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Do You Know Who Saul Alinsky Is?

college protestorsBy Ellen Cora

A leading figure of the extreme left

Americans need to know about this iconic provocateur — whose vast influence on American society has impacted all our lives.

Look no further than the turmoil we are witnessing on our college campuses today – to see proof that his methods are still being carried out by his followers.

A Russian-born, Jewish immigrant, Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) is credited with coining the term “community organizer.” His tenets are outlined in his well-known book “Rules for Radicals,” published in 1971. Nicknamed “The Red,” Alinsky dedicated his book tongue-in-cheek to Lucifer, the first radical.

Contemporary conservative talk show hosts like Hannity, Limbaugh and Savage, have attributed many Democratic Party strategies to Alinsky, whose history, dating back to the 1930s, boasts a long trail of ties to the communist party and other subversive organizations. Conversely, liberals cite use of Alinsky tactics by right-wing politicians as well — when they mention morality or religious sentiment to swell emotions.

Hillary Clinton’s senior honors thesis analyzed Alinsky’s works and their effects on modern American politics — and whereas President Barack Obama never met Alinsky, he was also schooled through the tutelage of hard core Alinsky protege, John L. McKnight.

Before Obama left Harvard, he wrote the treatise: “After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois.” On the flip side, liberal columnist, Rick Unger’s, July 13, 2015 article in Forbes magazine was entitled: ‘Trump and Huckabee: Ripping Campaigns from the Playbook of Saul Alinsky.’

Alinsky’s “rules” are for those who want to change the world from what it is – to what they believe it should be, ignoring what the people want.

The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” Alinsky wrote. “Rules for Radicals was written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.” His success derives from his campaigns to sow seeds of class warfare and discontent — convincing the populace to fight the power and privilege of the “Establishment” — as the root of all their “problems.”

Alinsky’s aim for community organizers is to bait the opposition. “The enemy, properly goaded and guided into reacting, will be your major strength,” Alinsky penned. He believed in creating unrest by searching out controversial issues and convincing people they could actually effect change.

Consider Black Lives Matter and Income Inequality as two examples.

He was not above utilizing paid outside agitators to get public participation — fanning hostilities and stirring up raw emotions. Alinsky was a master at awakening community apathy and inertia — disturbing prevailing complacency. “The first step in community organization is community disorganization,” Alinsky was known to preach.

By linking a sense of hope to deep-seated resentments and hate, organizers can create a massive force, seeking recruits from local churches, civic organizations, labor unions and street gangs. To maximize effectiveness, Alinsky taught coupling his rules with actionable tactics. For example, he advocated: “Power is not only what you have, but what your enemy thinks you have — so raise a ruckus to convince the public and the media your force is much bigger than it actually is.”

“Never go outside the experience of your people — because the result is confusion, fear and retreat — but whenever possible, go outside the experience of your enemy — where you want to evoke these reactions.”

Alinsky identified ridicule as a potent weapon. It is hard to counteract — and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage. To fuel continued protests, he encouraged using methods the demonstrators enjoyed. A variety of tactics and actions prevented boredom among his protestors, while wielding constant pressure to keep the enemy off balance.
He found threats often more effective and terrifying than actual actions. For example, if authorities feared organized mayhem regarding an issue, energized by media fanfare — such as the ludicrous Wall Street sit-ins on “income inequality” — they might knuckle under to an organizer’s demands for negotiation. Organizers avoided discussing proposed solutions to the crises they created — which would diffuse the desired chaos.

Instead of using the truth they are taught to avoid rational arguments when getting their points across.

Alinsky tried pushing negatives hard enough to transform them into a positive force. An example is violence from the other side can win public support for your cause — because the populace often sides with the underdog.

Alinsky liked to identify key individuals to attack, rather than targeting faceless corporations or bureaucracies. He worked to isolate his victims from their support networks, believing humans are easier to hurt than organizations.

In the book, “After Alinsky,” written in 1990, Barack Obama was a contributor and wrote the chapter: “Why Organize? Problems and Promise in the Inner City.” While the rhetoric used by Obama was nothing as inflammatory as that used by Alinsky, one wonders whether some of his comments over Ferguson, Baltimore and other controversial issues were not influenced by Alinsky.

