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Did ‘Rumors’ that America Might Pay Illegals Megabucks, Encourage Record Numbers of New Migrants to Make the Trip?


WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 29 — With the numbers of illegal migrants increasing on a daily basis, one can only speculate that they have heard the news that President Biden might be greeting them with “nice try” checks when they get here. Nothing motivates one better than free American dollars—a lot of free American dollars.

Whether or not Mr. Biden ultimately succeeds in putting aside as much as a million dollars per illegal family that manages to cross our southern border is irrelevant. He denies he ever made that promise; nonetheless, when you start a rumor that “there’s gold in them there hills” you are bound to trigger a traffic jam made up of gold diggers, no matter their nationality. Not that illegals hadn’t already been joining America-or-bust caravans in large numbers since the days before Biden took office, having told the world that he intended to go easy on them, unlike his law-abiding, so-called hard-hearted predecessor.

In the short time he’s been in office, President Biden’s molly-coddling attitude, and that of his “border czarina” VP Kamala Harris, have been emboldening more and more so-called “undocumented” migrants to head north toward the Rio Grande [undocumented is a much kinder word than the word illegal].

According to the Denver Gazette, “illegal immigration spiked after President Joe Biden took office to hit a level never seen at any time in the Border Patrol’s century-long existence.”

The Wall Street Journal says, “The Border Patrol made about 1.66 million arrests of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally in the 2021 fiscal year, the highest annual number ever recorded.”

Meanwhile, the Heritage Foundation says that, instead of helping to check the migration, the Biden administration has taken measures to put handcuffs on border police. In a comprehensive report published on November 22, the Foundation revealed that law enforcement officers have been ordered to go easy on illegals and, as a result, deportations have fallen to record lows. “The illegal population in the U.S. could expand by millions in Biden’s first year in the Oval Office—the direct result of Biden’s unfortunate policies. The administration has already encountered over 1.7 million at the border, a figure that does not include those who just slipped in unnoticed.”

The Foundation’s report warns that the confusion at the Mexican-American border makes it easy for terrorists to hide among “vast numbers of” illegals and enter the country for the purpose of staging an attack.

As for the reported payoffs for illegals at the border, to be fair, it should be noted that the basis for that “rumor” is an effort to settle lawsuits by migrant families who were separated at the border and allegedly suffered trauma, notwithstanding the fact that they were in the U.S. illegally. The million-dollar per family number was arrived at by assuming families that crossed the border consisted of one parent and one child. Thus, a $450,000 per person payout would amount to $900,000 per family.

However, one could argue that the trauma they suffered, if there was trauma, was by far the result of the treacherous journey to the border in the first place. And, if a child was forced by its parent to make the trip, the fault for the harm it may have caused belongs to the parent, not the immigration police.

It’s also important to point out that, as a matter of fact, the U.S. authorities went to great pains to take good care of a record-breaking number of unaccompanied migrant children – nearly 150,000 of them.

Our government has provided them with safe shelter and has gone to great lengths to find relatives or sponsors who could take them in, thus far releasing some 140,000 of them. The authorities are ensuring that the remaining 10,000 or so youngsters are provided with a roof over their heads, beds, food, and medical attention, all paid for with U.S. dollars.

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8 months ago

I’m 84 and I am considering going to Mexico and walking back across the border, which should qualify me. I’ve worked and paid taxes for 70 years, and I think I deserve $450,000 bucks before an illegal. These DemonRats are insane.

Tom P
8 months ago

Absolutely ridiculous that anybody gets any money for breaking our laws. I’ve lived here my whole life and nobody gave me anything. You have to work for it! Nobody invited these people to come here. I have no problem with people trying to make a better living for their family, but it must be done legally. And no handouts! If people want to give money to a charity to help immigrants, that’s fine. Just don’t force me to give my hard earned money to freeloaders. Make your own money! Brandon is a dum#€*%k!

8 months ago

Round them up and send them back. Send all the commies with them.

8 months ago

President Trump was right, his immigration policies were working and if he had his rightful second term, the process would have been completed.
No President accomplished more and no President was a man of his word like President Trump.
I hope he returns to finish saving America!

8 months ago

Gee. I don’t know. I wish I could get to the border and pretend to have been separated from my family to get $1 million in government payouts. Do you think that offer is tempting to illegal aliens?

8 months ago

The most ridiculous thing Brandon’s loony handlers have come up with yet! They have the illegals here, but they might not illegally vote dimocratic, so this is to ensure they become dimocrats for decades! Brandon’s just buying votes with taxpayers’ money!

8 months ago
Reply to  Rick

Everything these democrat and rino anti American ,corrupt politicians come up with is self-serving and BAD for America!
Resist,expose,scream out all the divisive, hateful,corruption and THROW THEM OUT!

