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Democrats Push to Dissolve NRA – Ten Implications

NRAThe decision by New York’s Democrat Attorney General Letitia James to sue the National Rifle Association (NRA), aiming to dissolve that gun rights group, is legally preposterous. It is also politically revealing.  Look deeper than the filing, and you will see what is afoot.

This is not a dispassionate lawsuit.  This is a bold political shot, fired across America’s bow by an emboldened Democratic-Socialist – or rightly put, Socialist-Democrat – political party.  Behind the curtain, is an audacious agenda.

For starters, understand that James is a diehard Democrat.  She sued New York’s Police Department and tried in 2016 to pressure financial institutions into cutting off gun makers. Like the national party, she is against police, against gun manufacturers, and against gun owners.

Second, as the Wall Street Journal noted, the suit is laughable: “You have to smile at her audacity.”  It is also serious, like trying to dissolve the other political party, impeach a president without facts, or end conservative advocacy.  It has profound meaning – because the intent is nefarious. See, https://www.wsj.com/articles/gunning-for-the-nra-11596756500.

Third, the suit makes clear 2020 Democrats are taking aim at the 2nd Amendment, which gives Americans their right to “keep and bear arms.”  Founding Father Richard Henry Lee explained: “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike especially when young, how to use them.”

Nevertheless, while Democrats 75 years ago would have fought for those rights – they are today pushing to strip Americans of them.  The contrast is startling.  Democratic president Harry Truman not only loved guns; he loved the NRA.

In a letter of November 1945, Truman observed that NRA training “materially aided our war effort,” and hoped “the splendid program which the National Rifle Association has conducted for three-quarters of a century will be continued.”  See, https://www.ammoland.com/2013/06/nation-invokes-truman-for-gun-control-but-he-loved-guns-the-nra/#axzz6UeiwGyzv.

What a contrast to anti-gun ownership sentiments of Democrats today.  Former Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said “hell, yes, we are going to take” your guns, and pushed for confiscation.  https://www.foxnews.com/media/beto-orourke-gun-confiscation-buyback-police. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he will put Beto in charge of gun control.  See, e.g.,  https://nypost.com/2020/03/03/joe-biden-promises-to-put-beto-orourke-in-charge-of-gun-control/.

Ironically, 60 years ago, Democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey wrote: “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms.” Where are those Democrats now?  All gone.

The threat goes deeper.  The goal is not trimming the 2nd Amendment but uprooting it from the Constitution.  We heard this from Democrat surrogate John Paul Stevens.  In 2018, he penned a column in the New York Times – another dying institution – arguing we should “get rid of the Second Amendment.”  Ironically, illustrating how out-of-touch the paper is, they pictured an 18th century musket and labeled it a “rifle.”  Muskets have no rifling.  See, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/27/opinion/john-paul-stevens-repeal-second-amendment.html.

Fourth, profound things happen if you mix bad ideas – like defunding police and leaving criminals with guns.  Can you imagine?  If the both ideas are lunatic, together they spell disaster.  Average Americans know it, which is why gun purchases are going through the roof.  No one in their right mind wants to defund police and empower criminals.

Already 2020 has seen more FBI background checks than ever. “March saw 3.7 million checks, May 3.1 million, and June 3.9 million.” See, https://dailycaller.com/2020/07/01/2020-gun-sales-june-record-fbi/.  Americans know gun ownership is essential, even if Democrats do not.

Fifth, an unspoken truth needs re-speaking.  Gun ownership is not just about protecting the family, or even the right to own.  It is about protecting all other rights in our Constitution – including free speech, religion, assembly, travel, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and rights reserved to the People.  They all depend on gun ownership – which is why socialists want to crush that right first.

Sixth, if the law can be twisted by a state-level Attorney General, it can be twisted at the federal level.  A Biden presidency would create the opportunity. Beware:  Once laws are made senseless and fungible, subject to political whim, socialists will have breached our gates.  Freedom dies.

Seventh, if a prosecutor can curtail gun ownership, sovereignty vanishes. People are no longer sovereign, no longer in charge.  As in Communist China, Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, or former Soviet Union, the government is then in charge.

That is why, a man of non-violence – Mahatma Gandhi – wrote: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”  If non-violence is best for promoting change, People are sovereign only so long as they can enforce their sovereignty and deter government from stealing it.

Eighth, Democrats seem not to understand the seeds they are sowing. Disbanding the NRA is tantamount to threatening the right of Americans to protect themselves, families, and sovereignty.  Tying that to defunding police, Democrats push lawlessness.  This is how societies are lost. That is not just un-American – it is anti-American.

Ninth, if the notion of dissolving an advocacy group is nonsensical, the irony is this lawsuit may accelerate gun buying, broaden those concerned about the right, and amp up fear of Democrats.

Finally, to quiet all worried hearts, one thing is clear.  If this suit were taken seriously, and mismanagement banished the NRA – or any conservative group – new groups would spring up to defend our constitutional freedoms.  The best spur to freedom is a political threat.

What is the bottom line?  What is the meaning of this noxious suit, aimed at dissolving a national organization fighting for constitutional rights?  It is a warning.  Do not take freedom for granted.  The suit is preposterous but reveals where socialist-leaning Democrats are headed.  They have an agenda – and it is not defending your constitutional freedoms.

