing happened. Hillary Clinton’s investigation went on for months, kept 100’s of FBI and other people busy and cost millions of dollars and what was done, nothing again. The Trump/Russian collusion investigation has been going on for almost a year and nothing’s been found but it’s sure costing the taxpayers a bundle! The former Trump appointees and the Trump and Comey investigations will go on and on and cost a fortune in taxpayer money and nothing will become of it either. I think… Read more »

Hillary with the rest of the democrat party and state dept and Lorretta Lynch and Holder should have been in prison by now.

If they were Republicans or Independents they would have been in prison now. What a wonderful thought….let’s hope and pray.

¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga!


Until they assign a special prosecutor, unfortunately this will go nowhere and the screeching, teflon harpy will continue along with her security clearances still in hand and the taxpayer Secret Service protection as if nothing happened.
So, in the meantime…


If they think the concerns of the American people for Hillary and the Benghazi has died…..is it time for a petition to show our feelings???

Why aren’t these people under indictment? Is it The Swamp, or is DOJ still compiling evidence?

“Pay for play” is just one criminal or worse facets of the Clinton’s past and present. I’ve heard and read things about the “Teflon” Clintons from Bill’s invitational visit to the Kremlin while he was a student at Oxford, to Hillary’s early Communist and Black radical associations , to today’s just as bad associations and ties.

A whole lot of what I’ve learned over the decades – and some new things I didn’t know, are on a very informative DVD about what is happening in/to America today. The problem goes way beyond just the Clintons, although they were and still are very much an issue. I strongly recommend viewing it if you really want to know what’s going with craziness in Washington we can’t understand. The DVD is (Trevor Loudon Presents) Enemies Within

Honest Hilly. We can all thank the good Lord that she’s not in the WH.

Has our Congress, Senate and other Federal agencies become likened to a gangland Chicago mob?

“Swamp” is a totally inadequate word to describe DC. Too me “Cesspool” more accuratley describes DC and even that falls short.

Cesspool it is!