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Dr. Jill Vecchio Tells Why Obamacare Ruling Hurts Breast Cancer Detection

Watch this video to see and hear the impact of Dr. Jill Vecchio speaking about how Obamacare will negatively affect breast cancer detection.

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19 Comments on "Dr. Jill Vecchio Tells Why Obamacare Ruling Hurts Breast Cancer Detection"

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It seems, from my experience, that Democrats find it much easier to insult anyone who does not agree with them than to prove the person wrong. Just an observation and not an accusation. I have not figured out why they feel compelled to act in this manner, but it would sure add to the conversation if they took a different approach.

Dear Donna, as I read your diatribe, I found myself hoping that you never yourself, or anyone you care for, are in the position to need any extra care that obamacare will not allow you to have. The people who will be deciding FOR you are not doctors, nor do they have any type of knowledge to rely on in deciding life and death matters. All they will be concerned with is the dollar signs. How will you like being at the head of the death panels lists? Are you too young to care yet, or are you one of the many feeding at the public trough?

Nothing is so black and white, another gross oversimplification of a complex issue done for partisan political purposes…

“If you don’t get everything you want think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want”. ~Oscar Wilde~

I was taught about the check and balances of our government, they were put in place so no part could over power the others. what has happened? I was always too busy to take part, trying to support my family provide for their needs. I tried to do the right thing to work hard, save for a rainy day. Provide education for my children. Lead by being a positive role model. What I see happening is shocking. If I perfomed as our elected officials have I would have fired myself. I see nothing good coming out of this OBAMA healthcare. It needs to be changed now before the real impact is felt. I have always been proud to be an American. If this is allowed to continue, I am ashamed by the lack of peoples concern, not only for themselves, but for the rest of us. Our government has lost… Read more »

You are all sordid,and morbid, and hateful Republicans. No real Dr. would ever get involved with a political stance and it’s just plain stupid. But they would if it meant a really tight rain on medical fraud put on them?? Bunch of self induldgeing idiots —-once again. Can’t believe you un informed idiots believe everything a Republican says. They just want to get more of yours and not the riches money… YOUR ALL CRAZY!!!!!

Donna- Why is it that you are so angry? You are mis-informed and nothing but a nasty talking Puppet – for the left. Go Troll yourself – somewhere else. Perhaps AARP!

I see that Donna was educated in government schools. I wasn’t sure until I saw how she spelled reign.

Donna, because you consider Republicans “sordid, and morbid, and hateful,” I must wonder why you believe that only you and those who think as you do are the only ones who Freedom of Speech in this country. We must tolerate you and your horrible words but you do not have to tolerate ours? I would never stoop so low as to call ANYone what you called Republicans. Most who read what you have written here today will just dismiss it as quite unworthy of giving it another moment’s thought.

Joanne, Really is this your belief? It’s time Drs speakup and take a stand or your death panel will be thumbs down for you at 60 with breast cancer because you are not worth the cost to keep you alive. I have worked in the medical system for 42 yrs and your comments show how little you know about America’s health care.Why does everyone want to come to America for medical care? Maybe you should go somewhere you will feel more comfortable living out of America preferably. Please tell me you work to support yourself because it sure doesn’t sound that way. 47 % of Americans expect free health care, free living quarters, free cars and gas for the cars, free medicines. Where do you think this money comes from to pay for all the free handouts. I’m angry I worked for 42 yrs and paid millions into the system… Read more »

Donna was the person I was addressing sorry Joanne patti

Donna, simply dismissing the opinions of anyone who disagrees with you does not make them wrong, hateful or crazy. Just because one is a doctor, or in any profession, should not disqualify you from having an opinion.

Perhaps the doctors are exactly the people to whom we should be listening in regard to this law. I would think they might know a thing or two about how it will affect their ability to treat their patients. I do not know anyone in the medical professions – doctor, nurse,what have you – who believes this law is a good one.

And considering your very shoddy grasp of grammar, perhaps you should refrain from calling others “stupid.”

To be fair, Donna is not the only one on this board who is guilty of a few grammar and spelling mistakes. But, I agree, it makes an opinion look pretty bad. I am guilty of the same if I get in a rush and type too fast. But, I have not stooped to correcting my elders on this. If they want to look bad too, so be it.

What a darn shame that the media conspired with the administration in not reporting the true facts about Obamacare.
Just read what Pat Caddell, the Democratic pollster, said about how the media has become the enemy of the people by distorting the truth.
BYW- it looks like they corrected the typo

The word is spelled “Affect”, not “Effect”…..
will negatively AFFECT……

I have watched all seven of Dr. Jill’s (Vecchio) videos on the Affordable Care Act (all on U TUBE) and I have been spreading the word that this is going to be a disaster, especially for folks like me who are on Medicare. I am supporting Romney-Ryan for POTUS and VPOTUS in November and most of my friends are too.

She knows what is happening and looks like a hard worker.

I agree with her.

Romney is my choice. He is a very generous man, loves his family. He will make a wonderfull

Good for Dr. Jill Vecchio!! (Let’s stay abreast of what’s happening, folks. Let’s stay informed!!