Dems Winning Votes with Big Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions

health care medical medicine theft votes lie pre existing conditionsAcross the U.S., Democratic campaign ads are telling voters a big lie. Dems are falsely claiming they’re protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions and warning that Republicans will take that protection away. The ads would have you believe Obamacare is the only way to protect people with pre-existing conditions. That’s false, and the outcome of the midterm elections could turn on this falsehood.

The Democratic super PAC allied with Senator Chuck Schumer is behind many ads, including one targeting Republican Josh Hawley, who is challenging Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, in a tight race. The ad says if Hawley is elected, millions of Missourians could lose their protections.

In another ad, McCaskill tells the camera “Two years ago, I beat breast cancer,” and she says her opponent would do away with protections for pre-existing conditions like cancer. These ads are blatantly untrue. Hawley’s on the record insisting health reform legislation must include these protections.

So is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has called on his state lawmakers to enact protections. But never mind the truth. The Democratic Governors Association is funding an ad with a breast cancer patient who says she won’t be able to afford life-saving treatments if Walker is re-elected.

These scare tactics are likely to work. A whopping 81 percent of voters, including 80 percent of Republicans, support these protections, polls show. Unfortunately, Republican pols failed miserably last year to explain how their Obamacare repeal bill safeguarded people with pre-existing conditions. That failure opened the door for Democrats to vilify them this election season as enemies of people with health problems.

President Donald Trump could stop the shenanigans distorting this election and also calm the anxieties of Americans worried about their health. What’s needed is a federal fallback insurance plan, aggressively promoted by the president, that will cover anyone turned down by an insurer. Period.

Obamacare isn’t the only way to protect people with pre-existing conditions. It’s just the unfairest way.

Obamacare compels insurers to charge the healthy and the sick the same price. That’s the major reason Obamacare premiums for 2019 are triple what they were in 2013.

A federal fallback insurance fund will provide a rock-solid guarantee for chronically ill people, and at the same time allow premiums to return to sane levels for healthy buyers. It will pay the medical bills of people with pre-existing conditions out of general revenues — not abandoning them but lifting the burden off premium payers in the tiny individual market and spreading it more broadly.

It’s no mystery how to do it. In 2010, a temporary federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan was established for people turned down by insurers, as a stopgap until the Obamacare exchanges opened.

What will a permanent fund cost? Based on the $32,000 spent per patient in the temporary fund, plus an adjustment for inflation, and predicting 400,000 to 500,000 enrollees at any one time, it’s likely to cost taxpayers roughly $20 billion a year. That’s money well spent helping the sick. And it’s way less than half the current cost of subsidizing healthy people to buy overpriced Obamacare plans.

Right now, the middle class, who are ineligible for a subsidy, are getting priced out of Obamacare. They’re hoping to enroll in so-called short-term plans that offer fewer benefits (no inpatient mental health care for example) and low prices based on a relatively healthy buyer’s low medical needs. The Trump administration recently relaxed insurance regulations to help sticker-shocked consumers buy these plans.

Yet last Friday, seven advocacy groups, such as the American Psychiatric Association, sued to stop these plans in an effort to slam closed this escape hatch from Obamacare. The litigants said allowing the short term plans would “draw low-risk people out of” Obamacare. That’s the point. Consumers want choices and lower premiums.

But as the polls show, they also want protections for people with pre-existing conditions. A federal insurance fallback program will accomplish that. Now is that time to get it done and put a stop to the demagoguery about pre-existing conditions. Let voters choose based on real issues, not a phony one.

Reprinted with permission from - CFIF.org - by Betsy McCaughey

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Thomas H
2 years ago

Is it possible for democRats to ever tell the truth?

