Electoral Voters ‘Deluged’ With Death Threats in Multiple States

american-flags-washingtonfrom – WND.com – by Leo Hohmann

One of Michigan’s 16 electors who will be called upon to cast a vote validating the election of Donald Trump in the Electoral College has testified on video that he and others in the state are receiving “dozens and dozens of death threats” from Hillary Clinton supporters urging them to switch their votes to Clinton.

On Dec. 19 the Electoral College will convene to cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with each state’s electors pledged to vote for the candidate elected on Nov. 8 in their state…

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Mark De Cesare
4 years ago

It seems that “Crooked Hillary” still does not get it. Nor does the other Democrats and minor parties. What needs to happen is a “complete drain” of the swamp. Term limits at the state level (governor, Lt Governor, house, senate, and attorney general) for all states; and the federal level (two terms for US senate moving forward and three terms for congress.

Ed NIne
5 years ago

Hillary Clinton could stop this non-sense by stating she would not accept any nomination to be President of USA.Will she? Not her.She is not that honest.

5 years ago

For all the sore losers out there, suck it up! It does not hurt to work for what you get. As for the Electoral Voters who do not stick by your pledge given to the people of voting for who the winner is (the people’s choice) in this case D. J. Trump, you should not be able to hold the honor that you do. HILLARY IS SO DIRTY THAT IT IS SAD. If the Rep; were causing such a mess there is no limit to the names we would be called. Do your job and vote for the one who actually won the election. After all Trump gets his life threatened daily for you to have that right,, vote right. vote Trump!

Frank cicero
5 years ago

I am sure the FBI will investigate this matter and most likely a scare tactics started by Soros. I do belive that these threats are not your average Joe and the truth of its origin will surface.

5 years ago

Death threats,riots and property destruction in Oakland California. And Portland Oregon .like it or not democrats you amassing a generation of thugs.aren’t you proud?your comments should tell a lot.

5 years ago

These progressive leftist democrats ought to go jump in the lake and cool off! Get over it! I wasn’t happy that Obama got elected and
has been President for 8 years but I had to put up with it.

Tom Wilde
5 years ago

This is no surprise. The Communists (today called Democrats in America) have used this kind of intimidation and violence for over 100 years now. It is the Democrats who are using “student” riots, remember those from history and the 1960s here? It is the Democrats who are using destructive riots and shut-downs all over the country. Search back through history to see who it is that used them so well in the past – the COMMUNISTS.

Now look up the “45 Goals of Communism in America” and see who it is that is destroying our youth, economy, borders and defenses, seizing our media and suborning our politicians. Yep, it’s the Communists.

People (like me) have been screaming the warning that it is happening here for 40 years now and nobody was listening. Nope, they cried “it can’t happen here!” then went back to football and the soaps on TV and ignored it. Well, folks, it HAS happened here and it may be too late to stop it.

Remember back in the 60s when uber-Leftist flag burning Hippies urged everyone to drop out, tune out and do drugs? Well, THEY dropped back in and became teachers, university professors, social workers, lawyers, judges, politicians, entertainment industry moguls and Media shills while everyone was concerned about which new car to buy and how much to put on the Super Bowl Board.

Now those same Hippies are firmly rooted in every segment of our society and THEY run the show and are solidly in control of our feckless ignorant young.

And we expect Donald Trump to fix all of that? Good luck, America! We’re going to need it!

Hen3ry H
5 years ago

Maybe the Founders had in mind people like these threatening Hillary supporters when they created the Electoral College.
When the Left wins they prove to be despotic. They are still despotic when they lose.
I don’t think i want them anywhere near governmental positions and power.

Didn’t Alexander Hamilton have something to do with creating the Electoral College ?
Does the cast of the Broadway show Hamilton know this ?
As a matter of fact do they know much about the Constitution or history ?

Galen S.
5 years ago

The cry babies of the leftist progressive persuasion need to grow up and accept reality or move to socialist European states that seem to believe that the failed economic theories of Karl Marx et al are still somehow relevant in todays world. Alternatively if they are so distressed ,maybe they should just check themselves out of this veil of tears and give the rest of us a chance to live real lives, unencumbered by the task of listening to their whining and threats. It is indeed tiring to be bombarded with their line of claptrap (intended to use another noun-You can guess what I mean) Any of these social misfits making verifiable threats against anyone of whatever political persuasion need to be pursued, arrested, tried, and if judged guilty sentenced to extremely long and educational terms of incarceration, where hopefully they will learn about the meaning of rational, civil behavior in a civilized society. Anarchistic behavior should not be tolerated because someone is offended about the outcome of our electoral process. Enough said. Arrest and Prosecute.

Stephen Lykins
5 years ago

Anyone threatening death to ANYONE, let alone electoral college voters, should be prosecuted for terroristic threats!

5 years ago

I thought the elections were over, the votes counted. The 12/19 electoral votes to change mind is wrong. The threats to the winning party is wrong! These even involve school children being bullied by their peers. The threats of murder, intimidation and bullying by the losers towards our children and our officials is intentional for their own gain. Who wants them in power? I sure don’t and anyone in their right mind wouldn’t.

Wayne Peterkin
5 years ago

These electors are morally and duty bound to do exactly what they were elected to do: cast their ballots for the candidate who won their state. Period. No excuses. If the threats seem at all credible, the electors and their families should get very good around-the-clock protection if desired paid for by the taxpayers in that state for at least six months following the Electoral College vote. Election fraud takes many forms and must never be condoned in any way, otherwise we are no better than a third-world anarchy. Personally, I was appalled that this nation could elect an anti-American and immoral fraud like Obama and even consider a criminal like Clinton. But we did, and I never considered tampering with the vote in any way including the electoral votes. The people doing so today are anti-American criminals of the worst kind.

Donald Tucker
5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

Your first statement is wrong. Actually, they are not duty bound to vote for the Candidate that won their state. This is only true in a few states where it is a state law that the electors must vote for the winning candidate. The rest are duty bound to vote their conscience. However, the reason we have an electoral college is because the founders recognized that small states needed protection from the tyranny of a majority in larger states. Today, the larger states are CA and NY. If these were excluded Trump would have won the popular vote by a landslide. So the system worked exactly as it was suppose to and even though Hillary has more than a two million vote lead in the popular vote, Trump won more states. I agree with you about the rest of your post;

5 years ago


Stephen Lykins
5 years ago

Please do not yell at us.

5 years ago
Reply to  Stephen Lykins

Not everyone who types in all caps is yelling… Often it is because they are vision impaired. It is easy enough for you to just scroll past the postings that are all caps and that way “you” won’t be yelled at. See how easy that was?

5 years ago
Reply to  Doodlebug

Thanks for your statement. Some don’t realize others have Kindles or small monitors or “it’s just easier reading. This being PC needs to stop! Thanks again.

Mary Obermeier
5 years ago

You are now able to threaten people, intimidate them under pain of death and the senders of these hate letters go scot free and are not held accountable????? Isn;t anyone investigating these threats–or now days anything goes without penalties for crimes or misde

Hen3ry H
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary Obermeier

Some people just don’t know how to handle their First Amendment rights
Maybe they’re getting paid to undermine the results of the election

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