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Democrats’ Eleventh Hour Provocation


Sometimes we gotta just chill, remember who we are, use some common sense, don’t let others spin us up. Conservatives wage “the good fight,” not the dumb fight. Last week, a bunch of “January 6th” tapes got released by Democrats, hoping to spin people up. Why not, what else can Democrats run on?  

Today, the economy is in the worst shape in 40 years, inflation soaring, interest rates rising, stock market falling, energy unaffordable, national security bungled, old allies dropping like flies, the southern border open, crime crazy high, and sense of indifference and no accountability everywhere.

But here is the thing, just because you can enter a spitting contest does not mean you should. What were these terrible tapes? Why does it even matter, since a dozen investigations were done, all similar.

Democrats worked long two-day weeks for long two-week months, trying to create a Pearl Harbor-like narrative. The idea was to spin Americans up – get them emotionally overwrought, draw visions of the Republic ending, our way of life crushed. Most knew that was unlikely.

Tapes are now being released, typical suspects in the media again, to stir people up before the midterms. It is all rather craven, shameless, political, and getting tired, like old lettuce.

We did not lose the Republic or come close. We have digital copies of everything. We saw people locked down for a year reacting badly to an election process, harboring doubt, voicing unhappiness, becoming violent. Believe it or not, the early republic saw a lot of this.

We saw several hundred protestors – out of tens of thousands – use bad judgment, get into the Capitol, damage property, do harm, disobey laws, parade in costumes, wave flags, take selfies, commit crimes, behave like a mob. They were a mob. They should have been deterred and stopped, are worthy of prosecution. Yes, if the President could have stopped them, he should.

But look at the culture. We are increasingly disrespectful of our democracy. We saw violent protests in 2020, breaching federal courts, police stations, destroying, and defacing federal property, churches, businesses, doing billions in damage across 200 cities, much of it organized.

Let us be clear: All political violence is wrong – on left in 2020, on right in 2021 – in a Republic determined to settle political disputes peaceably. We talk, listen, get upset, shout, and protest – but without violence.

Now we come to these much-touted tapes, more muck poured into the public muck-raking machine, more grist for emotional overreaction, as if someone is stoking that approach.

Bad idea, and we cannot take that bait. On the Democrat side, the side releasing all these pieces of embarrassing emotionalism, we hear Steve Bannon say the election might be close, Trump could be upset if lost, protests could happen, any number of things, the way many groused.

He was no different from millions upset at how the election cycle was handled, since a lot of State-level decisions were made autocratically, little input, less explanation, some in violation of longstanding practices, constitutional standards, and public expectations.

At one point, riffing in an informal setting, he says Trump is like a king. Of course, that is wrong, because – as he knew – that is not the authority presidents have, not how they legally remedy election questions. We dumped King George for George Washington, but to hear the tape, it sounds like riffing, bar talk, the way people talk at games, in kitchens, a private citizen.

After the narrative constructed, the left is going crazy. They think this means the outgoing, unhappy president was about to declare himself king. Honestly, do you really think so? Does any congressional Democrat really think that was in the cards? If so, review how losing staff grouse. 

People forget some staff around Gore in 2000 – and George W – felt the impasse could tip their way if their candidate declared victory, law cases notwithstanding. Neither legally did that, nor did Trump. People forget many thought Dewey was victor over Truman, until clearly not. In 1960, the race was so close some still claim Nixon won but graciously ceded despite fraud concerns.

Then we get all punched up about another tape, revealing Nancy Pelosi, then an 80-year-old woman, rant for minutes about planning to “punch out” the president if he joins the protest or comes near the Capitol – long before there is any breach.

The back and forth is adolescent, like much of the January 6th and impeachment hearings, people intentionally taking things out of context, imputing bad motives to others, politicizing criminal statutes and the Constitution, citing this and that as if it were a must, and a terrible crime.

No, Nancy Pelosi was not going to take the President down, not likely to swing despite all her talk. Nor was the President going to upend the Republic, mobilize troops and become king. All this is evidence of how far adrift we are from our history, appreciation for strong differences.

Politicians get angry, frustrated, debate, inflate, puff, curse, worry, fret, accuse, excuse, and do all sorts of political things – up to and including stir protests, always have. In the old days, they fought. Yes, they should pipe down. They stir protests and should always discourage violence.

But to get worked up again in the run-up to these elections, allowing others to spin us to the point of political violence, even when we hear tapes of a House Speaker “planning” to “punch out” a president…now hearing calls that she should go to prison for that remark, is goofy.

