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Don’t Shrug at Obama’s Michael Flynn Scandal

dismantling-obama-war-coalobama-presidency obamaHow would President Obama be reacting to the collapse of the case against Michael Flynn if Flynn were a black teen?

Picture a racist white FBI agent who hates a black student and became enraged when that teen publicly insulted one of the agent’s close friends. Say the FBI sends two guys over to the teen’s house, claiming it suspects him of being involved in drug trafficking, and starts asking the kid questions in hopes that the kid will lie.

Suppose the FBI does not read the kid his rights before questioning him. Suppose the FBI discourages the kid from hiring a lawyer and tells the kid its investigation is friendly, not an effort to incriminate him. Suppose further that the FBI, after grilling the kid, still doesn’t think he lied (but merely that he forgot details of things he’d been asked about). Suppose the FBI then dragged out the case so long that the kid rang up $5 million in legal bills, then threatened to arrest the kid’s mother. Suppose the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence from the kid’s lawyers and agreed to leave the kid’s mother alone if he pleaded guilty — but didn’t tell the judge about this side deal.

If the teen finally pleaded guilty to a single count of making false statements, would Obama then say, “Aha! Justice is served! The kid admits being guilty!”? If the prosecutors, years later, finally dropped the case against the kid, would Obama say, “You begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk” because he thought the kid deserved everything that had happened to him?

All of the above is pretty much exactly what happened to Michael Flynn. Except the team that went after Michael Flynn didn’t hate him because of racial difference; they hated him because of political difference. The personal insult Flynn delivered was when he publicly went after Hillary Clinton, leading the cries to “Lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. The FBI did indeed fail to advise Flynn that they were targeting him rather than seeking information about phone calls with the Russian ambassador that they had already listened to. They discouraged him from having a lawyer present and didn’t read him anything like the Miranda warning. They did indeed pour so much trouble on Flynn that he amassed some $5 million in legal bills (and had to put his house up for sale). They didn’t initially think that he had lied, but merely had a faulty memory. Instead of threatening his mother, the FBI threatened to indict his son, and someone leaked this to the media so that Flynn’s son’s reputation would be damaged in any event. And the FBI did indeed withhold exculpatory evidence from Flynn’s lawyers.

The effort to nail Flynn fell under the heading of counterintelligence rather than a criminal case, but either way the state must have a legitimate suspicion of underlying wrongdoing before it can start harassing someone. The Obama administration did not have a legitimate basis for going after Flynn, and it’s obvious they didn’t because of two words that are the political equivalent of “That’s what she said” — an old punchline called the Logan Act.

No one has ever been convicted under the Logan Act because the Logan Act is pure bushwa. Everyone in politics knows this. Everyone who merely follows politics from the outside knows this. I know this, and I never spent a day in law school. Do you seriously think lawyer and former FBI director James Comey didn’t know this, or former constitutional law lecturer and president Barack Obama didn’t know this? The discussion between the two of them in the White House on January 5, 2017, about going after Flynn under the Logan Act because he talked to the Russian ambassador does not pass the laugh test. When someone says, “Let’s indict someone under the Logan Act,” he might as well be saying, “Let’s indict someone under the Abracadabra Act.” If the Logan Act were a functioning law, someone would have been convicted under it at some point in the 200 years since it was passed. And Jane Fonda, Dennis Rodman, Jimmy Carter, and John Kerry all would have been busted under it. Moreover, all of these people, unlike Michael Flynn, were not the incoming national-security adviser whose job it is to do things like talk to the Russian ambassador. Constitutional-law professor Jonathan Turley notes, “The use of the Logan Act against the incoming national security adviser would have been not only patently unconstitutional but positively ludicrous.”

