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Despite Victories In Virginia, Critical Race Theory Is Still Alive In America

Critical Race Theory

Last Tuesday, conservatives in Virginia delivered a message to America by electing Republican Glenn Youngkin as governor and an array of other Republicans to government positions across the state. For the first time since 2014, Virginia now has a Republican governor, a Republican lieutenant governor, a Republican attorney general, and a Republican-controlled House of Delegates, and they were able to achieve this by running successful campaigns against critical race theory.

The issue of critical race theory was front and center in Virginia. Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has continually campaigned against the issue, even going as far as promising to ban the teachings. Many Virginia school board candidates also successfully won their elections last week by strongly opposing critical race theory.

While the wins in Virginia are encouraging and show that the majority of Virginians oppose critical race theory and its teachings, the victories in Virginia alone will not be enough to squash critical race theory. As of the time of this article, just twelve states have taken action to ban the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. Comparatively, at least fourteen states currently have curriculums that include teachings of critical race theory within their public schools.

Furthermore, critical race theory exists in every single state in an expected place: college campuses. For decades, colleges and universities have used their status as higher education institutions to blatantly promote radical ideologies without repercussions. In fact, critical race theory actually originated from so-called scholars at Harvard University in the 1980s. From Marxism and socialism to “progressivism,” critical race theory is just one of the many examples of leftist indoctrination at American colleges and universities. It is difficult to regulate the curriculum at colleges and universities, in particular at private colleges and universities. However, regulation is possible, most notably at the state and local level. This is why it is so important for conservatives to not just follow national politics but also actively follow and engage with issues in their communities, particularly educational issues. If conservatives fail to do this, many K-12 schools will be able to continue their indoctrination of America’s schoolchildren, and colleges can easily complete the radicalization process of America’s children by further indoctrinating them with liberal ideas that students do not even so much as question since they are rarely exposed to alternative viewpoints, if at all.

Support of critical race theory exists almost exclusively in the age group that is exposed to it the most. According to a recent poll, 38% of Americans hold a favorable view of critical race theory, and 58% of Americans view critical race theory and its teachings unfavorably. However, when adjusted for age, 54% of Americans aged 18-29 actually hold a favorable view of critical race theory. This shows that support for critical race theory is clearly most prevalent among younger Americans, who were likely recently taught it to some degree in the public educational system.

Recent election results and polling show that critical race theory is obviously unpopular, and both critical race theory and its supporters are currently wounded. However, without additional conservative victories in other state and local elections, as well as further action against the teachings, critical race theory will not be going away anytime soon. In fact, critical race theory is more prevalent than ever. Now is America’s one and only chance to fully defeat it by electing even more conservatives in the 2022 elections at the state and local levels.

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1 year ago

we must retrain our children and grand kids. they depend on us for sound judgement and common sense.

1 year ago
Reply to  teresa

after a life of freedom and experiences the come back to the conservatives values i got when i was kid seem to me always good, i would add the reading of masters like Voltaire for preserve an open mind, and after all so many americans have europeans ancestors , and travels train youths, to propose them to visit the museums, the libraries, the cathedrals, to listen Bach, Mozart and others, but the old time bluegrass is very well also

1 year ago

Dear Amac readers, go on the journaldemontreal in french canada, you will get there an other picture of the Canada, the french accent mixed with the EDI , is in the wind

1 year ago
Reply to  bernie

Must be old bernie sanders trying to baffle us with bs again

1 year ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Read the french canadian Bock coté in the journaldemontreal about these topics , Bock-coté sociologist has sucess on french tv “Cnews”, north americans or europeans seniors, stay in the wind with AMAC

Eddie Mack
1 year ago

I agree, CRT is just one tentacle of the beast. And it is an effective one. Since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”, the left has done everything possible to keep black Americans angry, dependent, and voting Democrat. Two of Johnson’s aides have stated that, after the passage of Great Society bills, Johnson told them “This will keep the n*****s voting Democrat for 200 years.”

Before that time, black Americans were on track to reach economic parity within 2 decades. At least statistically anyway. Two parent families predominated. High school graduation rates were comparable to national average. And average family earned income was steadily rising. Then came Johnson’s massive expansion of government subsidies. And Republicans have been running against Santa Claus ever since.

1 year ago
Reply to  Eddie Mack

shame on the black Americans who fall for this garbage – can’t they see for themselves the mess the left has done. wake up people. a very intelligent black woman said – if you believe that whites are all racists and blacks are the underdog then you are telling children you are not worthy of being white or black – nonsense

Willy E
1 year ago

IMHO, the CRT is just another one of the Deep State agitprops to confuse and stir up hate and discontent among the sheeple of America. Patriots arise. The States must learn to say NO to the Federal government on such matters of importance as to what our children are being taught about hating their country. Else, we soon will have no country, and there is no place to run to to get away from the filth, hate, and discontent these DS morons are promoting. We can’t let the CCP or the Extremely Wealthy NWO pushers win if we desire America to be free.

anna hubert
1 year ago

I am trying to figure out what CRT really means if it is explainable Is it the wish to return back to the the pre white world back to the nature.cave perhaps it was a harsh world then not many would like it without the white man technology I don’t get it

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

In NH, a state both of my granddaughters are taught in the public school system, very recently the state’s legislature did in fact ban any & all forms of racial diversity, that includes CRT lessons from K -12 schools throughout the state…However I don’t believe it applies to higher education, college level or Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth University in Hanover, NH…I reside on the other side of the river in the state of VT…In VT it is quite the opposite in fact with a Democrat majority in both houses with a chokehold on the state for decades now & to make matters worse we have a 3rd term RINO governor by the name of Phil Scott who sides with Dems more times than not & yes he went on National TV & bragged that he voted for Joe Biden & with that I rest my case with respect to our dimwitted governor…
Some conservative small towns around the state are now in FULL battle mode with the state of Vermont’s liberal to the extreme state legislatures over the teaching & promotion of CRT as well as battling with the states teacher’s union, i.e. the now infamous NEA whom literally instructs their members what they can or cannot teach to their young students as that is just fundamentally WRONG…
As Paul has so eloquently stated, CRT is just one part of a much larger systemic problem of socialist indoctrination going on across America for quite a long time now & where it all ends up is anyone’s guess at this point…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

If anyone thought simply winning one Governor’s race in Virginia was going to magically make CRT suddenly vanish over-night, then they had to be on some very special medication. While the win in Virginia is encouraging, the left never alters course on their agenda. It is abundantly clear from what various blue and purple states, the Democrat controlled Congress and the Democrat occupied White House have done since the election, that instead of reassessing their moves, the Democrats have instead clearly decided to double and triple down hard on ramming their agenda into place.

Thanks to the 13 sell-out RINOs in the House and the 19 sell-out RINOs in the Senate, Biden is about to sign into law sweeping changes to the American economy under the guise of “infrastructure”. All while CRT and the other socialist indoctrination programs continue to be used on America’s young minds. Yes, potentially Youngkin may add Virginia to the number of states banning CRT, but the larger war for America’s future in the rest of the country continues. Socialists have always been playing the long game and while the election results in Virginia represent a speed bump to them, they are quite obviously undeterred from their larger goals of re-making this country. We have to be as equally committed to saving this country, as the left is into remaking it into a socialist h*ll hole.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Very true!!! The people need to get off their behinds and start hounding all of their reps, both national and state, to derail the Leftist agenda.

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