Stukahna Sandbahr
8 months ago

According to the podcast, this will not happen as it will be tied up in the legal system for many years.

8 months ago

As a Southern born citizen of the United States, I had ancestors that fought for the Confederacy in the civil war. In their names, I demand $1 million dollars as war reparations for an illegal war, fought on Southern soil by Union armies. My family were immigrants too. Oh heck, make it $2 million.

8 months ago
Reply to  radmat

Everyone should demand some reparations because certainly through mankind’s human evolution they’ve mistreated, had their feeling hurt or worked through some difficulties in their lives.
With most people a high percentage is due to designs we all make and that does not make America, it’s taxpayers or freedom itself responsible for the less than desirable outcomes.
Seems we’ve become a society of victims and blaming others.
Hey…..maybe that itself is worth 460k????

8 months ago

Well, duh! Who in their right mind would not think that even the suggestion of getting some benefit for coming to this country like all the freebies already on the table, would have an effect on the number of people seeking to come to America. If Canada offered me half a million to come, I might be tempted to jump in the car and make the fretful drive to the border. No other country in the world has held out such a prize (even if it is rumor) to immigrants… why would it seem strange for thousands to flock to the border, knowing they will get more than even our own citizens receive …..the whole border issue is a direct result of the current administrations policies (or the lack there-of) and tying the hands of law enforcement to boot is the disaster we have today. By the time any of this is properly dealt with and perhaps reversed the damage will have been done and the bigger problem will be what to do with the people already “in country.”A massive effort will have to ensue to ferret out the illegals, transfer them out of the country and deal with the other issues of crime waves, terrorists in our midst, and all the burdens on the infrastructure to boot. It will be years of heartache, heartbreak and hassle and in the end we still might not be able to change the overall effect of what is happening now and is coming in the near future. The next administration (if not another democrat liberal group) will have it’s hands full on just this one issue, never mind, international issues and internal socialist attacks on the Republic, the decline of the military, the inflation rate, covid, and whatever else you might name as a “crisis”. And to boot, the political powers are what they have been for two generations…..dancers of the dance.

8 months ago

More failure in messaging and policies by democrats aimed at advancing their destruction of America.
What’s they saying ” it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission ”
These clowns know what their doing, but deep down they are liars and the media plays along!

Jesse Tiede
8 months ago

Where do these dipshit liberal ideas come from, anyway? There are literally millions of natural American citizens, people born here, who will never see $450,000.00 in their entire lifetime! I served in the US military for over 20 years in uniform, and 17 years as a civilian, with a multitude od “Trauma”, sometimes on a daily basis! Where the hell is MY $450k???

Bwa Ha
8 months ago

Of course it’s not rumors that when ol’ slow joe biden got established as the ghost POTUS he announced he’d open the borders and did. He did it without preparing for what was coming, in spite of those who urged him differently. Not only did he quit work on the wall but he even ordered some of it to be dismantled, or so the press at the time depicted in their stories and photos.

Ya’ know though. I still can’t help laughing out loud at that pathetic biden fool when he opened the border then, after realizing what he did wasn’t the brightest thing in his criminal career as a professional politico who represents no one. I know if biden was my senator (let alone my POTUS) he wouldn’t be. I’d demand compensation for everything he’s done wrong. From his January 6 “insurrection” (how funny and pathetic that was!) to and through his current blunders. Biden was so unprepared for that “insurrection” when it came along that he and no one else in his “cabinet” knew or even tried to control those invaders who are now scattered all over our country side. Go away Biden. Show some dignity and step down.


MAGA2024! TRUMP2024

FJB! Let’s Go Brandon!

8 months ago

There is no way, based on what I know about Joe Hidin’ Biden, that I would believe that he has a bleeding heart …. so that leaves … treasonous traitor. As for Harris …. I think it is embarrassing that she was selected by the Democrap Party to even run for any National political office.

8 months ago

Ah, these Communists and their “everyone is welcome to ROB
America blind!” attitude…. It’s going to really suck when we have to round up these 40 to 60 million NON AMERICANS and deport their thieving, leeching butts.
Including the ‘children’ of illegals, who are also ILLEGAL.
How about we start the process now? Round them up and ship them to the White House and the homes of all these politicians who want them here? Then do the same process with the homes of all these church groups who want to support them.
But they ALL MUST BE FENCED INTO those properties. And NO WELFARE, per our Law. The people who WANT them must support them. Not the taxpayers.
Let’s find out who’s actually willing to support their own talk.

Sean Richman
8 months ago

Short and not so sweet,if the dense oc RATS,liberal,socialist,marxists are allowed to continue their anti AMERICAN agenda,we,as a once great country are doomed.Wake up people and take a real good look at what’s going on in our country today and really try to absorb it.We do NOT want to be a communist country,but that’s what the dense oc RATS are pushing for their own benifit.