A country that respects “the rule of law” has to respect the rule of having a good reason to go after somebody. If there’s no legitimate cause to suspect the target of anything, the state could come after anybody for any reason — because an investigator is racist, sexist, hates Latinos, hates gays, or just has a personal vendetta. The “rule of law” is meaningless if the state sets about nailing somebody on a phony pretext, hoping that the process of investigation will cause some crime such as perjury or obstruction to occur. It’s a terrible affront to “the rule of law” when the law is misused to target an innocent black teenager. But the affront is much worse when it’s a high-ranking public official who gets targeted. The attack on Flynn was an attempt to delegitimize and undercut the lawfully elected Trump administration to aid the prospects of the Democratic Party. This attempt was extremely successful; the Democrats’ media arm, otherwise known as the media, spent nearly three years promoting the bogus theory that the administration and/or Trump himself had carried out illegal acts of collusion with the Russians.

Our political press is remarkably incurious about tracing the chain of motives when it comes to questionable doings by Democrats, but suspecting Obama of being behind the persecution of Michael Flynn is pretty easy when you remember the backstory of these two men’s relationship. Flynn, a registered Democrat, had worked for President Obama as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years, Obama fired him, then Flynn publicly shamed Obama by blasting his ISIS strategy and saying his Iran Deal was terrible. Recall that Obama ran the tightest ship of any president in modern history, demanding and receiving the utmost level of loyalty: Essentially no major leakers damaged his presidency. No one close to him ever published a tell-all memoir undermining him. Then Flynn came along. Obama must have been incensed to see his former official tearing him apart on Fox News, then going full MAGA with his histrionics at the Republican convention, where Flynn was the only major Obama-administration turncoat to speak on Trump’s behalf, and gave perhaps the nastiest speech of the entire affair.

It irked Obama that Flynn might wind up on top, with a plum position in the Trump administration. But Obama couldn’t undermine Flynn by starting a PR campaign against him, because the position of national-security adviser doesn’t require cabinet confirmation. So Obama tried to talk Trump out of hiring Flynn. It must have been painful for Obama to beg for a favor from his worst enemy in order to sabotage another enemy, so he couched the request as friendly advice, as though Obama had any friendly feelings toward Trump. When this failed, Obama’s mind perhaps turned to finding a backdoor means of taking out Flynn.

Did Obama break any laws? Maybe not. Was he part of an unconscionable effort to weaponize the police powers of the state against a political enemy? It sure looks that way. How else do you explain that Comey and Obama just casually discussed using the obviously phony pretext of the Logan Act for going after Flynn in the January 5, 2017, meeting while Sally Yates, the deputy attorney general, sat there in amazement that her own supposed underling, Comey, would cook up something so obviously bogus and politically explosive as this case without telling her?

Put it this way: Knowing of Obama’s interest in these matters, is it plausible that the FBI acted as it did without his approval? If the media were one-tenth as interested in Obama scandals as they are in those relating to Trump, it would be shouting from the rooftops that the real Russia-collusion scandal was the effort to gin up a fake scandal to either damage Trump politically or take him out. As it is, most of the media’s response to the Flynn-Obama debacle has been boredom, shrugging and whataboutism: As Brian Stelter groused on CNN, right-wingers are “treating the Michael Flynn story like it’s a bigger deal than the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day.” You’d think someone who works at a 24/7 media company would understand that more than one story can be hugely important.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Kyle Smith

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Darla R Ratliff
1 year ago

Sick of the left getting away with nefarious activity and nothing happens. Another example: Republicans AND democrats under scrutiny for dumping stocks before the public announcement of virus. Only Republicans being investigated???????

Bob R
1 year ago

OMG! theres actionable law breaking in DC!!! Ho Hum. Wake me up when these folks are in the orange jump suits doing the “Perp Walk”………Its going to be a loong sleep im afraid.

1 year ago

Obama needs to be held accountable and he’s the head honcho. He wanted the job, got the job, screwed up in everything he did and then proceeded to corrupt the entire Executive Branch. It is time he does the perp walk and in front of the entire world. He has and always will be a traitor who, in the end, will be “unmasked” for the fake he is. Then what will they do?

Sami T
1 year ago

Obama Administration was the most corrupt, racist in the history of US. This never held a real job. Now he is one of richest former president, nice harvest from corruptions he orchestrated with his Hollywood pals and Wal street cronies. 90%+ Media promoted and covered up obama’s lies, deception and swindling the US tax payers.

