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Democrats Cried Wolf Over Election Day Violence


For months leading up to the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats sounded the alarm that there would be violence from Republicans on Election Day. But as the dust settles after the election, those who cried wolf must accept the fact that they were entirely wrong.

Let’s be clear: any threats of violence or acts of violence against the public servants and volunteers who run our elections are reprehensible and should be condemned by everyone. And where they have occurred, justice should be served. But the media and Democrats’ narrative and wild predictions of threats and violence during the 2022 midterm elections were based on their shameless assumption that all Republicans are violent, democracy-hating extremists­, not actual threats or violence.

Just six days after the 2022 midterm election, Senator Schumer stood on the Senate floor and applauded voters who elected Democrats “despite the negativity and divisiveness, the threats of violence, and even the violence itself that occurred with MAGA Republicanism dominating the country.” There’s only one problem: there was not an inkling of violence like Democrats parroted there would be from Republicans.

Looking back on 2022 and leading up to the election, we can see the great lengths that Democrats went to in order to craft a deceptive narrative and convince voters that Republicans would violently act on Election Day.

Start with mainstream media, the primary outlet used by Democrats to cry wolf about impending Election Day violence. Article after article from every major news outlet––including the Washington PostNPR, and Politico––peddled incessant allegations that Republicans were ready to strike with violence and wreak mayhem at the polls. Laughably, these articles fell leagues short of their predictions, each failing to highlight one instance of violence like they promised.

Democrats cried wolf even from the inner walls of Congress itself. In August, the Senate Judiciary Committee bought into the ruse and held a committee hearing discussing threats against election workers––“Protecting our Democracy’s Frontline Workers­­”––and how Republicans could not be trusted to participate freely and fairly in this election. Democratic members continuously maligned Republican voters, calling them violent criminals and associating all Republicans with January 6th, all the while turning a blind eye to record crime in Democrat-run cities and violent demonstrations performed by Democratic voters.

Days before the election, President Biden spoke from Union Station to accuse Republicans of having “emboldened violence” in elections. And let’s not forget the speech that President Biden gave in September where he labeled Republicans a threat to democracy––you remember, the one with a blood-red background, divisiveness, and his demagogic fists held high.

But it did not end there. Just one week before the election, a memo was circulated among the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, U.S. Capitol Police and the National Counterterrorism Center warning that “[f]ollowing the 2022 midterm election, perceptions of election-related fraud and dissatisfaction with electoral outcomes likely will result in heightened threats of violence against a broad range of targets―such as ideological opponents and election workers.” But all this did was chill the speech of Republican voters who did not want to be associated with violence and strike terror that Republican voters were dangerous in order to drive independent voters to Democrats.

This concerted effort had one objective: to villainize ordinary, law-abiding Republican voters as violent extremists that threaten the very lives of election officials.

But rather than the violent criminals Democrats painted them to be, Republican voters––and election observers for that matter­––across the country participated in unified and peaceful expression as they cast their ballots. Not a single story of violence, no threats, just fair participation and democracy at its finest.

Democrats cried wolf, and they should own up to it. If they refuse to, the media should responsibly label the Democrats as perpetrators of election disinformation. Furthermore, the public should never forget that the self-proclaimed defenders of democracy baselessly smeared half of the country’s citizens in pursuit of their political goals, and when their smears proved false, conveniently forgot their consistent, months-long narrative as if it never existed.

Marc Ellinger is the president of the Republican National Lawyer’s Association.

Reprinted with Permission from - Grand Canyon Times by - Marc Ellinger

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TC 10
2 days ago

The deal is, the republicans needed to get back to work after voting & didn’t have time to “peacefully protest”

John Bass
2 days ago

There is nothing funny about any of this. Why is this even being talked about when we had weeks of riots, entire city blocks burnt to the ground, even city blocks occupied by left wing loons, BLM and Antifa but NOTHING of any real consequence ever happened about it?

Big deal if the leftwing loons say something about Republicans that never transpired. I’m more interested in actual violence that did and even more disturbing to me is when American citizens exercise their right to protest, and then it’s considered a riot, no an insurrection. Some of these citizens are still sitting in jail cells today.

2 days ago

It is better to be prepared for the worst, after the Jan 6th attack on Capitol & law enforcement was not ready to stop this. Damage was $1-2 Million & the cost of building fence around Capitol in following days is also costing + $Millions to taxpayers.

1 day ago
Reply to  johnh

You can prepare for anything, but it won’t come from conservatives!!!!!!

Stephen Russell
2 days ago

Cant do same game for 2024 & expect to win.??

James Kopplin
2 days ago

Their ultimate goal as extreme left winger’s was to create trouble and divide to conservative movement.

2 days ago

There was some intimidation in AZ with people in combat fatigues were hanging around ballot boxes & law enforcement stopped them from being so close. Not sure of outcome of this>

Philip Hammersley
2 days ago

They weren’t boarding up all the windows in DC anticipating Trump supporters; they knew Biden’s thugs would burn DC down if he lost! Just look at all of 2020 to see who was violent!

Nobody’s Business
2 days ago

The Democrats are the ones that show violence. And remember whatever they accuse the Republicans of doing is what they are doing. Democrats are the ones that told people to disrupt the lives of Supreme Court judges, they are the ones that tell their supporters to get in the faces of Republican congressmen, they are the ones that say anyone that disagrees with them is hate speech and should be banned. They are the ones that forced people to take a vaccine and now younger people are dying with heart problems at an alarming rate. They are the ones that want open borders so fentanyl can come across the border killing more people per year than were killed in the Viet Nam war . Democrats are saying peaceful protests when their Democrat organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter kill people and burn down businesses. Democrats are hateful liars that are intent on ruining this country.

2 days ago

The only things democrats are good at is lying and projecting!

David Millikan
3 days ago

Excellent article telling the TRUTH.
NATIONAL SECURITY CLEARANCE and AUTHORITY to HIDE them at his home and other places.
This which DISQUALIFIES him from running for President and being a legitimate President.
That is the LAW.
And as SWAMP QUEEN pelosi said flapping her arms…NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Better one
3 days ago

I saw a bunch of old guys In combat gear and weapons who thought standing out in the open of a parking lot was a good idea in photos

if that’s y’all’s idea of election security I got one: it’s called a ambush lol

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