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2 months ago

A well written article outlining the political motivations behind the NRA lawsuit by the New York State AG. The only point I would disagree with is item number eight. The Democrats fully understand the seeds they are sowing with this lawsuit. AG Letitia James was chosen for the position specifically because she is a SJW and fully embraces all tenets of the ideology of socialism being promoted by the Democrat party today. Her record and public statements over the years echo that sentiment completely. We need to stop pretending that that they, the Democrats, are either naive or somehow simply… Read more »

David Spade
2 months ago

I am going to join the NRA this week. I do not own a gun at this moment, but I will soon. I am a very peaceful retiree, and live in a very safe community in Indiana. I do not trust Marxist leftists to do anything at all that I agree with. To take away any of my Constitutional rights is just plain ignorant, and the Democrats and progressive liberals cannot get away with anything like it. I would like to see the people brave enough to come and get guns from most law-abiding citizens. I would guess they will… Read more »

2 months ago

The only thing that protects America from subservience to the globalist Communists is the 2nd Amendment.

2 months ago

I’m a long time NRA life member. By Letitia James’ logic then Twitter, Facebook, Google, New York Times, etc. all should be dissolved.

2 months ago

Boneheads! I think the 2nd Amendment is one of the primary reasons democrats lost the last election. Now, in this election cycle, democrats not only want to strip us of our guns they also want to eliminate police protection….and they’re serious! Like I said – BONEHEADS! The democrat party is the communist party.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Once again, the Communist Democrats are acting like primitive thugs. It’s hard to believe that Americans can be so ignorant and mean-spirited toward our Constitution and way of life. It’s almost like they have been taken-over by aliens from another planet. My heart and my mind are very heavy to see such disgusting behaviors.

2 months ago

This defense of the 2nd amendment is so well written and justified. I hope every member reads it and that it is published more widely. Every voter should have to at least think this over before voting in the same way that every parent should listen to the heartbeat and view the sonogram before allowing abortion.

2 months ago

I agree with Trump on NBA & MLB statement. I also will not watch them this year until they stop kneeling during National Anthem & start respedcing our America flag. The burning of flags & bibles in Portand is another example of peaceful protest that is people that want to break America. Tell the pro sports stars you will not watch until they stand for National Anthem.

2 months ago

Those who crave power and control never stop trying and will grasp at anything that they think will satisfy their addiction. Right now these leftist are being controlled by an addiction that has become their religion! We must ALWAYS be ready to fight for our freedom!

2 months ago

One must understand this political organization that calls itself “Democrat” is not the Democrat party that Andrew Jackson created. This current organization is pure and simple Socialist. They just confiscated the Jacksonian Democrat Party as their “screen”. Socialist, to achieve control of the masses must confiscate all guns from the people. Socialist don’t believe in “individual Liberty” as created by the Founders – every body MUST eat out of the same soup bowl.

Lawrence Greenberg
2 months ago

What I have been trying to explain to people for decades, I will explain here and now. Gun control is not now, nor has it ever been, about crime or criminals. Quite honestly, the Left doesn’t give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals. Gun control is all about disarming the civilian population, i.e., the law-abiding citizens. That is so the Left will not have to worry about an armed citizenry challenging them once they establish the Communist dictatorship they have been working toward for well more than half a century. The key word in the term “gun control” is… Read more »

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Time to rebrand NRA IE NFA: National Firearms Assoc, new marketing, new hirees, New mission statement or revise
Lobby anti 2A states for more 2A.
Outreach to minority groups
Legal services nationwide
Do more

2 months ago

The Democrat party follows an unconstitutional, anti-American agenda to eliminate our rights and freedom (2nd amendment, free speech, religious liberty, due process, freedom of the press, …), to confiscate property (clear text: “steal” through taxes, fines, fees, seizing), to give aid and comfort to foreign powers (China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba,…) and terrorists (PA, Hamas, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood…) that are threatening us, or are actively involved in fighting declared, and undeclared war against us. They support domestic terrorist organizations in the form of ANTIFA and BLM, and have assisted them in creating chaos, and anarchy in many of our inner cities.… Read more »

2 months ago

Socialist democrats are using covid19 as a distraction while pursuing a radical agenda to destroy Our Great Country!
Time for Real American Patriots to rule the day and push back!
Only defeating them in November will preserve freedom, it’s that critical.

2 months ago

The NRA is that “organized militia” the second amendment refers to. We, the people need to put this insurrection down before the commiecrats do anymore damage.

Art A
2 months ago

I guess that this action and others by Lititia James are to be expected. She is an elected AG. I suppose she exemplifies the axiom that “You get the politicians that you deserve.” She is obviously an activist. She seems to sue at the drop of a hat. She comes from the same area of NYC as AOC. The assaults will continue until the conservatives can prevail but that almost seems impossible in New York. KAG 2020

David Catron
2 months ago

If fraud and abuse are reasons for disbanding, the entire governments of New York State and New York City should be disbanded. Can’t get any more dishonest than they are.

Steve Greenwell
2 months ago

Maybe the NRA should have seen this coming and moved lock, stock, and barrel [forgive the pun] to another state, if only to pull a John Galt on the Peoples’ Republic of New York.

Mary S.
2 months ago

In my view, people who support Socialism/Communism are not just mis-informed or ignorant…..they are downright EVIL. They’ve sold their souls to the Devil.

Press ONE for English
2 months ago

Create the narrative that the second amendment has nothing to do with guns but instead the “right to bare arms” assures our ability to wear short sleeve shirts. They’re dumb enough, they may fall for it. But then they may claim that the “right of assembly” guarantees everyone an assembler’s job in a factory. What a headache. Seriously, the crazier they get, the better it is for us as we can hope that more and more left-leaning people will see this madness and will start to wonder, “just what is this that we are supporting?” Once their eyes are opened… Read more »

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