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Economics 101: Biden Doing Everything Wrong to Restore the Economy 


It’s the economy, stupid! That phrase, made famous by former President Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Democratic strategist James Carville, is apparently not resonating with the Biden White House. Since Day 1, President Biden has pushed for policies across the board that make it harder for families and small businesses to succeed. In addition, he has installed leftists in key government agencies to enact his socialist agenda, all-while the economy continues to sink. Biden is clearly doing everything wrong to restore our economy.

Biden’s obsession to enact an excessive regulatory regime has manifested itself in various sectors across the economy over the last two years. The Biden White House has issued Executive Orders (EO) implementing excessive environmental standards, slowing down small businesses, and making it more costly for entrepreneurs to do business. One Biden EO canceled the KeyStone XL pipeline extension from Canada to Texas, stripping the region of good paying jobs and making America more dependent on autocrats and thugs around the globe. 

Another EO to supposedly promote “competition in the American economy,” in reality promotes federal government intervention across the economy, from railroads to internet service providers. According to expert economists at the Heritage Foundation, “The Biden edict claims to promote competition, yet it actually suppresses it and hinders innovation. The order protects failed incumbents by encouraging them to go to the government for favors to help them against companies that customers actually prefer.”

Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) tax plan is another major threat to small businesses and the economy. When Biden’s former boss President Obama alluded to the fact that it isn’t wise to raise taxes in a recession, he was right. President Biden should take Obama’s words to heart. The economy is showing signs of heading towards a recession yet the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress continue to push almost $4 trillion in tax increases. Spending and tax increases is the opposite of what this economy needs to recover.

When it comes to simple economic principles, including those driving 10% inflation, Biden has his head in the sand. We are seeing this administration stumble from crisis to crisis, like the recent baby formula shortage and $6 gas. Americans cannot afford the “new liberal world order” that the Biden administration is pushing.

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action

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8 months ago

Doing it all wrong by design!!!

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago

A bit of contradiction there, Bob. You rightfully acknowledge that Puppet Biden has been enacting a destructive, Progressive-Socialist agenda. Yet, you say he isn’t doing the right things to restore the economy. Why would the regime want to restore the economy when it’s on their agenda to tank it? Only now are phony measures that are showcased by their stooges in the media being enacted.
And that’s only due to their fellow P-S’s pleading that they are going to get murdered at the polls in Nov. But, even those measures are gaslighting the public. Witness the release of our Strategic Oil Reserves, supposedly to ease the price at the pump. First, that is NOT the purpose of those reserves. Second, he’s sending much of that petroleum to CHINA!!! Biden and his horde of Progressive-Socialist subversives are the Real traitors to this nation, not Donald Trump! Talk about impeachable offenses, I’ve lost count.

8 months ago

The WH needs to look in the mirror & ask ” Does Stopping Keystone XL Pipeline” & campaigning to wage war on fossil fuels in US” have anything to do with inflation in USA? And is it true that US is shipping some of the oil from Strategic Reserves to foreign countries ???? What is Biden thinking & what happens when this reserve is empty ????? Come on Man !!!!!

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago
Reply to  johnh

You just don’t get it. It’s all by design. Do some homework, John.

8 months ago

when talking about brandon you can never say NOBODY’S THAT STUPID!

8 months ago

This is all being done INTENTIONALLY. Example :depleting the oil storage emengency oil and it winds up where? IN CHINA! We are being lied to by liars. None of which are running anything except their mouths (bama behind the scenes?) They are not incompetent, this is being done because we have the nerve to rejerct their stupid and leftist moves.

John D. Beach
8 months ago

Whatever made you think that Biden wants to restore the economy? Even if he is that stupid, his advisors would be advising.

Wayne Peterkin
8 months ago

Many attribute the Biden policies to incompetence or even ignorance. I personally believe it is neither. I believe Biden’s disastrous policies are purely intentional. He and his administration are not just embracing progressive ideology, which they are, they are also dedicated globalists who are intent on putting America last, behind the rest of the world. Looking at every single policy seems to confirm my accusation. How can they do this and expect to remain in power? Either they plan on a 2022 and 2024 election that is even more dishonest than the disgrace in 2020 or they feel the damage they are causing may be unrecoverable by the next administration so they might prevail in the longer term. Biden, of course, due to his age will be history but those pulling his strings will not be.

8 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

Absolutely! This is a well-thought-out plan to destroy the US from within. Biden is too much of a senile idiot to understand, let alone implicate any of this chicanery on his own; but the puppet masters pulling his strings are, and he goes blindly along with it. It’s the puppet masters that we have to uncover and severely punish as the master minds of these treasonous activities, or else they will rise again like a phoenix and do it all over again, only smarter!

8 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

Lets not forget the president Biden was vice president to for 8 long, sickening years who promised during his campaign speech to “fundamentally change America.” And George Bush Sr.s presidential acceptance speech “We must usher in the New World Order”…I listened to that speech on TV. Even then with a lot less knowledge that I’ve gained since Clinton, it gave me chills.

