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Dizziness and Aspartame

AspartameBy – Gregory De Glorgis

My story began in September 1993 at age 29.I am a general contractor, working six to seven stressful days a week. I began waking around 5 a.m. with dizziness episodes that would incapacitate me.I would have to sit in bed and not move for most of the day. (I did not have time for this.) The episodes came several times a week, and even between episodes I didn’t feel right.

I sought out several doctors. After an MRI, CT scans, blood tests, and a host of other tests, my ear-nose-throat (ENT) doctor diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis.Taking antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays, anti-dizzy drugs, and antihista­ mines, I would feel a little better, and then more episodes would follow.This went ·on for about a year,one dizzy day after another.

I went to a neurologist and, thinking maybe my neck/spine had something to do with it, an orthopedic surgeon. I visited an audiologist. He did a host of tests, diagnosed me with BPPV, and said that I basically had to live with it.

Not satisfied with the audiologist’s answer, I went back to the ENT, who said he could probably cure me with deviated septum surgery (very nasty, yuck). The surgery was to no avail, and the dizziness came right back.

Off to another neurologist I went, and he confirmed the BPPV diagnosis.

Another year passed, and my ENT suggested revision surgery for the deviated sep­ tum. What? This time I sought a second opinion from a doctor who, after reviewing my records, said he saw no need for the original surgery let alone a revision.This infuriated and depressed me.

I went home, and that evening by the Grace of God saw a news program about aspartame, the sugar substitute designed for diabetics.The program said that some people suffer adverse reactions to aspartame.These reactions included dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, and headache. This was all I needed to hear. I practically lived on aspartame, using two packets in each of four to five cups of coffee a day and drinking diet soda. I stopped using it, and my dizziness subsided almost immediately as did the diarrhea I had thought was unrelated.

I did some research on aspartame. I found a book,Aspartame, Is It Safe?, by H. J. Roberts, M.D., 315 pages worth of interesting information, and several articles.

One dizzy-free year went by until one afternoon, boom, I became dizzy and depressed . I took a careful look at the days that had just passed and traced my problems to a pack of sugarless chewing gum (with aspartame). I now read every label. My life has changed; no more dizziness.

I hope all who read this will think twice about using a chemical that was designed as an alternative for diabetics who can’t have real sugar. I sometimes wonder what my life would be if I had never seen the news that night.


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All those artificial sweeteners are harmful. I gave up anything diet and read the sugar levels on everything. They are putting too many additives into our food and it is up to us to change that by not buying these products.

Having lost 40 lbs over the last year on a modified Atkins diet, I watch every morsel I put in my mouth. Without any diet changes, I started to gain about a half a pound a day! I was going mad trying to figure out why. The only new thing I was consuming was a packet drink that you add to water. It was sugar free, zero carbs etc so it couldn’t be that! I was so wrong. It contained Aspertame as the sugar substitute. Within 2 days of stopping using it, I lost 2 pounds and every ounce I had gained was gone within a week. Diet aid not!!! I gain weight every time I eat a piece if gum etc containing Aspertame. READ ALL LABELS, it’s in so many health and diet foods.

You all are so right! Aspartame is really a dangerous thing. I was diagnosed with MS by the Mayo Clinic because of numbness in my feet and legs. After reading an article about the problems created by aspartame, I stopped drinking diet drinks and eating anything containing it. (I had been drinking diet sodas regularly for nearly 20 years.). It took two years but the symptoms finally disappeared.

Years ago, while at a store with my son, I had a seizure, “flashing lights, slurred vision, dizziness, roaring in my ears, etc.” The paramedics were called and I was taken to the hospital. Before being taken to the hospital, everything subsided and I felt okay, but paramedics insisted going to hospital. They tested me for stroke, heart attack, just about everything. Everything was okay. They referred me to a neurologist. After going through some tests and an MRI of the brain, the doctor concluded it was a migraine seizure. He told me to stay away from aspartame and other triggers. I had started using aspartame as a sweetener in drinks and foods. I now stay away from aspartame and aspartame by any other name.

I, too, suffered from dizziness and balance problems for many years. Many trips to doctors and myriad tests did nothing to end my problems. Finally, through the process of elimination, I figured out for myself what was wrong. I began to suspect artificial sweeteners, and experiments eliminating them proved me to be right. Now, after many years without them, I have no dizziness problems unless I accidentally get served something sweetened with artificial sweeteners. I can use stevia for awhile, but even this natural sweetener causes mild symptoms after awhile.

