Democrats Want to Restrict States’ Ability to Lower Premiums and Increase Health Care Choices

medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medical health care competition health care messWASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding the regarding Democrats’ effort to undermine a successful Trump administration health care policy for families across the country:

“This week, we will vote on another effort by our Democratic colleagues to undo successful Trump administration policy. In recent days, our colleagues across the aisle have forced two failed votes on similar resolutions.

“One would have cut taxes for the wealthiest residents of blue states at the expense of working families everywhere else. The other would have resurrected an Obama-era proposal to bury American energy under red tape.

“Both those efforts failed. But our Democratic colleagues are back at it with another bad policy.

“This time, they’d like to reverse Trump administration guidance that has reduced health care premiums for American families and reaffirmed protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Section 1332 of Obamacare gives states the opportunity to escape some of that law’s worst burdens. States have the opportunity to apply for waivers that allow for more types of health insurance plans and more options for consumers.

“More than a dozen states have already had these waivers approved.

“Not just red states. Democrat governors in places like Colorado, Delaware, and Rhode Island have applied for and received them.

“Where governors of both parties are embracing this opportunity, good things are happening. According to one analysis, the seven states where new waivers were implemented during the Trump administration have seen premiums decline by 7.5%.

“The Trump administration guidance continues this success and give states even more of what they asked for. Even more flexibility to escape Obamacare’s burdens. More choices for consumers and lower premiums.

“But apparently, our Democratic colleagues are not terribly fond of letting states shake off the unhelpful strictures of Obamacare. Perhaps it makes their signature law look bad that governors of both parties are so eager to escape it.

“But that can’t be their public argument. So in their effort to reduce this flexibility, some Democrats are rehashing tired, old claims about a conspiracy to hurt Americans with pre-existing conditions.

“Republicans have been clear and consistent. We support protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

“The CMS Administrator Seema Verma has specifically stated that, ‘a section 1332 waiver cannot undermine coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.’

“In fact it this Trump administration policy that will help American families, including those with pre-existing conditions, by helping to bring down the soaring premiums and restore the dwindling options that Obamacare’s failures have brought about.

“So I urge the Senate to reject this misguided resolution. We don’t need health care policy from the supporters of ‘Medicare For None,’ Democrats’ grand scheme to take away the health insurance plans of 180 million Americans and replace it with a one-size-fits-all government plan.

“Americans deserve more say, not less.”

Reprinted with permission from - republicanleader.senate.gov

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tom s
1 year ago

And this is a surprise? Nah, merely more efforts by the dem controlled congress to hurt America and Americans. Very important for real Americans to vote out all dems & rinos in 2020 to KAG.

Kristin Gragan
1 year ago

We are navigating this healthcare mess for the first time because my husband retired in June. We’re finding that the “Affordable” Care Act is anything but affordable and options are horrible. We have only two carriers available.

Cole Koenig
1 year ago

Real problem concerning pre-existing conditions is separating those with real issues vs those that simply chose not to buy insurance until a condition was discovered, there by avoiding insurance payments for years and gaming the system. Secondly and probably more important is where do the Democrats come up with this “healthcare is a right?” Nothing in Bill of Rights or the Constitution concerning health care, for all these years people looked to the free enterprise system i.e., purchase healthcare directly or through workplace. In the new socialist light I guess it is easier for government to provide and make all the decisions but remember two things. 1) whenever government gets involved prices go up and 2) nothing is free, no such thing as government funded only taxpayer funded.

Pete M
1 year ago
Reply to  Cole Koenig

And pre-existing condiions that are self-inflicted should not automatically be covered! But no politician has the guts to stand up and say it!

1 year ago

Why cannot both parties work on this to come up with a good healthplan for all. Trump claimed he would repeal & replace with the best plan ever!!! What happened to that idea, do not recall ever seeing a proposal like this ??? Both parties need to quit fighting & do what is best for country & Mitch needs to quit holding up bills cuz he thinks POTUS will veto. Let bills be voted on

1 year ago

Insurance companies and the government are in partnership, if one don`t get it, the other one will.

Russel Goebert
1 year ago
Reply to  Wayne

There is a lot of blame to go around. Drug producers manipulate costs by keeping generics off the market and doctors make kickback deals with the drug companies which adds to the cost. Hospitals charge astronomical prices for drugs that they dispense and for the daily cost of care (some of which is to make up for the indigent walk-ins and Medicaid allowances). Doctors charge the patient every time they walk into a patient’s room and they order numerous (perhaps unnecessary) tests to avoid a lawsuit which would then drive up their already exorbitant liability premiums, not to mention the risk of losing their license. And they also are paying off huge student loan debts for exorbitant tuitions brought on by government guaranteed loans. Insurance companies try to negotiate contracts to keep costs down but in some cases have to resort to denying some procedures under certain circumstances. Competition will help keep them from profit gouging but that is controlled by each state. No one entity can be blamed entirely but giving the government complete control (note the VA) is not the answer either, even if we could afford it, which we can’t!

ahem tonto
1 year ago

Democrat – Definition: An immoral egocentric politico attempting to take away all American’s God given freedoms as defined in the Bill of Rights for every one except themselves.