Astute readers should now be aware of Alinsky’s Rules when you see them being exercised. Take them into consideration when making your judgement about the American political scene being played out today.

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Your article says “By linking a sense of hope to deep-seated resentments and hate, organizers can create a massive force, seeking recruits from local churches, civic organizations, labor unions and street gangs.” Which is true but very incomplete. If you add ‘racism’ to resentments and hate you would be right. Most people think racism is white to black. Some even invented the term ‘reverse racism’. While the most visible racism of 50 plus years ago was white to black, racism is a human failing like hate, anger, greed etc. and exists in all races. As a young white male I couldn’t walk black neighborhoods in my home town of Philadelphia PA due to racism. The face of 21st century racism is now most visible in riots in Ferguson and Baltimore both started by racists who were black. Please wake up. Until 21st century racism is discussed out in the open… Read more »

Janis Miles

Thank you for this wonderful article, as America is now seeing the results of the radical Alinsky Rules being applied in our country. I would never have believed that our values could have been transformed this quickly through the Clinton and Obama reins.


This article is a good start to educating we the people about the ideology of our current President and Mrs. Clinton, who by the way was offered a position with Alinsky but declined it at the time. If you listen to her rhetoric on the campaign trail, you see she is employing all the principles she learned from his Rules For Radicals. This is a systemic takeover of our rights as citizens of a sovereign nation. If the Democrats win, we are over as a sovereign nation with a porous border and unlimited illegal immigrants in our country. We all need to wake up to the sad reality of the situation. Unfortunately those who lean toward voting Democratic do not want to hear any of this. They are as enamored with voting for the first woman president as they were voting for the first black president. This was at their… Read more »

Black Pete

Much of Alinsky’s activity and ideas stem from the Frankfurt School group of Jewish intellectuals in Germany in the 1920’s. This group came to the U.S. and began a base of operations at Columbia University In New York. Their objective was to promote socialism and overtake the Western democratic governing model of government. Their methods and specific objectives relate to reducing the right to private property, destroy or nullify religion, redefine the family, promote sexuality, and make people reliant on government.
All one needs to do is “google” key terms and names and start connecting the dots to discover on their own what the underlying causes are relating to our current problems and ideologies.


Obama was an excellent student of Alinsky. One of his favorite themes was ‘overwhelm the system’ so the opposition doesn’t know where to start to fight it. He also used the famous ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. Too bad the GOP Congress was clueless as to what Obama has been doing.

Frank Lane

Interesting read. In the late sixties and into the first part of the seventies I was an open radical. Having lived in Germany during that period I encountered many in the counter-culture movement. Reading books by Alinsky, Abbie Hoffman, Eldridge Cleaver and the Chicago 7. I was “drinking the Koolaid”. In the mid to late seventies I was a working man and began to question what I had been reading on the left. Then along came Reagan. Yes, I am a Reagan Convert and have been for these past 40 years. One benefit of having read the liberal writings is now I see every move they make and know what they are doing, when they are doing, and the reason they do. It’s like I know what the plan is before it is acted on because they are not creative and still use methods developed many years ago. Unfortunately, those… Read more »


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmond Burke.

Marti Deputy

Why no mention of Hillary and SA???? She knew him personally, write her college thesis on Alinsky!

Bill Fox

Sad that the “Drive By Media” – as Limbaugh labels them – have been promoters of this Radical Agenda. One other interesting factoid is while Alinksy was working on his doctorate at Chicago in the 20s he spent a couple of years “studying” Al Capone’s gang. Cannot make this sh*t up! We are living in the age of a very sophisticated Gangster Republic – and most brainwashed boomers have no idea how corrupt their ideology is. They simply know that their Demigods in Hollywood, Media, and the University have all become part of the Marxist Gang. Community Organizing tactics are essentially no different than extortion and bribery – except on a much larger scale.

