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Democrats in a Corner?

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman


The national Democrats are finding themselves in a political corner, and some are suddenly seeking a way out of the electoral trap which has resulted.

Going into the final days of the 2022 midterm elections, the liberal-progressive party seemed to face a likely defeat in the congressional elections. The most severe predictions of the outcome were avoided; Democrats narrowly kept control of the U.S. Senate and did lose control of the U.S. House, but by fewer seats than expected.

Leading up to the midterm elections, however, a shadowy campaign to discourage their unpopular president, Joe Biden, from running for re-election in 2024 looked as though it had succeeded, thus promising Democrats the opportunity to nominate a fresh face in the all-important presidential cycle two years ahead.

Normally, of course, first-term presidents are easily renominated. But Mr. Biden and his administration have been chronically unpopular almost from the beginning because of their drift leftward in public programs and policies, recurring crises at home and abroad, and by the now 80-year-old president’s seeming physical decline.

The better-than-expected 2022 election results, however, gave Mr. Biden a sudden boost. The internal divisions of the Republican Party in its effort to organize its new majority in the U.S. House further bolstered Biden’s surge long enough for the president and his supporters to reignite their plans for re-election. The media’s post-election blame for the GOP’s worse-than-expected 2022 outcomes, directed at former President Trump, a leading potential 2024 Republican nominee, further fueled the hopes of the president and his supporters that Mr. Biden could win a second term.

Lacking an obvious candidate to replace the incumbent, the White House promptly began signaling that President Biden intended to run, and the behind-the-scenes efforts of potential Democrat presidential candidates for 2024 seemed cut off.

The immediate post-election Biden euphoria has ended, however, as Republicans successfully organized their U.S. House majority and began committee investigations of Biden’s public and private record. An administration effort to prosecute former President Trump for allegedly taking home classified material also backfired when it was disclosed that Biden himself seems to have improperly removed classified material prior to becoming president.

The singular success of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida in 2022 had made him a very serious challenger to Mr. Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination, and dashed Biden campaign expectations that the president might have a much easier 2024 campaign. With the border crises worsening, inflation persisting, and the economy sputtering, Mr. Biden’s poll numbers sank once again. Most recently, the much-delayed shoot-down of a Chinese balloon assumed to be spying over the U.S. gave the impression that Mr. Biden was indecisive and weak — an impression reinforced by his physical appearances and speeches.

As he did in in 2020 when he promised to choose a woman of color as his vice presidential running mate and was forced ultimately to choose Kamala Harris from the resulting small number of possible choices, Mr. Biden has prematurely stated that he will keep Mrs. Harris on the ticket in 2024. Vice President Harris, however, has been notably unimpressive to date, and has even lower poll numbers than the president. Given Mr. Biden’s age and apparent physical condition, renominating Mrs. Harris makes it significantly more likely than normal that she might have to assume the office of president before the next term ends.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a past presidential contender, has already endorsed Mr. Biden for re-election. The other alternative candidates are so far deferring their decisions until the president formally announces his decision, and there is no indication that any of them would oppose him if he chooses to run.

Thus, the Democrats face the inevitability of a Biden-Harris ticket in 2024.

Of course, this far from Election Day, it cannot be certain that this ticket will lose. The Republican ticket is yet unknown, the condition of the economy in 2024 is unknown, the state of the world is likewise unknown. But renominating the oldest person ever to be president and an unpopular figure for vice president would seem a singular case of a party knowingly putting itself at a disadvantage.

A potential Democratic contender could, however, break the ice and run against President Biden in the primaries, possibly emboldening others to run as well. But the history of such intraparty contests does not bode well for the party’s success in November.

As 2022 reminded us one more time, second-guessing the voters is a perilous course to take. On the other hand, when voters are unsatisfied, uninspired, or not feeling secure, they will fire those in charge.

There is much that will be decided in the next few months.

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Andrew P
1 month ago

The Democrats aren’t going to lose 2024 regardless of whether the candidate is Dementia Joe or Kamala Harris. Young women, their boyfriends, and their parents must vote Democrat to preserve the right to abortion. Everyone knows the Republicans will ban abortion nationwide if they ever get full control of the Federal Government, because their religious base demands it. That is why the Republicans can’t win in 2024.

