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Democrats Who Freely Used the Filibuster Want to Break Senate Rules for Election Law Takeover


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Democrats’ federal election takeover:

“When our colleagues’ reckless taxing and spending spree began to falter, some Democrats started saying a totally different issue was actually their top priority.

“If they don’t get to blow $5 trillion on low-quality socialism, our colleagues are now demanding a consolation prize: Breaking the Senate’s rules in order to give themselves sweeping control over all 50 states’ election laws.

“This is what some of our colleagues want so desperately. This is what they have sought for years. Even as their pretexts and justifications have kept shifting, the goal has stayed consistent: Most Washington Democrats want to appoint themselves a nationwide Board of Elections on steroids. And they want to shatter the Senate’s rules and traditions to make it happen.

“After Democrats lost the White House in 2016, they said this takeover was necessary because our democracy was fundamentally broken.

“Now that they’ve won the White House, their story has totally flipped. Now our democracy is in perfect shape, beyond reproach, except when states that Democrats don’t control dare to pass mainstream voting laws.

“The political left keeps pitching their Big Lie that mainstream state voting laws are somehow ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ if the Governor who signs the bill happens to be a Republican.

“The left’s Big Lie insults the intelligence of the American people. All the facts disprove it.

“In one of the states that triggered this meltdown, the new proposals mandated more days of early voting than many Democrat-run states provide.

“Our democracy is not in crisis. Repeating this rhetoric doesn’t make it factual. The 2020 election saw the highest turnout in more than 100 years.

“Only 33% of American adults think it’s too hard for eligible voters to vote. A larger share actually think current rules aren’t strict enough.

“This is fake hysteria, ginned up by partisans, and our citizens know it. Last November, even in New York, the state’s overwhelmingly Democratic voters rejected several left-wing ballot measures to change voting laws.

“This Big Lie — that democracy is dying because Democrats sometimes lose elections — is a completely astro-turfed sense of crisis. The emperor has no clothes.

“It’s even more ironic that on this most sensitive subject, our democracy itself, some Senate Democrats want to drop a procedural nuclear bomb on the Senate itself to get their way.

“Our colleagues have no principled opposition to the filibuster. None at all.

“In 2020 alone, Senate Democrats used the filibuster to repeatedly block the CARES Act, delaying help at the start of the pandemic. They used it to kill Senator Scott’s police reform bill.

“In 2017, 32 Senate Democrats – including then-Senator Harris – signed an open letter insisting the legislative filibuster should not change.

“And a few years before that, the current Democratic Leader said this about the prospect of nuking the filibuster:

“‘The ideologues in the Senate want to turn what the Founding Fathers called the cooling saucer of democracy into the rubber stamp of dictatorship…’

“‘They believe if you get 51% of the vote, there should be one party rule…’

“‘They want to make this country into a banana republic where if you don’t get your way, you change the rules!’

“‘It’ll be a doomsday for democracy if we do.’

“That was the current Democratic Leader, Senator Schumer, on why the Senate should preserve its filibuster rules.

“Some people’s tunes change when they happen to be in the majority versus in the minority. But some Senators mean what we say.

“There are Senators on both sides of the aisle who have had the courage to stand up for these important rules when we’ve been in the minority and when we’ve been in the majority.

“There are Senators on both sides who understand that any supposedly limited ‘carve out’ would bring the whole house crashing down.

“There are Senators on both sides who understand that the entirety of federal law shouldn’t go radically boomeranging back and forth every time the Senate narrowly changes hands.”

Reprinted with Permission from - Mitch McConnell by - Mitch McConnell

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1 year ago

The democrats always use the filibuster. Schumer and Pelosi two dirty liars. Those two have no shame.

1 year ago

We donated again Dec 26th or so, We think they should get together and place ads in 100’s of Newspapers and on TV taking the Voting Rights bills that have been passed and explain that these voting bills DO NOT TAKE anyone’s voting ability away and don’t make it harder to vote except for those trying to cheat. The general public needs to hear the truth from someone. Dennis

1 year ago
Reply to  Dennis

That was to have listed these three agencies; AMAC< Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch. I do not know how that sentence dropped out of the middle of my msg.

1 year ago

The only reason our Democracy, our Republic, is in crisis, is because of all the sellouts to Communism and a disregard for our Constitution and The Bill Of Rights!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP, PERIOD!

1 year ago

The democrats used the filibuster over 300 times in 2019.

1 year ago

China Mitch lost me at, “when they won the White House.”
Mitch supported the election steal, nothing that comes out of his mouth is credible. He needs to go! He’s as much a part of what those traitors are doing besides being a traitor himself!

Phillip Ridenour
1 year ago
Reply to  Judy

Yeah, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Just because he’s speaking honestly about the Dems doesn’t mean we can trust him.

1 year ago

The fact that they cheated their way to the White House is grounds enough to round all of them up…all of the people who helped with the cheating….all of them need to be tried for treason and put in front of a firing squad if not hung. I fore see a divided U.S… of conservative states and we’ll take the Constitution because these commies are not using it and one of libturd states…and since the southern conservative states have most of the oil, gas and minerals….we can cut the umbilical cord and allow them to sink into the sewer they have created.

1 year ago

They will try anything to take power. Maybe they should respect the Bill of Rights

Jim Jolly
1 year ago

Schumer should be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Jolly

He’s a Communist Jew.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Jolly

Jim Jolly i totally agree along with Pelosi.l

1 year ago

Schumer is top on the list on the Democrats who is very well known for using the filibuster tactic when it suits his purpose. Everything he does is to maintain his own personal power position. He represents no one but himself.
True that there are Republicans who do exactly the same thing ( I call them RINOS) which is why we, the people, need to be as loudmouth pushing as reminders that they are representing us and not their personal interests. We need to eliminate this abuse of power by setting term limits to holding the office.

1 year ago
Reply to  MariaRose

No, we need to get rid of the current government and get one that is willing to work for we the people

1 year ago

While they claim “fairness” and “equity”….they continue to propagate the lie, and do what is best for their own agendas….never mind what is best for the Republic……all parties are the same in this.

1 year ago

Well folks, that is the sum total of what Mitch McConnell will do on the matter. Give a brief speech with no follow through and go back to doing nothing until he and the rest of the RINOs cave on another massive Democrat spending bill.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Mitch is banking on taking back the Senate, where he will benefit from this if it happens. My guess is they don’t have the votes, and this will go away for now, we shall see.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, you are so right! Each side of the party does only what will benefit their own individual self.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

2022 will be the toughest year where the conservatives will have to fight tooth and nail through the Congressional reps to keep the Democrats and RINOS from destroying this nation. The people will have to get off their behinds and get involved: visit your reps when they back in your state, email their offices with your thoughts about issues, let them know that they are being watched and being held accountable. Now is the time to stand up and be heard.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

They want rule to stay in power & Mitch Caves as always

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