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Election Judge Pleads Guilty to Ballot Stuffing for Democrats

A former elected official in Philadelphia who accepted large payments from a political consultant to stuff ballot boxes for Democratic judicial candidates has pleaded guilty as part of a continuing federal investigation.

The Justice Department announced Thursday that Domenick J. DeMuro, 73, who was an election judge in South Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deprive city voters of their civil rights by fraudulently stuffing ballot boxes in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections.

DeMuro, a judge for the 39th Ward, 36th Division, also pleaded guilty to violating the Travel Act, which forbids use of any facility in interstate commerce—in this case, cellphones—with the intent to promote certain illegal activity—in this case, bribery.

The Justice Department said the case is part of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and the Pennsylvania State Police.

The judge of elections is an elective office and a paid position in Pennsylvania municipalities responsible for supervising the local election process.

“DeMuro fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear,” U.S. Attorney William McSwain of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said.

“This is utterly reprehensible conduct,” McSwain said. “The charges announced today do not erase what he did, but they do ensure that he is held to account for those actions.”

During his guilty plea hearing, DeMuro said an unnamed political consultant gave him directions and paid him money to add votes for certain Democrats who were running for judicial office. Their campaigns had hired the consultant.

DeMuro also admitted to casting illegal votes for other candidates for federal, state, and local offices at the consultant’s request.

Prosecutors said the political consultant solicited monetary payments from his clients in the form of cash or checks as “consulting fees,” then used some of the money to pay election board officials, including DeMuro, to tamper with the election results. DeMuro said payments ranged between $300 to $5,000.

In a press release, McSwain said:

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. If even one vote is fraudulently rung up, the integrity of that election is compromised. I want the public to know that this investigation is active and ongoing, and my office is taking every possible step that we can to ensure the integrity of the upcoming primary and general elections in the nine counties of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Citizens of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania should be confident of election integrity, said Capt. Leo Hannon, director of the special investigations division of the Pennsylvania State Police.

“As this investigation clearly illustrates, the Pennsylvania State Police will relentlessly pursue any breach of the sacred trust bestowed upon our public officials,” Hannon said in a prepared statement. “Our agency is proud to partner with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office, and the United States Department of Justice as a whole to root out corruption at any level of our government.”

The probe is a positive step forward in prosecuting voter fraud, said former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group.

“Right now, other federal prosecutors are aware of cases of double voting in federal elections as well as noncitizen voting,” Adams said in a written statement, adding:

Attorney General William Barr should prompt those other offices to do their duty and prosecute known election crimes. Those who are considering election crimes should take note of U.S. Attorney McSwain’s work. Now, they have something to fear before they violate federal election laws.

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Signal by - Fred Lucas

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Bryan Caspersen

Are we supposed to be surprised by this? Haven’t the dems been doing this for 50 tears or more in places like New Orleans and Chicago. And look what happened in Dade county in the 2000 election. It’s about time someone pulled back the curtain on this shameful practice.
Go get ’em Bill!


How do they plan to prosecute all the dead people who vote in Chicago? Or is that a protected class?

For all their differences, there is one issue on which republicans and democrats are in total agreement. Republicans believe that fraudulent voting helps elect democrats, and democrats believe that fraudulent voting helps elect democrats.


So the question I ask is, did any of this fraudulent ballot stuffing actually help elect someone who should not be in office right now? How many votes did the guy do and for whom, 50, 100, 1000+ ?? Who is this political consultant that paid him to do this for candidates and how many other people did this consultant compromise to cheat the elections across the state?? Was this guy still paying people to cheat when the governor was up for re-election? This needs to be investigated!

Roger Haines

It’s a sad day when people will not listen to their conscience and accept money to do something illegal.


Just one more low life SOB who is just a what SOB stands for

Harry J Welsh

This comes as no surprise and should serve as a giant warning about mail voting. Since you can register to vote by mail the only control is when you show up in person to vote. If you never have to show up how would election officials know who is really casting the ballot. My own opinion is that if we go to mail in voting in a big way get ready for socialism. Bad idea

James Saunders

Just what is the punishment for voter fraud? I never hear what happens to these despicable people, i.e. the person in Florida that had been doing this for years. In my opinion these lowlifes should not only be imprisoned but should never again be allowed to vote or be anywhere near a voting booth.


Just follow through….no one seems to ever pay for their crimes. I bet that even this story will not have justice served at the end of the day. It’s nice that McSwain has this lovely quote on his record but it means nothing without real penalties attached to it. The only way to make it stop is to make the punishment so severe that it changes behavior. That’s why tort reform shouldn’t happen! Jail is how you stop people and huge amounts of money is how you stop big corporations. Or both. Since we cannot appeal to higher moral standards, this is the only way. Just wait and see. I wish I could have hope….


And how do they stop illegal aliens from voting, which they do, why do democrats provide outrageous benefits to illegals and protect them more than citizens? It is vote buying, same as allowing drivers licenses and voter registration attached to license–all they do is check it off. States thre are penalties for lying, but who enforces the penalties or cares? If ID is required on mail-in voting, it is not a birth certificate, it is a bill with their name–what kind of identification is that since no way to know if legal citizen or illegal alien. No one seems to care any more about illegals voting….there are monetary fines if caught but who in what states enforce these laws?

Sandra Wicker

It’s too bad that 1/2 of the other offices are also corrupt, and it seems like there is very little follow through on these subjects.


Unless the MSM broadcasts this everywhere it will have little effect in future elections and we know the MSM won’t broadcast it.

Judy Godino

This is how democrats cheat all the time

Terry White

That “judge” should be sentenced to whatever the FEDERAL penalties are for voter fraud,to the fullest extent possible. Maybe it will send a message to other potential frauds. Or just take him out to the center of town, and in a public “ceremony” shoot him. Obviously that is sarcasm. But you get the point. There is no place in our society for voter fraud, even though it is happening in every state.

Lee McQuillen

In PA – just received my mail in ballot. Print on instructions is small and separate. So, I used a black pen and filled it in. Then I saw the separate sheet and it said it had to be a medium point black pen so the machine could count it. Good way to disallow ballots, don’t ya think! I’m going to go to the poll and vote instead.


It is very interesting that on researching this story, there are absolutely NO photographs of DeMuro in any of the articles written.

Judy Godino

Ya right let’s have mail in votes! NOT joke this is how Democrat chest all the time.


Seems like we need to start shooting crooked judges who turn these criminals loose when they appear before them


I am so glad we caught the ONLY one. Also, who paid him? follow the chain up. If he does not talk, he goes to jail until he does.


Maybe this makes Mail-in ballots look better than voting in person. I had no idea that one person could stuff the ballot box like this. This guy should go to jail & not get a pardon from President someday


Question for others: Would Mail-in ballots prevented this ??? or could that idiot get hold of those also. In most states, mail in ballots are sent to all registered voters & they have to sign & mail back in.