8 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

I think the son Hunter has more power than any of us thought because Hunter goes to China representing dad. Dad then does what the CCP masters tell him to do. This has been happening for many years. Every single policy they dictate to us simple peons is beneficial to CCP interests, not to America. TREASON.

Ollyoop, a True Sheepdog
8 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

They are doing exactly what will be the cause of the final civil war in this country, thereby enabling a martial takeover, and not having any underling politicians nor the people to answer too. Look at the world’s recent history; it provides a storybook of how this has occured. It’s also easier to control the military hierarchy as long as they stay subservient which has proven problematic for some tyrants in the past. We’ll see !

Nobody’s Business
8 months ago

Biden administration is not making mistakes; they purposely are destroying the country. To promote socialism. And shame on Republicans over the years for not seeing this and raising holy hell about it. All politicians are only looking out for themselves making exceptions for themselves that we would end up in jail for doing. When we take over both houses of congress this fall if the Republicans don’t start impeaching every guilty Democrat out there for stuff they actually have done do not re elect them next time up. There is a big mess out there that needs cleaning up and it better get done. IRS, FBI, CIA,EPA and other agencies are full of dishonest liberals, shame on us for letting this happen.

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago

We depend on an honest, unbiased media to report the facts. The MSM is, and has done, anything but. If the public is being deceived at every turn, don’t be too harsh on them for “letting this happen.” Look how long it’s taken for the coup conspiracy against Pres. Trump to come to light, and the whole story still isn’t known.

8 months ago

Biden/0bama is NOT trying to restore the economy. If that was their goal, then all they would have had to do on day one is NOTHING. Destruction and pain was the goal, and all is going well, according to plan.

Stan d. Upnow
8 months ago
Reply to  Boz

You are one of the too few who gets it.

Patty Hanson
8 months ago

Biden is doing everything his “handlers” tell him to do. Lest I be misunderstood… I’m not saying he wouldn’t do it “if” he could…. but Biden was NOT “mentally sound” when he “took” the presidency in January 2021 & he still is not. He won’t recover from his current ailment.

Bob L.
8 months ago

This administration hasn’t graduated to economics 101 yet, they are stuck on kindergarten economics – and failing that!!!

Richard Stephens
8 months ago

IMHO what the “Biden Whisperers” are telling him to do is NOT accidental. Something is afoot and I am concerned that it is not going to be good.

8 months ago

It is just common sense to all democrats to believe and do everything wrong, I think it is kind of their party platform! They just don’t know any better and if they did they couldn’t do it as they are totally incompetent!

anna hubert
8 months ago

I think he does as he is told

Sandy Schmidt
8 months ago

He needs impeached as an enemy of the USA!

8 months ago

Just out of curiosity, where did that 10 million barrels of oil go that was supposed to relieve our fuel prices? Oh yeah, he sent it to the Chinese. Yes it’s about the economy, but Biden and his communist handlers could care less about US Citizens

8 months ago

When I fill up with gas I think I will post a note on the pump that says:
Mr Biden I hope you know where I really want to put this hose

Bill on the Hill
8 months ago

Rules & Regulations is this administrations end run around the Congressional lawmakers…They are not laws, however break those Rules & Regulations & you will be punished by the Federal Gov’t, either through fines and/or arrest or more than likely a combination of both… The latest new term is called the ” administrative state “…Biden is using the various agencies within the gov’t to enact laws, this is NOT allowed under the US Constitution, they are doing it nonetheless…OSHA mandating vaccines to all Federal employees & forcing some private employers to do the same, or fire the employee…OSHA is a gov’t agency, they are NOT allowed to do this, Congress writes the laws, not gov’t agencies. The CDC is another one that cannot enact laws, people like Fauci given the capacity to shutdown an entire nation, hence Trump quietly got him out of the spotlight so he could get the country back on track again & boy did he ever do that, a booming economy despite the plandemic sent to us from Wuhan, China…The other trick employed is through Executive Orders with ( 50 ) of them neatly stacked on Biden’s pitiful miniature desk & on National TV no less!
” I can’t read this one, whilst his VP stands behind him, says, just sign it. ”
SCOTUS just ruled on the above subject matter, therefor it should all apply as in unconstitutional, but like everything else this bunch of communists are doing, they will most likely ignore it…
Bill… :~)

8 months ago

Everyone complains, no one does a dam thingto stop these demented pedophiles from destroying out ONCE GREAT NATION???? Americans seem to have forgoten to fight for their rights! Our forfathers are turning over in their graves ! Sad dam time!

Bill C
8 months ago

Build Back Better = Burn Down Faster! I truly believe it’s intentional! Nobody can accidentally be that bad! MSM is playing their part by stoking the fire!

8 months ago
Reply to  Bill C

I totally agree with you! There is no way this isn’t intentional!

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