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Dobbs Decision Leaves Roberts and the Media as Biggest Losers

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

President Donald Trump with Chief Justice John Roberts.

As reactions from Friday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling continue to pour in, it has become evident that many conservatives have yet to realize that the good news resulting from the decision—which overturned Roe v. Wade and ended the nearly 50-year recognition of abortion as a constitutional right—goes far beyond the pro-life movement and protection of the unborn.

As monumental as the Dobbs decision is for unborn children and pro-life activists who have spent decades tirelessly working to overrule Roe and defend the right to life, Dobbs demonstrates that, for the first time in a generation, the Supreme Court is not controlled by justices who are chiefly concerned with their public image and reputation among left-wing journalists and mainstream media operatives. Ultimately, the Alito majority in Dobbs indicates that, despite his wishes, Chief Justice John Roberts’ efforts to alter the post-Roe majority and Taneyize the High Court have fallen flat—and that at long last, media control of American politics could very well be coming to an end.

As we have stated before, Roberts’ longstanding campaign to neglect the plain words of the Constitution and jeopardize the common good in favor of vague concepts like “fluidity in the middle” and sociopolitical “stability” on the Court have posed a unique series of threats to the American constitutional order and institutional legitimacy of the Court. A May 18th article—“Creeping Taneyism at the High Court: Can Roberts Alter Alito?”—compares Roberts to former Chief Justice Roger Taney, who authored the notorious 1857 Dred Scott decision (which held that black Americans were property while barring them from U.S. citizenship) in an attempt to maintain social and political harmony. The article outlines the ways in which Roberts has abandoned his previously stated constitutionalist principles, which were ultimately responsible for elevating him to the Court in 2005. (Others have since picked up on the Taneyist comparison—most notably The Federalist, which compared the pro-abortion Democrats of today to the pro-slavery Democrats of the 19th century, who held that black Americans possess no rights.)

Even more startling, though, is the description of Roberts as a historical example of an era—one that the Dobbs decision shows is at last fading—when the acts of public officials were frequently controlled by how they thought they might be perceived by a handful of newspapers and broadcast networks. Roberts has a long record of concern, if not obsession, with his media image and that of the Court’s. His use—whether at The Atlantic or CBS News—of interviews or informally sanctioned articles by favored reporters was not only to boost his own public perception, but also to lay the groundwork for his own decisions that delivered unexpected victories to progressives and their partisan media allies, particularly on issues like Obamacare. Roberts’ reasoning—as it was in his Dobbs opinion—was based not on the law, but rather on puffy Taney-esque talk about the grandness of the law and the Court and the need for social adjudication.

However, as we noted last month, the Court’s ability to withstand Roberts’ pressure campaign in Dobbs will go a long way in enhancing the Court’s reputation—most notably by way of proving that leftist intimidation tactics do not work, that the legal doctrine of stare decisis is not sacrosanct, that law schools can be restored to their rightful place in American life, and that Roberts’ public relations-oriented jurisprudence no longer dominates the Court’s institutional authority.

Above all, the Dobbs decision suggests that conservatives’ long-standing frustration with Republican-appointed but media-obsessed justices in the mold of Roberts or Anthony Kennedy (derided by one Reagan-era official as “a DC social climber, not a jurist”) is over—and that the failures of Roberts’ Taneyist jurisprudence could prove to be permanent. If Roberts had had his way and the Court had subserviently taken its marching orders from the elites of America’s ruling class rather than looking to the Constitution and delegating power back to the American people, Roe would still be the law of the land. But with Friday’s decision, the Supreme Court signaled that the arbiter of our national politics is no longer the media—but the American people.

Another key component of Friday’s historic victory is that three of the five justices in the Dobbs majority owe their appointment to the Court to the American people, who stood bravely by their side when all odds were against them. In fact, the Alito majority came to fruition thanks in large part to the 2016 election of former President Donald Trump, who pledged to nominate and confirm constitutionalist judges who would resist the tides of left-wing judicial activism and issue decisions based on the law as written, rather than to the whims of popular opinion and demands of the ruling class. “Thanks to the courage found within the United States Supreme Court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states and by the American People themselves. That’s the way it should have been many years ago, and that’s the way it will be now,” Trump said the day after the release of the decision in a speech in Mendon, Illinois.

Though it is of course difficult to overstate the groundbreaking significance of Dobbs for the pro-life cause and unborn children, its magnitude extends far beyond the protection of innocent life. To the chagrin of the Chief Justice and the mainstream media, the Supreme Court is no longer the Roberts Court—and Taneyism is no longer the driving force behind it.

In the end, rule of law, the endurance of American institutions, and the Court itself will be bolstered and immeasurably strengthened by Friday’s decision. And every American who cherishes the right to life, believes in the American constitutional order, and embraces the rule of law should rejoice in that fact.

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S.A. Rico
6 months ago

Justice Roberts is such a coward.. He didn’t vote for or against if you read his opinion. He basically abstained. He actually cares more for how much political fire a major ruling will cause then he does about whether something is constitutional or not. He is a Washington Croney who has people to please on both sides so he just took the middle.. Like a coward. He’s the worst Chief Justice we’ve ever had..No wonder the Dems went pretty soft on him during his confirmation hearings. This was probably all worked with the Rhino’s. They were gonna let the GOP have him, but he was gonna have to play along with them on certain issues. Like Obamacare, it was his vote that could’ve killed it. But no, Roberts ruled, “He didn’t think was The Supreme Courts Job to kill GOOD laws”.. If it’s unconstitutional it’s not a good law. And it wasn’t. .Didn’t matter, his vote kept it from being repealed. If we do win back Congress, I think they should impeach his ass.. And set an example, your either a Constitutional Justice, or your not a Justice.

