Democrats Propose Punishing Police Cuts – Get a Grip


In my youth, I shingled roofs.  To do it right, you hung onto a hammer, ladder, shingle stack, and eventually the roof.  From such experiences comes the phrase “get a grip.”  Right now, America is sliding.  We need to “get a grip” – fast.

“Justice” is a principle derived from “just behavior,” which refers to “moral” grounding, or knowing the difference between right and wrong, good character and bad, fairness, decency, truth, and lack of it. Social or racial justice describes equal treatment between races.

Without a thesis on racial inequality in America, and our continuing battle to promote justice and equal treatment, suffice to say the death of George Floyd at the hands of a law enforcement officer with no sense of humanity – has turned the public upside down.

This week, our nation has seen a combination of peaceful protests – thousands marching for racial equality – and violent riots driven by organized forces intent on committing property and personal crimes, including arson, burglary, assault and murder, and a radical leftist ideology. 

Lost in all this are facts, including the enormous risks taken and good done by law enforcement officers – local, state, and federal – every day. The point resounded like a rung bell when a liberal friend emailed to say she wondered if America was a “failed state.” Failed state?

This is where my phrase “get a grip” comes in.  Having spent time setting up police forces in places like postwar Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo, as well as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and locations rife with day-and-night terrorism, we are not a “failed state.” 

More to the point, our future is preserved and protected, against foes foreign and domestic, by American law enforcement. We are blessed with the best law enforcement professionals in the world. Japan is a close number two, but then we trained them after WWII.  That is why we are not and are nowhere near becoming a “failed state.”

While the importance of justice, social justice, racial justice, and a cultural grounding in equal treatment is vital – so is the appreciation for those who protect us every day.  The law enforcement community is composed of men and women, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters who volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way – for you and me.  They take inordinate risks every day to keep our society safe.

Now we have Democrat leaders around the country – in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Minnesota and elsewhere – calling for cuts to police budgets, presumably to punish the officers who make civil society, the rule of law and protection possible. I kid you not. 

This again is where “get a grip” comes in.   Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to cut $150 million from the police budget, to punish a police force among the most undermanned in the country.  Los Angeles has roughly 4 million people protected by 9000 officers, creating a ratio of officers to residents of 1 to 444.  Without deterrence – without manning, training, equipping, and public support – the force would be overwhelmed.  What is the mayor thinking?

San Francisco, with a population of 805,000 homeowners and 400,000 commuters, is policed by 2,108 officers.  That yields a ratio of 1 officer for every 569 persons in the city daily. Mayor London Breed wants to reduce the police budget in response to the protests and riots, while he runs a $1.7 billion deficit.  Mr. Mayor, what are you thinking?  Get a grip. 

In Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney wants to cut the civilian oversight board and anti-violence initiatives, while in New York, “40 City Council candidates” want to cut the New York Police department budget “by one billion dollars” to address people “harmed by over-policing and police violence.”  

Frankly, these political leaders are rocking backward off the ladder, losing hammer, shingles, and any grip on the roof.  How in the world can cutting police budgets solve problems of a fractional number of errant officers, while most struggle to keep crime down in high-crime cities? 

For the record, New York City in February 2020 saw a whopping 22.5 percent jump in the major crime index.  Meantime, “crime in Philadelphia is up by double-digit percentages – across the spectrum of illegal activity – in the first three months of 2020,” including a 16 percent jump in violent crime, 11 point jump in property crime, retail theft up 59 percent, aggravated assault up 20 percent. What can these mayors be thinking?

Look at the ratio of officers to population in New York and Philadelphia.  New York has 38,421 officers policing 8,398,748 people, producing a 1 to 218 ratio. The job is compounded by a bail reform law that, as police interviews confirm, lets apprehended rioters back out on the street if they cannot make bail.

Philadelphia has 1.58 million people, policed by 6.300 sworn officers, producing an officer to resident ratio of 1 to 251.  Meanwhile, liberal prosecutors in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and St. Louis are letting “looters and rioters” back onto the streets, infuriating overworked police. What gives?

All this adds to straight-forward observations.  We are missing common sense, good judgment, and basic appreciation for facts when our leaders advance the notion of punishing police forces – the people who protect our society – in the name of politics.   

While rooting out racism, advancing justice, and equal protection under the law is essential, so is the robust appreciation for the harrowing job done by largely selfless, overworked, over-stressed police forces – aiming to keep us safe.  If democracy is hard, so is policing a democracy. 

If holding tight to the idea of ordered liberty takes serious thinking, many of those faulting our police forces need to stop and ask – how is it that you, your family, staff, and days are safe?  The answer is deterrence created by round the clock law enforcement.  In a phrase, get a grip.

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1 month ago

Police face the SCUM of humanity in their daily duties and when they must take action to put down criminals or other deranged persons they are ostrazied for their actions are published in every public media with condemnation. But when they are able to help people through simple KIND actions, you never hear about these actions, the media is so silent that you can hear grass grow. AMERICA BEWARE THE WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, LESS YOU WILL BE DEVOURED.