2 years ago

And I just read that 1.3 million breast cancer diagnoses were false. These women had surgery, radiation and chemo and never needed it.this from an article in JAMA. The health care system in this country is BS. It’s all about money and has absolutely nothing to do with patients. In 2005 I woke one morning and could not lift my foot more than 3 inches off the floor due to pain. When I took my shower that morning I had to sit on the side of the tub and lift my legs over the side and then stood up. I was 54 at the time. I saw a family dr. who gave me some tests and prescribed lipitor because my levels were a couple of points over the so called normal levels. He also had me do a stress test which I passed with flying colors. I saw a neurologist who gave me a prescription and a rheumatologist who also gave me a prescription. NO ONE could diagnose my problem. I finally could not take it anymore and quit my job 1 and a half years before retirement. Within a few months all my symptoms went away. The only thing I can think was the problem was stress from my job and the supervisor I had. I never had a problem with any supervisor before and many other employees had a problem with this woman as well. After leaving my job I moved south and got another internist who kept me on the lipitor. I went from 10 mg to 80 mg in 5 years and my so called #s never went down I gained 60 lbs during this time. I was lethargic. had horrific migraines, one of which landed me in the ER one night and the dr thought I was having a stroke . Also had hyothyroidism. One day I decide I had had enough and stopped the lipitor and lo and behold the headaches subsided. When I went back to my internist for my next appt I told her and she said “I never would have guessed it was the lipitor. It has been 8 years since I have had an appt with a so called internist. I have only gained a couple of lbs., feel a hell of a lot better. Sadly, I believe most of our medical profession do not give a rat’s ass about the patients but only care about their bottom line.

Paul W
2 years ago

Dims? Lie? Surely you jest. These vermin…er…people never lie. They’re also without scandal. Honest…just ask them.

2 years ago

None of our politicians can be trusted for the truth any more. You have to research and find out for yourself if possible. There has to be some kind of change in the whole system in order to get them to be truthful. Maybe term limits would help but not sure. They have no integrity and spend most of their time trying to spin the information so that it is difficult to understand and it is being done on purpose and for the wrong reasons. Sick and tired of the whole disgusting defamation of character, lying and cheating and taking advantage of taxpayers.

Martin Steed
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeanne

“None of our politicians can be trusted for truth”? Spoken by a true believer. I will never say that every word spoken by a Republican is the truth, BUT, I will say that “MOST” things spoken by Democrat politicians is, at the very least, subject to verification. Dems simply cannot tell you what they really want to do, or they would not get a single vote. Jeanne, these folks have been promising the same things for the past 50 years. Every election, it’s the same old thing; Republicans want dirty air and dirty water; they want to kill your kids or your parents, they are going to take away your social security or medicare and you will die! Sad thing is, some people believe it. Worse, is people like you claim they are all the same. They are not!

John L
2 years ago

It is hard for me to conceive that these leftist (communist) democrats spend more time trying to undermine everything to be against Republicans than doing the job they were elected to do, help run the country to the benefit of ALL the people, not just those who agree with their agenda. To resort to lying to achieve your goals is just exactly like cheating. Remember when you point at someone or something, you have three fingers pointing right back at yourself. These communist are only interested in one thing and it is not to the benefit of the United States of America. Remember that – United States? Working toward a united goal for Everyone. I wonder if any of them have look in mirror lately and like what they see?

2 years ago
Reply to  John L

I am annoyed that the Republicans sit back and don’t get out ads to counteract the propoganda and don’t unite and explain things. People are donating to the various PACS but our messages are not getting out there. There is a dearth of any ads or information of any kind this year for the midterms. I am so disappointed as this is a huge election year

Travis O'Neal
2 years ago

I agree something has to be done to show voters that the demorats are lying as usual.

Wayne Peterkin
2 years ago

The really big lie is the entire “pre-existing condition” issue! That has always appeared very popular, but the truth was never presented by those who created that issue. It was always presented by the leftists (Democrats) as being “free”, thus helping to gain support for government mandated health insurance. The truth is that pre-existing condition coverage is very expensive and the costs are included in health insurance premiums as all cost must be. Had the truth about the cost of that coverage been discussed rather than hidden along with other mandated coverage costs, we might find it is far less popular! Simply put, if people knew what the Obamacare mandates are actually costing them in increased insurance premiums the people might decide those mandates aren’t worth it! So the costs were hidden. Then add that to help cover that cost and to prevent people from electing insurance coverage until they need it due to a serious medical issue, it led to the individual mandate because the entire house of cards collapsed otherwise. The people have been scammed by this dishonest proposal and it all came from the Democrats. Make very public what the cost of pre-existing condition coverage adds to health insurance premiums and have an honest discussion about whether the value exceeds the cost, but anything less is nothing but a dishonest sales pitch.

2 years ago

Did anyone ever expect a demonRat to tell the truth. Even though I am old I can tell truth from lies and am angry about the lies.
Anyone with half a brain knows Obamacare is what has caused the cost of insurance to go up and people over a certain age to not get the care they paid for Remember the millions stolen from Medicare(Paid for) given to Medicaid(ripped off from taxpayers) for illegals and welfare bums.

2 years ago

The only thing demoncrats are good at is lying and scheming.

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