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Disrespecting Black Voters, Biden Disrespects All Americans

BidenLife can be funny – in a tragic-comic kind of way.  It was this week when presumptive presidential Democrat nominee Joe Biden revealed his disrespect for black Americans – what George W. Bush called “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”  In disrespecting Black voters, he disrespects all Americans.  Here is why.

A radio host, who was black, concluded an uneventful interview by inviting Biden back. “It’s a long way to November, we’ve got more questions,” he said.  The comment was not provocative.  The invite was friendly, should have produced a “thank you” and willingness to return.

Instead, it produced a bizarre exchange. Biden spit self-promoting statements, ending: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Where does one begin?  Offensive, arrogant, insulting, inexplicable, except as prejudice toward individual black voters and their ability to think for themselves? Yes. But there is more.

This slap-down is a cutaway into how the Democratic Party – not just Joe Biden – feels about black Americans, a sense of ownership, propriety, and dominance over their collective votes, as if these votes were not possessed by constitutionally-protected individuals, but by a block of unthinking voters who – due to skin color – must reflexively vote Democrat.

That is fundamentally at odds with America – who we aim to be and who we are.  We are a nation of free individuals, beholden to no one, allowed to learn, think, analyze, and vote as we wish, not in lockstep.  That freedom – from political intimidation – is what makes us Americans.

Go deeper. The notion that the Democrat Party “owns” black voters, as if anyone who identifies as black must vote Democrat – is anti-constitutional, insulting and arguably anti-American.  Biden has lifted the lid on Democrat assumptions about black Americans.  What does it tell you?

First, he has gone beyond pandering, beyond promising material benefits to individual constituencies, including black Americans. He has turned to castigating, lecturing, not-so-subtle intimidation. His comment is a rebuke, is it not?  He is deriding his listeners, saying they need to do what he says – or they are stupid, right? The comment is a window on his whole party. They will promise until promises fail, then they will rebuke and intimidate.

One can see why Biden feels pressed.  National polls show black Americans are unconvinced.  Trump expanded their success, value as individuals in the workplace, and life options.  He produced the highest black employment in history, highest incomes, labor participation, educational opportunities, and objective outcomes.

Trump’s social positions – criminal justice reform, respect for faith, opposing Democrat-led late-term abortion laws, set Trump apart from Biden. They also align him more closely with black voters. Such things take time to sink in, but they are sinking in.

One sign is recent polling. In November 2019, an Emerson poll gave Trump 34.5 support of black voters – a giant leap. In January 2020, a Gallop poll recorded a 14 percent increase in satisfaction with race relations.  Now, black leaders are switching parties. See, https://nypost.com/2020/02/29/why-these-black-new-yorkers-are-voting-for-trump-in-2020/.

Biden has problems. A February 2020 poll by a black political action committee showed many feel Democrats are “not paying close enough attention to the black community,” were distracted by “impeachment.”  Ominously for Biden, one-third expressed a desire to have “someone else” run. See, https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/24/blackpac-poll-democrats-117243

Another number is revealing. Days after Biden’s blunder, six of seven mainstream media stories focused on Biden’s “apology,” not the remark. But shadows are “appearing on the cave wall.” Biden has less black support than Hillary did in 2016.  That is telling.

As the Chicago Tribune notes: “Hillary Clinton saw the results of taking African American votes for granted in 2016, when turnout by black voters decreased for the first presidential election since 1996 — Bill Clinton’s reelection — in a campaign that drew a record number of people to the polls, according to the Pew Research Center.” Biden is on a lower flight path.  See: https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-opinion-joe-biden-black-voters-20200522-bviuwfyfazdirnqwmpkghx7ibe-story.html.

If you can stand it, there is more. Smart voters see through Biden – see him disrespecting individualism, free thought, right to vote, conscience, and education.  He did more than take votes for granted. He dumbed himself down for what he thought was his audience.  While lecturing on ethnicity, he also “talked down.” He did not say, “you are not Black,” but “you ain’t Black.” Boggles the mind, except these remarks come from a boggled mind.

In short, every American of voting age should know they have a right to vote, that the right is theirs, not to be stolen, bought, intimidated, or extracted on false promises or by self-righteous demands from an out-of-touch Democratic presidential candidate. They own their vote.

One could call Biden’s remarks offensive, arrogant, bizarre, stupid, and the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”  Afterall, this is a candidate who said “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” See, https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2019/08/09/biden-poor-kids-white-kids-comment/39933417/.

I would call these remarks revealing.  They make clear the contrast between those who believe Americans are individuals, vote from conscience not coercion, prefer work to shirk, are hopeful not interested in dependence – and those with the opposite view.

Biden and modern Democrats have little respect for the individual’s ability to think. That was obvious in his remark on black Americans. He told us more about himself – and his faltering party – than he knows.  By disrespecting black Americans, he disrespects all Americans.

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2 years ago

Lets be brutally honest for a minute. Biden had a moment of mental clarity in his slide into what appears to be rapidly progressing dementia. He simply stated what Democrat party bosses all think of the black vote, as well as all minority voters in general. They think that all people of color will automatically vote for them, no matter what. That it is a lock and no one of color is capable of independent, rational thought. That is how the Democrat leadership has viewed things for decades. Senile Joe should said it on-air. The DNC in general thinks they don’t have to offer real solutions to anything, but just trot out the same old, tired speeches for candidates to recite about Democrats caring and racial injustice every few years and that is all it takes to ensure the black vote. Nothing actually has to be done to improve things in the minds of the Democrat Party leadership. Just repeat the same hollow speeches over and over again and they’ve got the black vote locked in. That’s all Senile Joe was conveying in one of his increasing rare moments of mental clarity. His mistake was saying it into a live microphone versus no doubt how the Democrat Party leadership routinely talks behind closed doors. So now the media had to scramble to clean-up and contain the mess Senile Joe made. They’ve been doing that his entire political career. Nothing different there. Biden will still continue his march towards his coronation at the Democrat convention. He will also still be touted by the media as “the front-runner and future next President of the United States”, because that is the role of the Democrat propaganda arm that the media plays.

2 years ago

Absolutely so! The fact that Democrats held support from the black community for as long as they did has always befuddled me. The condescending assumptions that blacks can’t achieve for themselves the same level of success enjoyed by other demographics without that party’s help says a lot about the Democrat party. After all, wasn’t it Joe Biden himself who called Barack Obama “articulate and clean”? As opposed to what other assumptions, Joe? There is NO Republican who could get away with that kind of statement without censure and scorn!

As long as we keep referring to race, “checking boxes”, divisions will continue to exist. And it won’t take long for the vultures to begin circling to foment the enmity between those who “have” and those who “want”. President Trump has enacted policies that help everyone, regardless of color, instead of picking and choosing target groups (of votes). Finally, more people are opening their eyes to the actual results—the benefits EACH of us has enjoyed in a thriving economy (pre-COVID-19). As for the president’s tweets or the occasional poor choice of words, WHO CARES?

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