Conservatives should be the grown-ups. We believe the Constitution is real – including free speech, exercise of religion, right to keep and bear arms, receive due process, equal protection, confront accusers, get a fair trial, no unreasonable search and seizure, abide textual assurances. 

To be conservative means to believe in the Nation’s institutions and proper application of laws, take the high road. Yes, we need to respond to ugly nonsense, but with maturity, as if we were the only adults in the room, because sometimes we are. 

So, this latest round of tape dropping, rabble rousing, passion stirring by a party with nothing to talk about is instructive. It changes nothing, reminds me of advice a wise president gave his successor. Reagan left a note for GHW Bush. “George, don’t let the turkeys get you down.”

Conservatives need to heed that advice, keep our humor and perspective, then make sure – when it counts – we vote. That is the mission, not falling for this kind of eleventh hour provocation.

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Michael Lewis
3 months ago

It was a mostly peaceful protest said the news, while the video feed displayed burning buildings in the background. Why doesn’t the news and Congress investigate and dwell on that? Democrats are hypocrites!

Bruce Parker
3 months ago
Reply to  Michael Lewis

Because THOSE were democrat sanctioned and most likely Soros backed.

3 months ago

I have only 5 minutes of tolerance per day for CNN ( Credibility Not Network) . And today. I
upchucked as usual. They trotted out old , dead, John Dean for the 10,000th day to tell us what
a crook Trump is. Its sad to see that Dean is so needy that he must take this job. But he made his own bed.
Also, CNN reported that Trump is considering allowing another Mara-Lago inspection by the FBI.
Are you kidding ? The FBI breaks in anytime it wants. They don’t care for Trump’s
“permission”. Just another indication that they think we’re stupid. Also, If this is true, what was in
the 15 boxes of stuff removed from Mara-Lago in the first raid ? Apparently, nothing. What were
they looking for. Answer: They don’t know. That alone proves , for the 300th time, that the
DIms have NOTHING on Trump. Hey we voted for this. Tired of all this ?? Here’s an idea.
Vote for the right people. DUHH.

Bruce Parker
3 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

We’ll never know what was in those “secret” files but do you think that if there were evidence on politician lawbreaking in government files that those files would be “secret”? Makes you wonder why Trump had them and why they wanted them back so bad. The last thing they want is for Trump to have actual proof of their dirty laundry, since they air whatever they can find or make up about him.

David Millikan
3 months ago

Today, DICTATOR Beijing biden decides to tell OIL Companies to DRILL MORE OIL to BRIBE Voters for Midterm Elections. Even BRIBING Oil Companies on $70/bbl to FILL
On 1-21-21, DICTATOR Beijing biden signed his UNCONSTITUTIONAL Executive Orders
Now the Little WEASEL wants to DRILL OIL with less than 20 days before Midterms to BUY/BRIBE for votes.
As usual, DICTATOR Beijing biden playing politics and LYING to the AMERICAN people and our OIL INDUSTRY with the NATURAL GAS and COAL MINING still at ZERO PRODUCTION.
Where are ALL these JOBS on LIE of Solar and Wind Power from Global Warming LIE that were supposedly to MAGICALLY APPEAR the same day he KILLED OUR ENERGY INDEPENDENCE ?
Another FANTASY WORLD Policy.
ALL the people’s JOBS that DICTATOR Beijing biden ATTACKED and DESTROYED including the UNITED STATES of AMERICA on January 21, 2021.
And now, he decides to have OIL Companies DRILL MORE OIL with 20 days to go before November 8, 2022.

3 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

If he could get them to drill more, he would tell them to stop drilling the day after a big win for the socialist/democrats. Oil companies “drill” based on 5 to 10 year contracts. Not on the whim of a politician.

3 months ago

You said about the 2020 election fraud, “State-level decisions were made autocratically, little input, less explanation, some in violation of longstanding practices, constitutional standards, and public expectations.” When unconstitutional edicts happened in the past, the side most effected would get Court ordered stops. We have Courts that granted the illegal actions of Secretary of States, Governors, and Attorney Generals that created new ways of helping election fraud occur, like Dropboxes funded by outside influences. Mail in ballots and applications by the dozens sent out. These are just 2 examples of numerous laws broken and judges dismissed suits for nonstanding or Covid responses. Constitution gives State Legislative Bodies the right to make laws regarding election means and methods. This is not what happened. Then, the evidence of many places, means, and measures that appear coordinated by national and foreign powers, using numerous individuals and equipment for election purposes usurped the American Citizens votes to select their own slates of people and proposals, wherever they could. Additionally our voter rolls or roles are corrupted by the Left-wing group ERIC, which supposedly provides national election registration updates for States that pay for their services.AMAC Action, Reporters, Journalists and Citizens, take a good look at the facts of what happened, look at what we’ve learned from groups involved in uncovering the TRUTH.