1 year ago

The author asks, “Did Obama break any laws? Probably not.” WRONG! He most certainly did break many laws and needs to be indicted and prosecuted for TREASON! Let’s see if this reply gets the message “awaiting moderation” from the cucks of AMAC! I just commented on the article about the new $3T “stimulus” bill and my comment is being moderated! For what, common sense?? I’m beginning to think AMAC is no different or better than AARP. This isn’t a Conservative site. It’s a site filled with snowflakes who decide what we can and cannot say.

1 year ago

Take this vile communist American hating ass down I mean him and all his minions, his hole administration prison real prison. And at least 25 years No parole

1 year ago

Too bad this didn’t come to light before the “impeachment” hearings, etc.!! Would have saved a lot of time and money!!!!

1 year ago

It blows my mind how these people can go after someone and literally destroy their lives because of a hidden agenda. How do these people live with themselves. Is their agenda so strong that they don’t care about people… just about themselves and their agenda? It saddens me to think this of our leaders. I believe that if we finally got down to business and started prosecuting these people, it may not stop it.. however, it may slow it down a bit.
So now it gets down to… how do we make this wrong a right for Flynn and his family? How do we make it up to them?

Gail Gilbert
1 year ago

I agree with the replies. Unfortunately we thought we had to wait until the next election and then the election after that to get our hero, our patriot, our fighter President Trump. Obama, the press, who are actually stenographers (Michael Savage said that and I wish I had thought that comparison – fake news also fits) and the people who protested our duly elected President are all an “Obamanation” to our country, it’s founders, the early settlers, and our Constitution. Without
President Trump and his family – I am sure he asked his family before he ran for president as he probably thought it would not be easy but do not think he knew it could get so UGLY. It has not been easy but somehow he has kept working in spite of the hardships with the “fake news” the House’s interferences, the fires, floods, hurricanes and now the corona virus. He has not stopped working and caring for our country and it’s citizens. He is fighting for our freedoms, our safety, the Constitution and our livelihood. Let us help him – follow the guidelines for a safe opening of our country so we can get back to normal. When we open our borders – people should come in legally. We should show photo I D to vote.

The alternative: Socialism under the Democrats. Their quest began in 1962 when the Weekly Reader (newspaper for the elementary grades stated that there would be no more prayers in school. Eventually no more Christmas celebrations in schools. Saul Alinsky promoted “Rules for Radicals”. He was a student of Lenin and Hillary and Obama were students of Alinsky. Until Obama the Radicals didn’t seem to be making much progress – except they were in the schools influenced by some teachers and then more and more teachers and professors. Though Saul Alinsky thought it more important for government to first take over “Health Care” – thus control the people in the USA – it was the started in the schools – thus our “millenniums”… Alinsky’s Rule 2 was to increase poverty level as poor people easier to control. (Provide everything for them to live.). Rule 3 Debt increase the debt to an unsubtantial level – thus you can increase taxes
to produce more poverty. Rule 4 Gun Control. Remove the ability to defend themselves from government. Thus creating a police state… Rule 5 Welfare – Control every aspect of their lives (food, housing, and income.- thus dependent on government. Rule 6 Education – Control what people read and listen to, control what children, students learn in school. Rule7. Religion – remove the belief in God… Rule 8. Class Warfare. Devide the people into wealthy and poor. This will cause more discontent. It will be easier to take (tax) the wealthy with support of the poor. Rule 9 ? Rule 10. ? Not sure but one of those was to create “Chaos”. This radical movement was started about 58 years ago when they took prayers out of schools. Though it didn’t start with Health Care here in America, I believe that it started with removing religion in the schools and education – not much was done with Alinsky’s other rules until Obama became president. Though in 2008 Obama campaigned on fixing our country’s infrastructure,,,INSTEAD Obama decided to change our Health Care. He promoted Gun Control. He caused chaos by siding with the”black” against the police before a trial was even held to promote chaos.. Obama gave the USA one of our largest debts – more than 2-3 presidents debts totaled together. Maybe even in his eighth year toward the end – he promoted teaching the “Muslin” “Religion”. (Some teachers said to me that wouldn’t It be great to teach the Muslin Religion in schools What? In the elementary schools? Yes, sure? They can’t even say prayers in school or celebrate Christmas and you want that? They teach religions of the world in college. That is soon enough to learn about other religions. Certainly not in the primary or elementary and probably not in our high schools. They can take it as an elective in college…Guess we won’t discuss this with you…