9 months ago

GREAT article! But let me tell you that we just got an email from one of our Illinois Senators, Sue Rezin, that our governor pritzker is telling us that we can STILL abort babies up to birth and he will be getting his fellow dems to join with him to pass law that a parent does not have to be notified for any child who wants an abortion, that we here in Illinois will now be paying for the ‘procedures’ where all of us will be footing the bill for murder. He has mulled it over to join California with the idea that they can actually kill a baby 28 days after birth!!! It is just plain out right MURDER! Just found out that our Republican Darren Bailey has won the primary and will be running against this low life in November. PLEASE pray for our state that this God fearing man who believes in giving God the glory, 100% against abortions, hates raising taxes and believes in the Second Amendment wins against pritzker. Thank you all who pray.

jSouthern Yankee
9 months ago

roberts deserves eternal damnation. he rewrote obamacare from the bench. any health care bill had zero chance of passage with a tax. he declared the mandate a tax. he should have been impeached the next day. i wish evil on him forever

9 months ago

Next, time for government to get out of marriage, altogether. Government doesn’t get to redefine ‘marriage’.

A right to privacy doesn’t make water dry and the Sun cold.

Two men cannot be ‘married’. It’s impossible.

Paul Revere
9 months ago

Just one brief comment: ROBERTS MAKES ME SICK! What an abomination. People like him make Biden look good. Errr, well almost.

9 months ago

To this day I still wonder how Robert’s slipped by us. I remember how happy I was the day he was confirmed and how unhappy I’ve been ever since.

9 months ago
Reply to  Platlin

He conned the people and got way with it. Our family believed he was truly a conservative. HA! We were conned too.

9 months ago

Praise God!!!!!!!!

9 months ago

Roberts is compromised.

Larn Conner
9 months ago

I’m betting it was Roberts’ staff that leaked the abortion decision early. Especially if he had the power to release everyone’s decisions early to end the intimidation against the justices that were pro-life, but he dragged it out to cause harm to the pro-life justices.

FJB! and Democrats and RINOs, as well.

9 months ago
Reply to  Larn Conner

That’s a really good point – that it was one of his staff that leaked the Roe decision. It’s appalling but also makes sense. Who else but his staff members could avoid being held responsible

bob a. booey
9 months ago

Fjb!!! Let’s Go Brandon!!!

9 months ago

While I absolutely agree that the judicial branch of government should never bow to public opinion, if not, why have a Supreme Court – why not just have a vote on each issue, I’m also concerned with the fact that some of these justices stated that they had no intention to overturn Rie v Wade, when during their Senate confirmation hearings. Does this not make conservatives venerable to being dismissed as lies and hypocrites? I hope I don’t have to spend much time in the future defending people who support my values from such accusations.

9 months ago
Reply to  Tim

I think you’ll find that in most cases they said something along the lines of “it’s established law.” That is not the same as saying that it won’t be reviewed or overturned.

9 months ago

The Dred Scott decision was decided by a court where 5 of 7 justices were slave owners and under modern legal standards would honorably recuse themselves.

9 months ago
Reply to  John

To my recollection, not one of the justices indicated they would not overturn RvW. All of them indicated they could not comment directly on how they would rule on an issue that could come before the court without all of the facts that might come with a case.

Richard Minetti
9 months ago

Great article and topic – at last these lowlife Democrat elitists have to wake up and realize they do not rule the USA- the people do!

9 months ago

It should be the way you say, but, you’re wrong. democrats do rule the country, for the most part. Just look at how they get away with nonstop rampant criminal acts and no one goes,after them. But being invited into the capital building with doors held open by capital police (a fact proven on video) is an ‘insurrection’ and ‘an attack on our sacred institutions’ said by the very same leftists that call to attack the SCOTUS for a ruling they hate.

We have a LONG way to go, to purge the Bolshevik cockroaches out of government, a long long way still.

9 months ago

t should be the way you say, but, you’re wrong. demoKK. Krats do rule the country, for the most part. Just look at how they get away with nonstop rampant criminal acts and no one goes after them. But being invited into the capital building with doors held open by capital police (a fact proven on video) is an ‘insurrection’ and ‘an attack on our sacred institutions’ said by the very same leftists that call to attack the SCOTUS for a ruling they hate.

We have a LONG way to go, to purge the bolshevik (0ckroaches out of government, a long long way still.

9 months ago

Great article…it helped a lot of us figure out what is wrong with Roberts. He is such a disappointment.

Rick Willey
9 months ago

Look at those who are on streets in favor of killing a picture of some saying they like to kill babies evil will be called good and good will be called evil.

Casey C Matt
9 months ago

Though I have taken strong opposition to the insipid editorial support AMAC has provided the moronic support of the uber corrupt country of Ukraine I must admit that I really enjoyed this article and its take on the overturning of Roe.
Great editorial indeed.

Jan Doyle
9 months ago

I do believe Craig Driver is correct and Clarence Thomas should be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Justice Robert’s always sides with the Dems.

9 months ago

It’s about time. This Roberts based court has disappointed so many times. Roberts is not a true Conservative and his time has come to step aside in for the Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Cavanaugh, and Comey Barrett Court to rule. God bless Donald Trump’s vision of the US Supreme Court.

Craig Driver
9 months ago

Robert’s should retire in 2025 and Thomas should become Chief Justice.

Joseph Hubert
9 months ago

Welcome our Christian Values back, to the States that want them! The horrible effect of abortion is much too prevalent. God have mercy on These United States! Amen.Joseph P.

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