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago

I DID NOT watch the SOTU last night, by design. I DID watch an impassioned speech by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders however on NTD News…
Gov. Sanders is the epitome of a true Republican conservative. She told the the story of her under the cover of darkness trip to Iraq on Xmas day in 2018 with Her, the First Lady & the President in support of the troops fighting ISIS in both Iraq & Syria.
After watching & listening to the governor, it left me with a feeling of hope for myself & my country.
God Bless America,
Bill… :~)

1 month ago

Bill, when you write “Xmas”, you are removing Christ out of Christmas. Many people do not realize this; it should not be used as an abbreviation if you’re a Christian. God Bless America in the name of Jesus????☮️????

1 month ago

There’s been rumor on conservative tv/news that Michelle Obama can be a possible candidate. We all know people would vote for her because they still think Barry is the king. This made me cringe when I heard this, because it could happen. People like the Obama’s , Clinton’s love the power and might give it a go. A lot of Americans are ignorant of what is happening to our country and would vote for these people because it’s a familiar name. I wish these people I mentioned would just go away and voters would educate themselves. Whether it’s Don or Ron , they have my vote .

1 month ago

Give me one viable Democrat name to replace Biden. You can’t They don’t have anyone.

1 month ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

Governor Nuisance, of Californistan has been mentioned.

1 month ago

Demo/socialists will never be in a corner. No matter what the situation, they are always in round houses. Nothing will come of any of this cheating & lying. They will always find a way to lie and cheat themselves out of trouble and into office. When a person is controlled by Satan and has no honesty, integrity, character, or morals, they will do anything to keep winning.

1 month ago

Gets rid of the democrats please

1 month ago

By the way, tonight we’ll get Jackass Josef Biden’s State of the Union FANTASY Speech! Everything said will be the exact opposite of reality and be prepared to hear that he’s done a fabulous job especially with what he had “inherited” from Trump. It does fit his LYING PERSONALITY though!

1 month ago

Who are we kidding? . . . “Electing” Jackass Josef Biden is really Barack Obama’s 3rd term. Pretty soon we’ll all be addressing each other as “Comrade”!

John Bass
1 month ago

Fire those in charge? We didn’t do anything to stop them from stealing an election, what makes you think they’ll be fired? Next election they’ll just stuff a few more ballot boxes after the polls close and presto-changeo they’ve won again.

We have too many Rinos following whatever the dems say, not to mention we can’t stick together and back the one candidate that would actually change things…TRUMP!

A Trump and DeSantis ticket makes the most sense to me. Trump would get things started in his four years as President, then DeSantis would mop up with eight more years. Hopefully by then we’d be back on course and all the traitors would be exiled or in prison.

1 month ago

Until the Republicans back one another they don’t have a chance. The Republicans wish to fight among themselves while the socialist democrats stick together regardless of the issue.

Ben Ray
1 month ago

These kinds of stories are just like the ones leading up to the Mid-Terms. “The Big Red Wave!”
We can keep telling ourselves how bad the Democrats are… and while true they still exert a great deal of control and damage.
Republican GOP was horrible in support of many of their own candidates and continually fail in putting Americans First, fighting back, having a solid platform, messaging and unified front.
The issues in this country are not just a senile President – he is just a figurehead. There is also Congress, Governors, State Legislatures, courts, the deep-state bureaucratic 4th branch of the government, schools, media… each and every person needs to vote, but that will not be enough if we want to preserve the Republic.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ben Ray

Agreed. the GOP talks a fair game but when it comes down to actions, what do we see? Biden and all his socialist congressmen, governors, & other minions are all still in office. No indictments have been handed down and never will be. Loopy Joe, Hunter and all the other socialist liars in D.C. will simply keep going down the devils path.

1 month ago

LOl, Whoever runs Washington is very happy with who they have in place. Whay else do you think 90% of incumbents won? Oh dure the house flipped but by such a teeny margin it does not matter especially since they already baked two years of spending in the 7 trillion bill passed just before the new group took over.


Pay no attenion
Get local
Forget clown world.

1 month ago


1 month ago
Reply to  Art

What sources are you reading?

Pete from St Pete
1 month ago

The headline is misleading. As long as the current adminstration is in control it should read “The United States is in a Corner”. Like it or not, we are largely at their mercy until the next President is elected and installed.

1 month ago

President Trump will win in 2024.

1 month ago
Reply to  Craig

No he won’t.

