Election 2020, You Decide Board Game

'Election 2020, You Decide' Board Game

As a member of AMAC, you are invited to purchase the sought-after board game Election 2020, You Decide for the exclusive, discounted price of $45.45!

Through political parody and hilarious “no-holds barred” jabs, Election 2020, You Decide, also called “The Game”, breaks through left-leaning cancel culture to entertain alongside partners with shared conservative values. Using safe QR codes and patented technology, players are split into two sides: Republicans vs. Democrats.

Players move elephant and donkey game pieces in a mock “Road to 270” by drawing cards, answering questions and accumulating enough electoral votes to advance to the “Inside Game”. Once inside the “Inside Game”, players then compete for the swing states that decide the election. Game on!

“The Game” is brought to you by Election Fun Network (EFN), a revolutionary news-based content platform that celebrates patriots and American-made products. Join the EFN avatar anchor news team as they provide content core to the conservative DNA with a healthy dose of good ‘ole fashioned, laugh-out-loud humor.


“A multi-media experience at your truth-seeking fingertips.”
-Dr. Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President, Director of Trade/Manufacturing Policy during Trump administration. American economist, author In Trump Time

“…MAGA nation’s next fave.”

“The game of the decade!”
– Economic War Room

Included in the Box:

  • Game Board
  • Game Pieces: Republican Elephant, Democrat Donkey
  • Die
  • Game Card Stacks: Fake News, Corruption, Triggered, Inside Game
  • Specialty Cards: Big Four States, Cabal Card, Trump Card
  • Electoral Vote Tokens
  • Pad of Ballot Scorecards

To take advantage of this special offer from AMAC, click below to purchase “The Game” exclusively through the Election Fun Network website at www.electionfun.com/amac and be sure to use the promo code AMAC45 when placing your order.

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