Stevia is the answer, and avoiding most Dr.s

While aspartame is pretty harmless for most people in reasonable doses, obviously very large doses aren’t advisable and some individuals may have a particular sensitivity to it. Great story and is one more thing to consider for those suffering otherwise unexplained symptoms. More proof that medical science, as good as it may be, often can’t answer what is causing a symptom. As far as chemicals are concerned, everything we eat, drink, touch, smell, all of it is made up of various chemicals; some natural and some not. The fact that we ingest chemicals cannot be avoided and not all chemicals are bad and certainly not all are good either.

It amazes me that most of the people I see using that “stuff” have weight issues and it hasn’t helped. Obesity has gone crazy since the introduction of sugar “substitutes”.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that a nurse helped me to see the connection between the little pink and blue packets and my headaches and dizziness. I quickly stopped using them, and it wasn’t long before my headaches and dizziness stopped. More anecdotal evidence? There are too many people with similar stories of the neurological and physiological effects sacrum and aspartame for me to believe it’s just anecdotal.

Actually, even gum that is not labeled sugarless has aspartame. Read those labels, also. I don’t know whey manufacturers still insist on putting it in anything, the same for “high fructose corn syrup”, which is detrimental to one’s health.

This is an important topic to have brought up, thanks for doing it. Aspartame is awful stuff as you showed so well and should be avoided by everyone. There are at least two other sweeteners that are out there on grocery shelves that aren’t dangerous in any way but are diabetic-diet-friendly; sweet leaf, or stevia, which is derived from the leaf of a bush (I think) in south America and is sweeter than sugar and doesn’t affect blood sugar- sometimes found under the name Truvia. This one has an aftertaste to me but most people really love it. The second one, the one we use in our family, is xylitol which is made from birch trees and comes in bags of what look and taste like large-grained sugar. (find it online)This product is actually good for your teeth and over time will make your teeth a lot more resistant to… Read more »

Its not just dizziness. I encountered chest pains. Several years back I would ride my stationary bike for an hour and then afterwards, re-hydrate with a flavored water containing aspertame. After about a month of this regime I started getting chest pains about 20 minutes after I completed the workout, re-hydrate cycle. I switched to plain water and the post workout chest pains disappeared.

I buy Stevia from Walmart has Stevia sweetner but if you read the ingredients list, it does not list Stevia as the main ingredient. The same goes for “Stevia-in-the-Raw” I Complained two years ago to the FDA but nothing has been done. I called the company to complain and she hungup on me. She could or would not tell me what percent of their product was Stevia. Malodextrin is the first ingredient.

Thank you for posting. I have been extremely dizzy now for 4 days, suspiciously how long I have been putting aspartame in my coffee! Thx again!

I too have suspected just recently of an aspartame relation to my headaches and dizziness. I’ve always chewed gum, for fresh breath, relaxtion and thinking it cleared my full ears. (I’ve read to chew gum to unblock your ears.) I have allergies and attributed a lot of my symptoms to them. Also, I have recently increased my consumption of diet pepsi or diet coke. I don’t drink a lot of it, but when I eat out or if I’m really craving it while shopping, I’ll get a bottle. I’ve been to an ENT recently and had a completely normal sinus cat scan. He said my ears were fine. So what is causing my “sinus headaches” and full ears and dizziness? My family doctor thinks it is allergies. (I am allergic to dust mites and get worse in the winter when everything is closed up and the furnace is on.) He… Read more »

Headaches, oh yes. A nasty sort that, for me, is unique to aspartame. Worse, I experience a loss of short-term memory, which almost cost me my job, I’d make so many bonehead errors on a bad day.

Fortunately, I managed to identify aspartame as a culprit several years ago, due to my own observations, and a diet more varied than the author’s. The symptoms will clear up within a day or two.

Possibly I’m short an enzyme or similar, and don’t break down or “flush out” the tiny amounts of methanol-then-formaldahyde that is created by the metabolization of aspartame. My symptoms didn’t appear right away, more like if I’d been eating/drinking some “sugar free” item for two or three days.
Now I also check every label!

Years ago we had a rancher bring in sheep from spain.they all got sinus infection and died. Again he tried and had the college come out and they gave Them antibiotics and all still died. Then they tried peroxide in salt spray. Saved all. I use just a small amount and it saved me from a operation. 12 trips to doctor $$ and now somewhat cured. Check online but some doctors now recommend this.

I remember reading an article several years ago about how aspartame was finally accepted by the Food & Drug Administration. The article pointed to political influences (Vice President Dick Cheney) that had a vested interest in having this come on the market. They were to make a considerable sum of money from it.
Also, be aware that many of the fast food restaurants serve sugarless sodas that have aspartame in it. And unless you ask you won’t know what you are drinking.

Just goes to show you what happens when you put “chemicals” inside your body. Let’s all drink to that with another Diet Coke! ….

what do you guys think of coconut sugar?