  1. Too old
  2. Too polarizing.
  3. Not a part of the club
  4. Election fraud has been perfected in 2022 election. They can get whatever result thy want now.
  5. Press will not talk about him this time. So free advertising. They simply will never mention him no matter what he does. (unless he dies or goes to jail)
  6. Republican swamp-folk (including Congress and the House) will work tirelessly against him. They hate him.
  7. All of the Washington permanent bureaucracy will fight against him because he is a real threat to them.
  8. And at least a dozen other reasons.

We will see but I am not hopeful.

1 month ago
Reply to  phoenix

He is his own worse enemy with the negative mouth. I would love to see him win but too much garbage.

anna hubert
1 month ago
Reply to  Kay

Whatever he was he was not afraid to grab the bull by the horns and that scarred the hell out of the establishment and the old guard

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago

After tonight’s SOTU speech, i.e. nightmare, should cement Mr. Biden’s legacy into the annals of history as being the worst potus in US history. His VP is fresh on his heals with her cluelessness as to what a VP really is.
Hidin’ Biden won’t reveal that he will not seek a 2024 run for the presidency until the last minute or I would estimate approx. 6 mos. before his one & done term expires.
No doubt his advisors are well aware of what the next (2) years have in store for their beloved leader & they will advise him NOT to show his hands this early for whatever that is worth, i.e. the man & the woman are UNELECTABLE.
Make no mistake, the Democrat Socialist Party of America is keen to Biden’s situation as this might help to explain why so many within his ranks want Biden gone asap…
Bill… :~)

1 month ago

No. It will be hailed a tour de force, a triumph and one of the best speech given by any President ever.

Even if its

Higgy blurmp
Ug….Bizap poppy poop
Corn pop!

And he poops himself, collapses and CRAWLS off the stage. (in the wrong direction)
It will be stated that he never looked better and what stamian it took to crawl, and what a tribute it was for him to show the plight pf our less-abled, trans BIPOC!

Surely he is the best President ever!

1 month ago

The author writes “The better-than-expected 2022 election results, however, gave Mr. Biden a sudden boost.” Well its not that hard to win various elections, when the voting process has already been rigged to ensure an outcome in all by the most heavily Republican states. Toss in a little assist from the likes of Mitch McConnell pulling campaign dollars from Republican Senatorial candidates he doesn’t want to see elected and even steering some money to a Democrat or two and what you have is recipe for what we received. So public sentiment doesn’t play a whole lot of impact in terms of what the outcome might be in under those kind of conditions.

As to the Democrat chances for 2024, if nothing changes in terms of the existing voting process that now even establishment Republicans now appear to want to keep (who says some Republican politcians can’t be as dumb as a box of rocks?), don’t be surprised if a Democrat is declared the “winner” by an even greater vote total than the Democrats engineered for Biden in 2020.

If you want an election result in 2024 that truly reflects the sentiment of the majority of voters in this country, then mass mail-in voting with all the other nonsense that has been layered on top of it must come to an end. Otherwise, don’t be surprised by what we may wake up to the day after the election.

Lieutenant Beale
1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

If this voting “irregularity” continues, balkinization of the country becomes more palatable led by a coalition of the red states. Hard leftist Democrats will NEVER take no for an answer (and their agenda becomes more bizarre by the day). The way I see it, there are two ways to deal with it: Divorce them or eliminate them. If we don’t, I see a dystopian future ahead for our children and grandchildren.

1 month ago

I don’t disagree with your conclusions. I only see a general lack of will by the American people to do either in a truly effective manner.

Lieutenant Beale
1 month ago

Instead of playing on your TikTok machine, you should study history. You might actually learn something.

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

He’s PAID to be ignorant! Several trolls on this site or maybe just one using BOTS. That’s how the Marxist haters work!

1 month ago

It will only be dystopian if they try to continue with the country as is. They of course are free to go to other place and make their lives as they wish. and even effect local governemnt to fit their vision and ignore Washington and its stupidy.

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hey Paul, once again, well stated. Every American by now should know exactly what they got with the INSTALLATION of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. & his picking a black woman, i.e. Jamaican/Indian as VP, even one as brainless as he ( they ) picked as his running mate.
We either fix the BROKEN election apparatus or we may very well see a REPEAT of the now infamous, 100% rigged 2020 Presidential Election which as Paul has already stated, the next Democrat wannabe potus will win by even larger numbers.
Don’t you just love those Mail-In Ballots for here in VERMONT, they are now the Law of the Land for all future Presidential Elections…
Bill… :~)

Ralph S
1 month ago

You would think that with all the mall-in ballots the Post Office shouldn’t have a deficit. Just sayin’

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