David Barksdale

As Long As “We The People” Allow Our Duly Elected Members Of Congress To Allow The Traitor In Our Oval Office, His Backers And Supporters To Continue Unilaterally Dictating To Us What We Will Do And Must Accept Then Our Constitution, Our Freedom, Our Judeo/Christian Religious Rights AMERICA Will Be LOST !!! “FREEDOM WITHOUT HONOR IS NOT FREEDOM” !! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE WE END UP WITH MARTIAL LAW AND OUR FIRST DICTATOR AND THE “NEW WORLD ORDER” !!!! Please Call 1-855-827-2351 To Contact Any Or All Elected representatives, Senator Mitch McConnell His Senate Office At (202) 224-2541, Speaker Paul Ryan at (202) 225-3031, http://WWW.HOUSE.GOV & http://WWW.SENATE.GOV, Tell Them To Step Up And Aggressively Fight Against The Obomer Regime, Agenda Of Tyranny Or Get Out Of Washington !!!! Join The Judicial Watch At judicialwatch .org, The Freedom Watch at, they are Representing Sheriff Joe and Convention Of States (COS)… Read more »

Scott Berg

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905 US (Spanish-born) philosopher (1863 – 1952) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lenin’s Decalogue “Manual to Seize Control of a Society” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Lenin’s Decalogue “Manual to Seize Control of a Society” which he used in the 1917 Russian Re-Revolution (The October Surprise) usurping control from the original Russian Revolution which occurred earlier in the spring of that year. 1. Corrupt the youth and give them absolute sexual freedom. 2. Infiltrate and take control of the mass communication media. 3. Divide the population into antagonist groups; encourage arguments between them over social issues. 4. Destroy the people’s confidence in their leaders. 5. Talk all the time bout democracy and republic, but when the opportunity arises, seize power as a dictator. 6. Cooperate with the drainage of public funds; discrediting the image of the country, especially overseas,… Read more »

Missy Bearden

The Cloward-Piven Strategy also follows the lines of Alinsky. Overwhelm the system to break it down and then rebuild it.

Kip, AKA "Don't Get Me Started!"

As Elmer implies, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” When I read the article I did not notice any anti-Semitism in his article. The information was what is was: information. Though not Jewish I am a great admirer of the Jewish people and did not notice any underlying message in his informative article. Your thinking appears to be an example of the type that pressures our education system to censor information or to change history. We all need to allow the reporting of facts, regardless of where it may lead us, Respectfully yours.


Aside from Marx, Lenin and Alinsky, Her-Thighness and Obozo both worship Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci is the Italian communist architect of pure evil who instructed in the “prison notebook” that by separating the people by class, race, gender, removing all religion from society and that charity should only come from the State, would a communist system survive. Gramsci’s prison notebook is Obozo’s and Valerie Jarad’s bible.


Thanks for GREAT article ….

Donnell Hill

As a T Party 82yr old I have learned over the years that much of political verbiage is info that is part truth and part lies. However you should listen to both sides to make a good judgement of right and wrong.


I first heard of Saul Alinsky and his book on the Glenn Beck show when he was on the Fox News station. This article has stimulated my curiosity to read Alinsky ‘s book. I’m concerned about the direction of our country.


Thank you for printing this. One of the first rules is ‘know your enemy’. We have a president who seems, by his actions, to believe that this is the way to govern. Thank God for our constitution that forbids more than 2 terms. We need to understand, too, that Hillary would govern with the same advisors. Let’s hope we can have a Republican candidate who also understands what has been happening to our country and will correct as much as possible of the damage that has been done.


This is a recipe for disaster! This way of thinking in our government needs to be stopped!!

Tony Favero

Remember when Obama said, “I just want to spread the wealth around”? If income redistribution works, if tax-and-spend is a model for America, why are Greece and Spain bankrupt basket cases threatening to bring down the entire European Union? Greece and Spain have both been led by Socialist Party politicians. They both have big taxes, big spending, big unions, big governments — just like Obama wants. Yet both Greece and Spain have unemployment rates above 26 percent and youth unemployment above 56 percent. With that record of devastating failure, why did Obama just raise U.S. income tax rates to the levels of Greece and Spain? Greece’s income tax rate is 40 percent. Spain’s top rate ranges from 40 percent to 50 percent. In America we just raised the top rate to about 40 percent, plus add in Obamacare taxes, plus add in State and local taxes, and, of course, Obama… Read more »