Edmonton Oilers Fans Sing The Star Spangled Banner

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:  This Canadian country singer’s microphone failed as he was about to sing the Star Spangled Banner. You won’t believe what happened next.

from – NHL.com

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Chuck Chronis
3 years ago

Brought tears to my eyes. Maybe the Canadians can teach the USA about patriotism and respect for our flag.

3 years ago

What a blessing it was to hear our neighbors to the North sing our National Anthem!

3 years ago

Wish we’d see more of this type of patriotism. Had we been there I would have been bawling. My husband and I are both veterans. We are so thankful for the freedoms we have. Though our nation appears on the verge of anarchy, this is still the best nation in the world and we pray for God’s grace and mercy to restore our moral compass.

Kevin Adams
3 years ago

Very cool!! Kudos to the Canadian people!!

Richard Monahan
3 years ago

Very cool and respectful of our Canadian neighbors

Jo Dobbs
3 years ago

I think this was fantastic! At least our great neighbors to the north of us have respect for our flag. Better than some of the citizens here! Thank you Canada!!!

Ed Mulhall
3 years ago

Great to see…I wonder how many Americans today know all the words ?

Terry Anderson
3 years ago

As a hockey fan I always sing along to both the Canadian anthem and our anthem, but I am so disappointed in the fans attending who don’t even sing our anthem. When Canadians are in our arena they always sing along to our anthem. God bless them.

MS Chambers
3 years ago

Absolutely awesome, such a wonderful gesture of true friendship and support from our Canadian neighbors to the North. To “pick up” and carry on for the singer when his microphone failed was just great, and so impressive, as was their knowledge of our anthem. I am proud to say that the Canadians are our neighbors, and have enjoyed the beauty of their country when visiting it, and the friendliness and courtesy of their residents.

Paul Buckel,sr.
3 years ago

Absolutely fantastic. Real sportsmanship. I would hope that we would react in the same manner.

Nancy Wierzbicki
3 years ago

It is a shame our boys weren’t able to sing along. It appeared they didn’t know the words!

3 years ago

Way to go, Canadians! I lived in Alberta (about halfway between Calgary and Edmonton) for three years from age 8-11. I didn’t even know the words to the Star-Spangled Banner back then! I knew O Canada and God Save the Queen because we sang them both in school regularly, but as a 1st-3rd grader in America I had never learned the words to my own national anthem; we only saluted the flag in school. I finally learned the first verse at age 12 after we had moved back to the States. Much later I also learned the words to the… Read more »

3 years ago

O Canada! You are America’s true friend.

Gail Arneman
3 years ago

So happy to hear the honor and acceptance from our neighbor Canada! They are a beautiful and excellent neighbor.

Eve H
3 years ago

They did us more proud than our own protesters! Showed them what pride in country means.

Gladys Martin
3 years ago

Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

After hearing what the Candians did, God Bless them and God Bless America.

M in California
3 years ago

This really brought tears to my eyes………not like in America; taking a knee, or not participating!

Old Griz
3 years ago

Wonderful and moving! I’m just sad to consider how few Americans know the Canadian National Anthem? What would have happened if the tables were turned? I’m sad to say that I don’t know their anthem. And this video is very humbling.

3 years ago

The Canadians sang because THEY COULD and didn’t have to worry about being threatened to be locked up or taken away because on and within this great continent, this is THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE, Period!

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