1 year ago

These traitors must be removed and all benefits revoked

1 year ago

No wonder why American politics are so devisive now, you’ve got disingenuous articles like this, that are constantly made and posted to these echochamber websites, where moderators delete or entirely disallow any comment from someone who doesn’t think exactly like them and everyone else on the site.

1 year ago
Reply to  Belamy


I can’t edit my comment

1 year ago
Reply to  Belamy

sign in

H Lyles
1 year ago
Reply to  Belamy

Well, Bell- if you feel tghis way- WHY do you visit the web-site?

1 year ago

Pretty ironic you talk about Democrats rehashing a conspiracy, look at the title of this article. This whole place is basically disingenuous, bipartisan, Republican cheerleading website #734363, where you’d be hard pressed to actually find a single thing that could be considered reality.

H Lyles
1 year ago
Reply to  Sean

Sean, I am sure you can get your facts from your usual fact source– CNN!!

Joseph Balch
1 year ago


K Mouthz
1 year ago

While all of the employees of the federal government and families receive benefits til Thierry death, as do, the big money makers of America, the middle class pay for this. Again,
My father served in KOREA. He asked for VETERANS BENEFITS after nearly being killed after bringing 2 wounded men back across the 34th parallel that later died. HE only received schooling. His children received no benefits to college from VA. His widow received to date no benefits from injuries, caring, assistance, medicine.
Where WAS HIS HELP? Where is the
Justice in someone who made less than minimum wage and now must give up the money they wanted to give their children and are forced to give their children?
We in MISSISSIPPI have paid road taxes for years and seen nothing paved in several towns and only interstates paved through large
towns. Government in this state is all BACK POCKET!!!

1 year ago

We want to control our own health and its care. We don’t want rationing either. Seniors too old for certain care; no way. we paid our way.
Obamacare wanted death panels. People would decide if you deserved the care or not. I do like the idea of everyone having to have healthcare coverage. For that reason; we need several plans. some may just cover normal stuff and some cover everything. You chose what you want and pay for it. Seniors don’t need pregnancy covered and birth control. we need other things covered for our age group. Families need a broad coverage.
One plan does not fit all.

1 year ago

My word to Mitch McConnell is to have the Republicans stop this unlawful and partisan impeachment

H Lyles
1 year ago
Reply to  Terry

Terry, the sooner the Denocrap impeachment process begins–the SOONER these people will have nothing left. You, as I know- there is not one chance in Hades that 16 Republican senators will vote for it. The Dem-Wits have 47 senators and THREE Rino’s ( Rum-Knee, Tom Collins, and Mer- Cow-Ski) that will vote for it! The rest is history!!

1 year ago

President Trump needs to outlaw the waste full 1095C requirements. They are costing employers millions of dollars and are not worth the paper they are written on.

Cheryl U.
1 year ago

So well said. It is logical, rational and fair what Majority leader McConnell states. It is absolute truth. The people of the United States need MORE say in what effects their lives so personally NOT LESS !!!

Ed J
1 year ago

DEMS: charging headlong forward in their eternal quest for Utopia (their version of it, of course), while in reality actually sowing the seeds of DYSTOPIA at every step. Unfortunately, Culpable Stupidity is not a crime, for if it were, many Dems would be serving time.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

Citizens have the right to select their own type of insurance they need and NOT the government deciding for them.

Rick J.
1 year ago

The “democraps” keep showing us why they aren’t fit to govern.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rick J.

I gave been a Democrat for some time and now rethinking my party affiliation.

1 year ago

I live the tax you to death ? State of Ct and I’m all for making America Great Again. I can’t afford health insurance in this State because it woul take 3/4 of my income including co-pays etc. Anything I can do to vote the democrats out because I think most of them have been so hateful towards our President that they’ve become a bad influence on our youth. They are hateful, liars, that care more about the win than the state of the country. Just look at the mess California is in thanks to Pelosi’s hate of President Trump. Never vote democrat again!

Dr. D
1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle

Connecticut has become a gulag under the Democrats, they put this state into its deplorable condition with their incompetence and mindless destruction of the middle class.

Student of history
1 year ago

The dumbocrats want to control every aspect of your life step out of line and demand your constitutional rights and they will try to denigh your healthcare and if you fight back it drag their feet like you wouldn’t believe the ruts that almost tripped you is the ruts that the government has used before remember Lois Lerner and IRS scandal she is off in la,la land while you are still trying to get you diabetes test strips to check you blood sugars.

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