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Dictator, Clinton, Benefits

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Encouraged by other world leaders, Canadian PM Trudeau exhibits the behavior of a tyrant. Plus, we are hearing crickets when it comes to one of the biggest stories this country has ever seen. Any guesses? And AMAC’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships joins Ben to update AMAC members on this year’s top money-saving benefits! **hint: pre-made meal delivery and board games are involved!**

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Linda Francks
11 months ago

I hope when you are praising the IRS that you mean 501(c) 4, because 501(c)3 is a direct line to Planned Parenthood, that allows them to not only kill and mutilate precious unborn to full term babies to even more than dividing body parts! I have been a member of AMAC of almost nine years now! And if that is the case I will not be renewing my account! That is why I came to AMAC because I found out that AARP was supporting the mutilation and murder of the innocent babies!

Pat R
11 months ago

The media is attempting to squash the Durham announcement because Hillary intends (intended) to run again in 2024. If Durham comes out with more before then, her asperations for the WH will go down in flames, as deserved. Accountability best come out of these investigations as well, and for all involved be it FBI, CIA, Justice Dept, etc.

Lynne Pace
11 months ago

How are the truckers not peaceful? Maybe if they start burning businesses, assaulting innocent people, destroying lives & livelihoods, they will be celebrated as brave and heroes. Oh wait, that is strictly reserved for BLM & Antifa. Silly me.

11 months ago
Reply to  Lynne Pace


11 months ago
Reply to  Lynne Pace

You’ve got THAT right!

11 months ago
Reply to  Lynne Pace

Great response, hit nail on the head. Lynne.

11 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

Agree 2000%

11 months ago
Reply to  Lynne Pace

Democrats are exempt from prosecution, or very little prosecution. You see it now with these rogue District Attorneys in liberal cities, coming to a city near you

11 months ago

Justin Trudeau has exposed his DICKTATERSHIP for what it is. Could his administration be a blown
up example of the “Cancel Culture” wrapped around socialism/communism?

Hillary Clinton is an outstanding example of the cat with 9 lives. How many incidents (fraud,deaths/suicides,lies,lost billions of dollars at State,Clinton Foundation for pay,etc.,etc.) has she been associated with. MY PREDICTION: NADA,ZIP,ZERO,NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Some lamb will be sacrificed on the altar instead of her and she will continue spewing lies and poison while laughing her wide bottom off as she goes down the Yellow Brick Road into the sunset.

Murf Appling
11 months ago

What is truly amazing is, how do people, like the current administration in both the USA & Canada, get elected? How does anyone, with an IQ above 10, seriously vote in favor of such individuals & such political philosophies. With all due respect to Ms Gabbarb, why is she still N the sphere of the Democratic Party? Her general statements R completely irrelevant. She does not speak for the “American People”, whomever they are, nor is the USA a Democracy. Challenge her, or Mr Ferguson, or anyone to find a favorable description of “Democracy” tethered to James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Eldridge Gerry, Thomas Jefferson, etc.. A true “Democracy” is a government reared on the backs of the lower class!! If U find that difficult to believe, suggest U investigate the “Democratic” countries of South Africa, the Congo, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, & the list go forward!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Murf Appling

Totally agree, with the exception of who would vote these people in, I still strongly believe Trump Woolf have won in an honest election

Gregory william Budd
11 months ago

democrats are all DIRTY, we need a change and quickly

Philip Hammersley
11 months ago

The gelded Morning “Schmoe” needs to ask Mika for his (package) back. What a wuss!

Stan d. Upnow
11 months ago

Durham can dig-up any & all the criminal actions of the Progressive-Socialists he can find, but nothing will ever come of it. Why, you ask? Look who’s running the DOJ for a big clue.

11 months ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Bingo! Does anyone really believe that AG Garland, the same guy who went along with branding parents concerned about their kids’ education “domestic terrorists”, is going to arrest and prosecute any high-level Democrat? I sure don’t think so. The best we may get after all this is a little bone tossed our way in the form of some insignificant, low-level Democrat operative no one ever heard of before. He or she will be characterized by the MSM as acting alone, without any knowledge or direction from anyone in the Democrat Party or Clinton campaign. A lone wolf type that the media will paint as mentally ill perhaps. The NYT and Washington Post probably already have the headline and story written. They just need to insert the name of the low-level fall guy.

11 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Even if not quashed by garland it would all be thrown out by a communist judge in dc. I see a psychological downside to all this, perhaps by design, perhaps serendipitous for the commies : our side is so desperate for a glimmer of hope that when each little ray of light is extinguished, paralysis sets in. This drawn out process makes the chances of the million person protest you mention less and less likely.

11 months ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Corruption runs deep in what Was Our FBI, CIA and Justice Dept’s. Nothing….. CLEARLY NOTHING will happen until we have a Congress that doesn’t accept and give bribes and lies. The previously “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is gone! We live in a virtual and growing American Dictatorship! Get use to it !!!!! The American Government we voted for in the last 20 years got us to now accept Appointed President’s. We are at the fulcrum of huge change. Stay as up beat as possible and Good Luck❣️j

Charles Nolan
11 months ago

When weapons are flowing to Ukraine from Poland and other countries, we can expect Putin to use this as an excuse to keep his tanks rolling, while threatening the major powers with his nuclear weapons. Putin is as insane as Hitler. Our only hope seems to be for some Russian hero to execute Putin, as Beria ended Stalin’s reign of terror.

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