Yes – I certainly am for Donald Trump in my opinion he is saving our country and our Democracy.
God Bless America and Donald Trump! Also please bless his family for supporting him and bless the Senate for waking up and supporting him very well against this impeachment hoax. AND May THOSE oppressed by Obama’s henchmen be exonerated and maybe they should be held accountable for General Flynn’s expenses at least and perhaps owe some money or time to our country that they did not serve honestly.

Respectfully submitted,
Gail Gilbert

Kathleen Thompson
1 year ago

I think Gen. Flynn should not only be completely exonerated but should also be paid back all the money he had to shell out for attorney fees by the government. What the dems did to him is an abomination and should never happen again. The Logan Act should be done away with as well.

Gary s
1 year ago

Did any American ever see Obama’s birth certificate, or does anyone believe bombers brother?

1 year ago

Why Barry and Hilkary aren’t in prison is a mystery to me. If any two people ever deservedly to be in prison more than these 2 then Bill Clinton would be one of them. Both have lied to Congress more than any other people that have ever lived but the left doesn’t care. They just want control regardless.

1 year ago

i can no longer support the Republican party, until Ii see some Democrats in orange jumpsuits…the days of letting them get away with the most atrocious crimes, needs to be OVER!

1 year ago

I agree with you Obama really is the one behind the Fylnn and Trump problems that the American peopl
have been putting up with, especially CNC, and since Att Owns them I would never, ever deal with them or Att again. I believe the people running Att and CNC are nothing but traitors to America, there comp[amy is part of the Russian government.

1 year ago

Too much of a gentleman and a proud veteran to express in words the outrage, disgust and the damage “created” by the 44th President to this exceptional country. A true narcissist based on his words and actions. It took a patriot, President Donald J. Trump putting the interests of America and its people in 1st place to derail the transformation of this country from one who had only contempt for the very country that placed him to the highest office of the land.

The choice is clear come 2020 to either empower the people (Capitalism), drain the DC cesspool or empower the Government (Socialism) in our lives>

Hank Heller
1 year ago

Lt. Gen. Flynn could be any of us, or our children. America can not afford one sided justice because that is not justice…it is oppression. I don’t care what your party affiliation is, we, all of us, can not afford such dishonest, bullying behavior.

1 year ago

This traitor could not do the job as president so why does anything he says or does matter? never mattered then and even less now! He should not be in politics, he failed America and it’s Americans…..shut up obummer and jump off the boat in the middle of the ocean!

1 year ago

Right on lynn, real justice, no more cya politicians!

1 year ago

Obama and the democrats were the most corrupt administration ever to occupy Washington.
The “ism’s ” the liberal left anti-American politicians use them all the time to stop criticism of their evil and dishonest deeds.
I hope for once equal justice occurs!

Zonia Armstrong
1 year ago

For oh so many years! Precisely when Obama became known and was elected – he INSTITUTED a BANANA REPUBLIC THEME to his presidency. No one ever brings up the fact that Obama and Hillary detested each other. Why then – did they join forces? All the corrupt secrets in which they were involved and had to protect each other: Benghazi been one of many. There is so much depth to the corruption of these two. If Hillary had been elected not only we would have never found out anything at all – but our country would be done for. Well – of course – the Chinese have just about done it with the Virus and the support of the Democrats ..By the way – I don’t give credit to Obama: he just wanted to look presidential; get lots of money and live the good life: a frivolous, fatuous puppet made to order by the powers to be.

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