DHS: Rate of Migrant Men Arriving at Border With Children Increased 110 Percent in Two Years

caravans facts law history truth stopping migrant border childrenThe number of migrant men arriving at the border with children increased by 110 percent over the past two years, according to data released by the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday.

DHS suggested in a Tuesday statement that the dramatic surge indicates many migrants are likely arriving with unrelated children so that they will be allowed into the country while their asylum case is determined, rather than being detained, as they likely would be if they had arrived alone:

In response to the misreporting from multiple outlets, I wanted to highlight the rampant fraud taking place at our Southern border. Aliens know that if they bring ANY minor with them they will be apprehended by Border Patrol and released into the interior of the United States. This is a direct result of the Clinton-era Flores Settlement decree that has created a massive loophole which allows alien family units to illegally cross the border and enter the United States after a short detention. This well-known loophole acts a magnet for family units and entices smugglers to use children as a way to gain access to the United States by posing a family unit. Word has gotten out. Over the last two years, we have seen a 110 percent increase in male adults showing up at the border with minors. Further from April 19, 2018 to September 30, 2018, 507 aliens were encountered as a family unit and were separated as they were not a legitimate family unit.

The statement was accompanied by data that illustrate the recent high rates of fraud: between April 19 and September 30 of this year, 87 family units were separated because migrants claiming to be minors were found to be over 18 and 170 family units were separated after they were found to be unrelated.

The Flores consent decree described in the statement refers to a Supreme Court decision that limits the length of time that a minor can be held in federal custody. In order to comply with that decision, migrant children are often released into the country with their parents pending a decision on their asylum application.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Jack Crowe

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Tony Love
1 year ago

Those people are coming to this country for One Reason:

This country is very liberal regarding given our tax
money away.

I use to work for Las Vegas, NV, School District. A great
percent of the children were of Mexican of other Central America countries.

They get everything for free and no too many people seem
to care.

Illegal woman get pregnant Because that child will open
the doors for citizenship; consequently SS and Everything Else Free.

1 year ago

The USA only has 2 problems
…the law breakers…and the law makers…

A V Rohrbach
1 year ago

Must all be stopped. Only taking from citizens, homeless, veterans, seniors all struggling because of illegals.

1 year ago

And what are these men going to do with these when they make it across the border? Leave them in detention centers for us to take care of that’s what they’re going to do. Talk about gaming the system.

Sweet Lady Mary
1 year ago

Stop the benefits, the education, the medical, and the renting to illegals. No amnesty, no birthright citizenship, no chain migration, no VISA lottery, no DACA. Every employer must use E-verify. Anyone who comes into this country must be able to support themselves, speak English, must have a medical exam, and must want to become an “American .”

Laura C
1 year ago

These men are often trafficking these children which is reprehensible enough, but the press seems to think this is fine and hasn’t bothered to find out the facts about why and how these men obtained these children. In places like Las Vegas, the gambling/hotel enterprises are able to hire these illegals with NO consequences from the government officials at the local or state or federal levels because the big hotel/casino owners contribute heavily to the campaigns of said politicians. Until employers are held responsible for hiring illegals, nothing will be done and they won’t be held accountable because their political… Read more »

Paul W
1 year ago

I wonder how many of those kids are actually the children of those men. They use kids as drug mules (alive…or, sadly, dead). This violent throng in the present caravan are not persecuted souls seeking legitimate asylum. They are border crashing criminals. Their behavior betrays their claims.

1 year ago

We need to cut off all welfare, food stamps, health care and any other money from illegals. If they commit. Crime, they are deported immediately. If they kill someone, execute them immediately. They aren’t citizens and should not be protected by the Constitution.

barbara stricker
1 year ago

In answer to Alex’s statement…Ami Horowitz.com stated on Glenn Beck this morning that the UN is complicit is teaching…yes.teaching the illegals how to talk and get into this country like what happened with the European invasion…they are shown videos!!! Highly interesting site and video of the caravan…we don’t want an invasion like Europe…we are basically the last free country…

1 year ago

My only question is : Who is funding this fiasco and who is teaching them these tricks?

1 year ago

We need TERM LIMITS for congress AND the Supreme Court. Most states have term limits on their governor and, of course, the President of the United States. Our congressmen get stale in their thinking and tend to please those that grease their hand,

Sharon Pierce
1 year ago

Thanks for the wonderful job of AMAC in getting this info out

Keith H
1 year ago

Stop immigration entirely for 10 years minimum. BUILD THE DAMN WALL !!! Allow what is in the country now, minus the criminal illegals in our country who still need to be deported. And allow ASSIMILATION to the ones who are here legally !!! We have done this before and it works every time it’s tried. Stupid Libtards need to go back to school and learn AMERICAN HISTORY !!!

Lu Ann
1 year ago

Why don’t the liberals who want open borders and sanctuary cities take on the burden of adopting and/or sponsoring the illegals. Take the illegals into their (the liberals) homes and have them live on their (liberals) property. Become legally responsible for ALL their needs:, financial, medical, educational, work related, etc. Do NOT allow illegals to participate in any welfare or free government run programs that we, the tax payers have to pay for.

1 year ago

I think most of these men have come to American, aided by people like Soros, to destroy America. We are fools to think they are legitimate and bigger fools to feel guilty, as the left wants us to feel. Baloney! Kick them out and keep them out. Let’s help our own country to be great.

1 year ago

The fraud and manipulation is rampant at every level of government. From the ‘Vote Harvesting’ travesty in California to the mystery boxes of votes in Florida, we are being taken to the cleaners by the left.

If illegal aliens voted Republican you would see a wall, end to chain migration and E-Verify immediately. But since they vote democrat. It will always be an uphill battle.

Jill Gheen
1 year ago

What happens to the children that are fraudulently
let in with basically a stranger posing as a parent?
Who takes care of them? Are they out in child-care
facilities to be fostered or adopted?

1 year ago

Maybe all who come with children need DNA tests to determine if they are actually the parent. If they are not then the minor child needs to be returned to their country as a potential victim of kidnapping and human trafficking. If the adult claims to be their biological parent or at least sibling and are found not to be then they need to be charged with felony lying to a federal agent and barred from ever entering the US or becoming citizens of the US.

1 year ago

DNA test should be done and anyone without a match should be arrested for child trafficking with a life sentence in their country of origin.

Rock O
1 year ago

All these children are to most of the adults that bring them along are GET OUT OF JAIL CARDS.

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