Gunny Joe
3 months ago

Until the news media reports the news, we shall continue to be a divided nation. Thanks to inaccuracies the newspaper/television reports the major will continue to follow the Dems. I have no idea how to instill honor in the leadership of the media.

Our schools are at fault, the biggest fault is at family level. We have lost the family. The false teaching of what the Constitution is and states, the meaning of the words have not changed. Academy and the media have interpreted vice understood, to continue their desire for a socialist nation. They use capitalism to have the power to spread socialism, the single parent (which is a major issue), wants a easier way and socialism/democratic leaders looks like the answer.

I’m at fault and I’m doing all I am able to do as a family member to correct this. I also pray it’s not too late. Never was a dem but chased the brass ring for entirely too long, lost so much in that chase. Thought my service would offset the chase, life is a cruel teacher, as the people who want socialism shall find out.

3 months ago
Reply to  Gunny Joe

It’s not easy to get filled with a lifetime of work and love of God, Family and Country to arrive at feeling great regrets. Yes We served our time doing what we believed is all American Citizens civic duties. Not all give much, but some give/gave all. To those latter friends and family members, I believe we must keep doing what we can while we can. For if we truly fail to keep our country as intended by God and our Foundation guidance, we fail those 3 lifetime works that our previous generations instilled within all of us. Yes I hate what I am hearing about our great nation. I’m bothered by many small things that now have added up to some of the most disgusting and disturbing things any society in history lost itself from within and through actions others brought in their weakness. My kids would never kneel during the pledge! Or anthem. Respect, dignity, honor, peace, love, and virtues were taught by us to them. This was a time of transition from parents control with the partnership of others, and I dare you to remember that person who started, “It takes a Village to raise our children.”

Vicky Kramer
3 months ago

We saw several hundred protestors – out of tens of thousands – use bad judgment, get into the Capitol, damage property, do harm, disobey laws, parade in costumes, wave flags, take selfies, commit crimes, behave like a mob. They were a mob. They should have been deterred and stopped, are worthy of prosecution. 
Trump offered the National Guard because he knew bad actors would be present. His offer was denied. Now, it was not Trump who allowed then to go into the Capitol. It was, in fact, the Capitol Police and the FBI actors.

3 months ago

Simplicity works! . . . It’s just Communism versus Non-Communism!

anna hubert
3 months ago
Reply to  Rik

It’s common sense versus demagoguery and poisonous ideology

Ronald St. Martin
3 months ago

Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C.,both refused the Presidents offer of the military. They refused knowing their outside people would stir up the crowd as they did in major cities. You get a few unwise people who fall for it every time. Pelosi and her handlers are the ones to blame.

3 months ago

BLM admits that they train people to protest.

Nick Murphy
3 months ago

Why do the Democrats find it so easy to cheat and lie, and so difficult to make good decisions. I think they’re not capable of it. All they can do is Spin and fingerpoint. I wonder how many people are on the government payroll every day to do nothing but cover up for Democrats and the president.

Dennis Belotti
3 months ago

The socialist Democrats do exactly what they want and damn the people.
They have unilateral power because of theft . They are bullies because the the complacent “Sheeple” allow it. The subsequent generations will wear the yoke of oppression.

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

Dems Provoke US to LOSE Midterms

3 months ago


When the Democrats can’t point to anything positive for the country that their policies have produced in nearly 2 years of unilateral power in D.C., the only thing they can do is fall back to trying to promote the one lone political setup play they managed to engineer on January 6th. So of course they are now trying to rile up their Democrat voter base ahead of the elections to distract them from all the other dismal failures the Democrats have produced to date and instead focus on the Democrat boogeyman called Trump. It’s simply how the Democrats operate. Appeal to emotions to get people to make foolish decisions at the polls.

The only thing left to do before election day is for AG Garland to announce some ludicrous charges against President Trump to put the cherry on top of their sh*t show sundae in the hope that it will get just enough Republician voters to sit out the midterm elections like spoiled little children taking their ball and running home. All with the Democrat objective of throwing enough congressional elections to the Democrats and save either the Senate or the House for them. It’s all transparent as h*ll, but no one ever said the Democrats were deep thinkers. It’s all about trying to get enough people to make a short-term bad emotional decision to save some seats for the Democrats.

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

On the mark.

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Excellent comment!

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