DHS Suspends New Yorkers From Trusted Travelers Programs in Wake of Illegal Alien ID Law

New York State Flag adoptees birth certificateThe Department of Homeland Security is suspending New Yorkers from enrolling in Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler Programs in response to a new state law that bans information-sharing with the federal government.

Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli went into detail in a conference call Thursday with reporters on the department’s decision to no longer allow New York residents to enroll in Trusted Traveler Programs, which allow expedited entry of pre-approved individuals, because of a new law that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and bans information-sharing between DMVs and DHS agencies.

“After a close initial analysis, the Department of Homeland Security has decided that New York residents will no longer be allowed to participate on a forward-looking basis in any of our Trusted Traveler Programs, like Global Entry, FAST, SENTRI, and NEXUS, which all rely on access to DMV data to determine whether the person is a) who they say they are and b) is qualified to be a trusted traveler, as opposed to any other traveler,” Cuccinelli said Thursday.

New Yorkers already enrolled in various Trusted Traveler Programs, or TTP, will not be affected, but moving forward they can no longer obtain renewals, and other residents in the state will no longer be able to apply at all.

DHS acting Secretary Chad Wolf first announced the decision Wednesday night during an appearance with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Known as the “Green Light Law,” signed by Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in June 2019, the directive makes it possible to apply for a driver’s license without a Social Security number and makes foreign documentation valid for the purpose of obtaining a license.

It also bars Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection from obtaining information from DMVs across the state.

“It’s only reasonable from a public safety standpoint to not qualify new applicants or renewals for any of these programs as Trusted Travelers,” Cuccinelli said. “These are all unfortunate consequences of New York’s Green Light Law.”

“Obviously, we would urge New York to undo that law and restore some sanity to its own attempts to help preserve public safety,” he added.

DHS expects 150,000 to 200,000 New Yorkers to be affected by the new ban.

During the call with reporters, Cuccinelli warned other states from following the same path as New York and chided the state for making implementing measures that make its citizens less safe after the country’s worst terrorist attack in history.

“Here we have one of the other targets of 9/11, New York, walking backwards quite intentionally in the other direction to bar the sharing of law enforcement information like vehicle registration, matching driver’s licenses to identifications, and critically, criminal records, which are kept up-to-date in DMV databases,” Cuccinelli said.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Jason Hopkins

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6 months ago

The new Trump policy needs to be extended to cover my state of New Jersey as well. NJ enacted the same ridiculous policy of issuing driver’s licenses to illegals “so they can drive without fear of the police”, which should be deemed hysterically hypocritical since they are illegally in the country in the first place. Our socialist Governor has done a pretty good job of copying every “progressive” policy enacted by both California and New York. He no doubt has ambitions of running for POTUS one day.

Lawrence Greenberg
6 months ago

I hope everyone understands the reason why states like California, NY, and NJ have issued driver’s licenses to the illegals. Don’t be fooled by thinking the Communist-run governments in those states care even one little bit about the illegals and their welfare. No. It is all about voting and stealing elections, which the Democrats have been doing for many decades now. Why do you think the Democrats fight so hard against Voter ID laws, even when every study ever done shows that minority voting GOES UP after the passage of Voter ID laws? Do not let them fool you –… Read more »

clyde isler
6 months ago

All states that prefer to protect illegals should be scrutinized in the same manner.

6 months ago

it is insane how the democrats pit illegals first ahead of the citizens they took an oath to protect, any government official who violates their oath should be able to be fired by the AMERICAN people at any time not just elections. the government has gotten so insane we need to be protected before they destroy our country.

6 months ago

Good for the DHS. Gov. Cuomo is a 1st class a__ hole & new Yorkers deserve the consequences of their votes. Maybe, just maybe, new Yorkers will wake up & not elect social/communist idiots like Cuomo & Bloomberg. Just maybe.

BILL the Deplorable
6 months ago

I wonder how New York”s Secretary of State will be able to legitimately certify election result in November!

clyde isler
6 months ago

We need an amendment to the constitution that any state that does not follow federal law will have the elected official responsible, impeached. We know that at this time congress will never do this, so, as a nation, we need to get moving on the convention of states to legislate amendments to the constitution, to address this problem. At the same time the convention of states can make an amendment that will limit the terms of the congressmen.

6 months ago

I want to sign up for that. It would be great to have that benefit.

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