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Destruction of Values Worldwide

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We are witnessing a destruction of values worldwide. Join Ben Ferguson and AMAC Action SVP for the final segment of the AMAC Weekly News!

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4 months ago

When we throw God out, something will fill that vacuum. We are watching this happen in real time, worldwide.

Chuck L.
6 months ago

Psalms 14

Johnny White
6 months ago

Sodom & Gomorrah. When it became so corrupted by sex and homosexuality and the amandoment of God, guess what happened. Being an Atheist won’t change it. Woke will weaken mankind which will lead to the take over of mankind by the evil that want total power. They will never reach it. God is slow to anger but does have a temper and has used it many times through out time. He could start over and maybe already has somewhere. Freewill is a precious gift but does not come without the temptation for evil.

6 months ago

Correct you are, Ref.

6 months ago

Erosion of values is directly connected to the rejection of divine design in all of creation including humanity. When humans put themselves above God’s design and intentions for his creations, humanity is falls. It’s that simple.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  Ref

You’ve got it! If we are just the result of millions of random mutations, then there is ZERO reason to have any standards; just do whatever you please! Aldous Huxley, whose grandfather Thomas was Darwin’s best friend, was asked why his grandfather, Darwin, and himself believed in evolution. his reply? “If we are created by God, that would mean we’d have to change our behavior.”

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