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We cover the southern border’s DNA Pilot Program, how liberals try to use the census to steal the 2020 election, and how liberal candidates want Medicare for All to include undocumented immigrants.

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Nancy and Rick
1 year ago

We support all efforts to control our southern borders.

Bruce & Sharon Black
1 year ago

Yes, we support & demand USA to get the DNA from all those USING CHILDREN to cross the BORDER!!

Leisa Pugsley
1 year ago

We support protecting our border. No illegals voting or taking Medicare.

Sherry Meyers
1 year ago

Yes on the census. No on national insurance and definitely no on benefits for illegals.

Margie Fuller
1 year ago

Will this DNA results be stored for use by the police and FBI etc, to help to solve crimes? I can picture the left getting their noses out of joint calling this an invasion of privacy. But I think it is a great idea!

1 year ago

Please get the terminology correct……they are illegal aliens not undocumented immigrants….that term is the Dims way of putting a happy face on these intruders.

1 year ago

First they are illegals not undocumented immigrants. Illegals get it straight. No medicare for illegals who do not pay for it their entire life. If they are getting it then CA AND NY you pay for them out of your stupid governor’s salaries. That will put an end to it post haste.

Douglas Miller
1 year ago

Census, yes

Lori Hunt
1 year ago

I do NOT support Medicare for all. That should be for the elderly and disabled. Get a job and pay for insurance I stead of wanting working people to pay for those that don’t want to work. So tired of it. Plus, I don’t want the government determining my health needs.

1 year ago

Yes! They need to leave since they did not make application correctly to seek a green card, or apply for citizenship while in their country.

Zoraida Miranda
1 year ago

Love Amac. Thank you Amac for keep us up to real NEWS. GOD BLESS

Lifetime Member
1 year ago

I am glad that the DNA test is quick, and effective at the border. HOWEVER, I am very concerned that this might bring rise to some sort of “national”, enforced, DNA registry. I oppose this on many levels. What was supposed to be a private decision to find out more about our personal ancestors has now become a database able to be used by government. So far it is helping to identify and convict those who have committed crimes. But where will this stop? Will DNA be required at birth? For a passport? I see this issue as a creeping… Read more »

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

How is it that what our elected representatives, like Nancy Pelosi who are sworn to uphold The U.S. Constitution are turning her backs on it? To encourage someone to is willfully ignore immigration law is sedition. How is it that the Dems are prepared to give the vote to illegal aliens? How is it that we, who have paid into Medicare our entire lives are now going to cover those who have not paid into it? This is insanity. Mrs. Pelosi this is not a black and white matter rather a red, white and blue issue; the Democratic party has… Read more »

Steve Smith
1 year ago

Yes agree wit POTUS

Justin C Allport
1 year ago

It will never happen.To balance the budget?It will never happen.To repeal and replace Obama care.It will never happen.The American people have allowed the Left to progress to far along”

1 year ago

I am utterly disgusted that President Trump would back down and stop fighting to get the illegal alien question on the census. Leaving this question off the census has far reaching consequences and in effect will increase the number of people crossing the border, it appears to aid and abet those illegals living in the US, it gives voting privileges to illegals and it changes the districts in each state to increase Democrats in Congress. The people want the immigration question on the census, William Barr says he sees a clear path to make it happen and Trump backs down?????… Read more »

Earl Irons
1 year ago

Medicare for all ! People in hell want ice water too dumb-dumb

1 year ago

I prefer the old format.

Stephen Bisenius
1 year ago

When will you be organizing on the state level–in particular Iowa?

Nile Folin
1 year ago

Enjoyed Ed Ferguson’s clear interpretation and presentation of the misconception produced by our media.

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