Len Wilson
1 month ago

And then they’ll whine like a spoiled brat when the rioters, thieves, murderers, pedophiles, etc. take over. How many of you want to wager that every one of these idiots calling for defunding the police will have armed details of their own at home and everywhere they go? Any takers?

1 month ago

De-fund Democrats

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Police defunding outcomes long term

More crime
No justice
rise of vigilante gangs
Everyone is armed.
Dems lose 2A argument.
Urban core empty
Armed country like Old West era.
Cops become “hired guns”.
Urban core becomes War zone & wasteland

Media models: Omega Man, Mad Max, Terminator 4?
But Terminator had nuclear war vs other.

The above is long range outcome for cities,
& add weather like cold really empty for winter IE NYC Minn St Paul, Buffalo, Chicago etc alone
Urban cores Gang run IE MS 13?

Bruce Michael Carey
1 month ago

I hate to say it but these liberal politicians love all of this anarchy and cries of racism everywhere. They love it because it distracts from the fact that all of their liberal policies for the last 60 years have actually failed the poorer communities. So it is convenient to target the blame elsewhere.

Michael Peschka
1 month ago

Where do I go to get a refund for the money I sent in support of McCain, Bush I and II, and Romney/Ryan, and Colin Powell? One can only conclude that their failure to support President Trump translates to their direct support of leftist policies such as defunding the police. I can’t believe how I was conned by these so called conservatives. The police should expect and receive our unwavering support from everyone, whether you like Donald Trump or not.

1 month ago

Our law enforcement is great, their short comings are brought on by poor management, politicians and special interest groups trying to make them look bad. Pray for our law enforcement people.

Sandra J Stevens
1 month ago

Good article. I would not want to live without law enforcement people especially now with burglars, drugs, etc. Anyone who would even consider the idea needs to be sent to mental hospital. Democrats in government positions probably have body guards so they don’t think about police. Do they plan on going back to Wild West days, fastest gun wins. Real idiots!

Brenda Blunt
1 month ago

America is the greatest country ever! It needs protection we need our law enforcement. Those trying to defuse d the police had better not call for help

Pete from St Pete
1 month ago

Reducing police presence in the face of civil unrest isn’t just stupid it’s criminal. Eliminating or reducing police in a city just makes it harder for innocent people and the elderly (like me, 85) to protect ourselves and our property. Compound that with the left’s wanting to deprive us of our guns we are left defenseless. The Democratic Party does not care about old people, black or white. Trump often irritates me with some of his statements, but voting for Biden or any other Democrat is not the answer.

1 month ago

Who in their right mind would want a breakdown of civilization? Who in their right mind would want to eliminate the rule of law? Answer: Democrats.

Dean Brittain
1 month ago

Well said. And I think if some of these places actually do close their police departments, the rise in crime will guarantee Trump’s reelection.

E Fletcher
1 month ago

Personally, I think the police forces in these blue states should walk off the job. Let these blue governors and blue mayors put their big blue butts out on the streets and clean up their miserable cities. Then, no government funds for rebuilding. Also, if the common public cannot have protection, these big blue butts must be forced to give up their armed bodyguards on the job and in their homes. For the 75 year old man pushed to the ground by police, what is an old man like him doing engaging in demonstrations and riots.? If a 75 year… Read more »

T Taylor
1 month ago

Shame on the Democrats for attempting to depict police officers as ALL bad! I am going to purchase a gun for self defense.

Randall Wood
1 month ago

I’m all for it. I believe all major police forces should be de-funded and closed down.,

I would be interested in seeing how quickly everyone of these liberal-led cities falls into anarchy and burns to the ground without a police presence.

Not to wish harm on anyone innocent, but, that is exactly how this would play out.

Go ahead! Send the cops home. Start the urban renewal today. I’m sure your fine city leaders are all protected by private security.

God help the rest of you. Sometimes you get what you ask for. Be careful with that.

Glenn Lego
1 month ago

The people who want to cut police departments, I hope they will someday need help from the police and won’t be able to get it. Karma is a nasty thing sometimes.

R Shoemaker
1 month ago

They will cut the police force as well as handcuff them with policy changes – then when the *^# hits the fan – they will scream that it is Trump’s fault.

1 month ago

There is no morals anymore and anything good is wrong everything wrong is good, men and women cheat and lie on each other don’t really care as long as they get what they want, the parenting has gone no respect, no morals, no right from wrong , good from bad, is not taught at home, women having kids by guys they don’t even know or abortion kill it I just want to screw who ever, mothers are not mothers anymore and I see a lot of older women going off the deep end, so disgusting, women were the anchor of… Read more »

1 month ago

When you need the police with someone breaking into your house to rob or rape you, you will get Antifa!!! Good luck!
What kind of idiots did you elect to govern our towns and cities?

John Siebenaler
1 month ago

Right on!

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