Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Plans for Everything’ Consistently Violate the Law

Elizabeth Warren violate lawLate last week CNN hosted ten back-to-back “climate crisis town halls” with Democratic presidential candidates, and while there is much to say about the candidates’ disputes (particularly about nuclear power), it was an Elizabeth Warren tweet the next day that truly caught my eye. Here she is, announcing yet another “plan” she has for “everything”:






Yep, she’s going to ban fracking. When I read the tweet, I flashed back in my mind to Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter in a 1980 presidential debate — “There you go again.” Here the “again” isn’t just proposing a bad plan (it would have extraordinary negative effects on domestic energy production and would likely increase dependence on more “dirty” fuels to generate power), it’s proposing an illegal policy. She simply can’t ban fracking on her own.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by David French

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1 year ago

Elizabeth Warren is hypocritical lying snake that will continue to manipulate her way on all issues, lying throughout her adult life using minority’s status excludes her from political office. DemocRats hypocrisy.

1 year ago

Get MICHELLE MALKINS BOOK; OPEN BORDERS INC. – reveals who is orchestrating all this immigration diabolical BS

1 year ago

ALL of these wanna be socialist presidential contenders are INSANE. The USA will NOT be led like lambs to the slaughter nor fall off a cliff like obedient lemmings. Wake up LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVES.
What has ANY democrat/progressive done for you except LIE about what they are going to do! Obama, Clinton, Johnson, FDR
Wake up or just get out of the way!
Trump for the USA!

John Rindge
1 year ago

God help us all if she becomes President.

1 year ago

Make her go away PLEASE

1 year ago

Warren is out of her fracking mind. She should go frack herself.

1 year ago

I don’t agree with Fauxcahontas on much but banning hydrofracking is something that every state should do post haste!!

1 year ago

Paraphrasing President Trump. they are not coming after me..they are coming after you. I’m just in the way. Americans had best wake up to the Democrat/Socialists wannabees, that nothing is free. A platform that punishes success and rewards failure off the backs of the working stiff, called the tax payer. Government dependence (control) vs. independence from Government (liberty)

1 year ago

She is the biggest “loon” who has been my home state of Massachusetts. She will take this country to hell. Given what the other “loons” are Trump will blast you out of your seats. Republicans vote straight party line. Otherwise we might as well move to Russia

Rickety Rick
1 year ago

Warren is a complete and total fraud who fraudulently used her fake status as a native American to advance her cause in life. She is typical of too many lawyers through time that have stirred the pot solely to their own advantage of gain. If any other person did this in any other profession, they would be removed. Where is the ethics with law ? For too long, in the toilet, yet they dominate and monopolize transactions of all types. Shame

1 year ago

The only good thing about Liawatha running for POTUS is that she’s out of MA while she’s on the warpath (um, I mean campaign trail).

Since she was paid #350K for teaching one class at Harvard and lives in a $2M + house in Cambridge, then she would be one of the people (i.e. ‘rich’) who would be paying for all her cockeyed programs.

Right, Lizzie? Right?

1 year ago

This current crop of democrat presidential candidates has no love for America! When they talk about radical change – transforming America- they’re not kidding! If they loved America, they would not want to change it so fundamentally. The America that we all grew up in is not what these radical democrats have in mind. These democrats are socialists to the third power!

Jimmy Knight
1 year ago

She’s been a liar and uninformed for a long time. Surly America is smarter than to waste there vote on her. Typical liberal

Carol Anderson
1 year ago

May God help us because America has lost its mind

1 year ago

A typical socialist who does not know what she is talking about. This is another good reason to vote for Trump.

1 year ago

Everything the traitorous left, and every demo candidate proposes is unconstitutional! Worst group of outlaws since the mafia!

Maria Kane
1 year ago

I cringe evertime I hear her speak and even more when I hear cheering at what she says. She will bring us back to the bread lines of 1929. Without energy this country won’t work. She is working against the American people. If we don’t get our energy from our own country, then we will be at the mercy of the Arabs and South America and China.

michael failla
1 year ago

Chief spreading bull….AKA… lie-a-watha. Yeah we need her like we need another hole in our heads. Is there any doubt we need to get off our collective duffs and elect conservative constitutionalists? How about scotus? RBG is not long for this life.

1 year ago

Thank God for our Americans Constitution that holds wannabe dictators such as Warren at bay.

1 year ago

We as conservatives have got to vote for president Trump and get the word out. If the democrats take over again they will set our nation back 50 years. Dear God in heaven, please help us to remain “one nation under God”. Keep on fighting President Trump we are with you and for you!!!!! TRUMP 2020

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