8 months ago

We all know Biden is a Hypocrite and has sold out our Great Country. He is buying votes by giving Illegals our hard-earned money. These illegals do not deserve any money from us. Most are here illegally. Get it Illegal means Illegal! Biden is buying their votes and we are left to pay for it. What a scam! $900k huh! As a Vet and know so many that heave been injured in defending our Great Country, never received such a check, NOR did we ask for it. All of us work our whole life and never see this much money let alone be given to us for some, oh excuse me some hardship. We have all had hardships now haven’t we, and we don’t expect a handout. We adapt and overcome!! Biden and his corrupt team are dismantling our Republic. He and his gang need to go NOW! I found out that in the Infrastructure Bill, Biden is giving amnesty to 1.5 Millon illegals. They also receive all the benefits like food, shelter, medicine etc. paid for by us the taxpayers and the clincher, Biden is going to allow them to VOTE–Is this True? Lord, I hope not. Who the heck is Biden representing??? And the doctor said he is medically and mentally fit-What a Scam!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Walter

These children are being tntroduced into this country to be used in the sex trafficking business. This unfortunately is a front for this hideous ungodly business. People in high positions are behind this business.

8 months ago
Reply to  Walter

Guess what. This happens in many countries unfortunately. Frankly, I do not feel the American Taxpayer owes anything to Illegals, let alone our corrupt governmental officials. Most of the personnel lineup I see at the Border do not look like little kids. Maybe I am wrong. Nonetheless, I agree this whole thing with the kids is terrible. If the FBI put half as much time tracking down the Sex Trafficker big wigs as they did putting in so much time and effort going after President Trump, I am certain they could shut a lot of this down. The FBI have lost credibility and are a misguided lot these days. Unfortunately, big money always seems to find ways out of their illegal activities. Sex Traffickers should be executed! No exceptions. It may not shut it down but there will be no repeat offenders and it will set a precedence. Build the Wall, and enforce our laws and get rid of the corrupt governmental officials that turn a blind eye and do not enforce our laws of defend our Constitution. This is long overdue. We have given lives and blood fighting in their wars and paid so much money over the years to foreign countries. We do not owe any of them anything. Let’s take care of our home front. It’s time.

8 months ago

Dear AMAC,
Is this not the Association of Mature American Citizens? Why do you have someone in your administration treating us like immature American Citizens??
Usually by the time you approve a comment, the topic is of no more interest. We have all contributed to your organization in one way or another, I think it’s fair to say that at least demanding a little respect is not out of the question!
Please stop treating me with disrespect.

Alyssa Burke
8 months ago
Reply to  Judy

Dear Reader,

We regret that your comment was temporarily placed in pending status. This was due to a software malfunction and was not intentional.

AMAC is a firm defender of our First Amendment rights, which are increasingly under fire from those aiming to prevent, cancel, punish, and intimidate the individual American from exercising freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. AMAC works tirelessly to defend these foundational rights – on which so much else depends.

Again, our sincere apologies. We and appreciate your understanding as we work to improve our software systems.

8 months ago

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 
heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without selfcontrol, brutal, not loving good,  treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of 
godliness, but denying its power. This sounds like most of the people in the news these days.

8 months ago

What on Earth is wrong with our Law Enforcement officials?? Didn’t they all swear an oath to ‘Protect and serve’ to the best of their ability?? To arrest any and all who break our laws?? We are still a nation of laws, and not one single person is above the law!! What has occurred over the years is not that our laws have changed, but that certain people who feel privileged and band together to form groups like the ACLU who likes to make us believe they’re for justice for all. NOT when they tirelessly work to break down our system of laws set in place. Laws were created for those who break them, it’s that simple. What these groups like the ACLU have done is press on issues of human rights justification to create confusion about the laws for civil liberties. God’s intention for laws were the guidelines set in place to distinguish between what is righteous behavior and what is evil. Now ‘mankind’ has decided that God’s laws are too harsh. In man’s capacity relying on his own power to make such decisions regarding what makes mankind good or bad has brought us to where we are now.
Mankind continues to be deceived and refuses to recognize he is flawed. So much so that we have literally certifiably crazy people, or insane people, whatever one wants to describe them as, literally running our country. While our Socialist indoctrination centers turn out uneducated progressive political drones, brainwashing them into believing they’re racists and White Supremacists. Our kids are not learning about America’s real history, but false one’s, lies. They’ve been altering our text books for years. Seems very few are learning our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. This is one of the main problems in our society today, the other is getting rid of any evidence that our God exists. If our kids were raised in godly homes and really getting a constructive education from true decent law abiding educators, who would teach them about what America is and stands for things would be very different. The laws in this country would mean something, because moral judgement would be instilled in them.
God help us all!!

Joe S
8 months ago

Of course it did.

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