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Democrats Can’t Help But Set Themselves Up for Failure

democrats-failure-pelosiWhen it comes to issues such as racism, immigration, and employment, American Democrats are ultimately waging a battle they’ve already lost.

In a January speech at the United States Conference of Mayors, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blasted President Trump’s immigration policy, calling it an effort to “make America white again”. While Pelosi received criticism for her erroneous remarks, other leftists haven’t stopped expressing similar sentiments.

In the past several weeks, American Democrats and Democratic Party officials have heavily criticized President Trump’s immigration policy, calling it (and Trump himself) racist. Whereas the President is focused on championing homeland security and immigration enforcement in order to make our nation safer, critics argue that the federal agencies who carry out his immigration initiatives, such as ICE and US Border Patrol, are taking part in an inherently racist operation.

Since the day President Trump took office, there have been calls from the American left to “abolish ICE”, “say NO to Trump’s racist immigration proposal”, and “reject Trump’s racism and all the policies that stem from it”.

With all of the objections Democrats have against Trump’s immigration policy on the basis of alleged racism, they leave out one key factor in the debate: the group most likely to benefit from President Trump’s strict approach to immigration enforcement is young black men, who often compete with new immigrants for low-skilled jobs.

That’s right, working-class black men would be the main beneficiaries of Trump’s tough immigration enforcement.  They are the group that is most often passed over for jobs by unscrupulous employers.  These employers opting to hire illegal immigrant workers they can get away with paying lower wages. This is the hard truth behind immigration that left-wing pundits ignore: for many Americans, the influx of immigrants significantly harms their prospects.

It is no coincidence that the labor force participation rate for adult black men has declined since the passage of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which brought a new wave of mass immigration into the United States. In 1973, the labor force participation rate for black adult men was 79%. The rate currently sits at 68%, and if current trends continue, the Bureau of Labor projects that it will drop even further, reaching a predicted 61% by 2026.

Alas, Democrats are, on some level, aware of this reality. In 2016, the Obama White House released a 48-page report acknowledging that immigration does not help the labor force participation rate of native-born Americans, and that, if anything, it can be detrimental to legal United States citizens seeking employment. While the report concludes that “immigration reform would raise the overall participation rate by bringing in new workers of prime working age”, it neglects to mention that these “new workers” actively disadvantage native-born American workers.

This influx of immigrants affects both low- and high-skilled American natives. However, since a disproportionate percentage of immigrants have few skills, low-skilled American workers—primarily African-American men—are the ones who end up suffering the most from this wage dip. In terms of our nation’s overall economy, this monetary loss is sizable.

While Democrats argue that Trump’s immigration policies are racist, they remain keenly aware that our country’s influx of immigrants harms low-skilled black workers. Democrats know this, but choose to remain in denial about it. In their eyes, “new workers” translates to “new voters”

However, Democrats only do their own party a disservice in their mission to grow a larger voter base. By courting immigrants so persistently, Democrats shoot themselves in the foot, effectively neglecting one of their largest groups of supporters; African-Americans have been a reliable voting bloc for the Democratic Party for years. Democrats fail to understand that by doggedly pandering to one group, they risk losing others.

And Democrats don’t have the numbers on their side in this debate, either: in a recent Harvard-Harris poll, it was found that African-Americans favor reducing immigration more than any other demographic group. 85% want less than the million-plus we allow on an annual basis, and 54% preferred an even more stringent approach, saying they’d prefer accepting 250,000 immigrants per year or less.

While there has recently been talk of Democrats taking back the House majority in the 2018 midterm elections, the fact is that if Democrats continue to go against the interests of their own supporters, they won’t be “taking back” anything. By campaigning on immigration while simultaneously standing in opposition to Trump’s alleged racism, Democrats have unwittingly set themselves up to fail.

It’s time for the Democratic Party to admit that while a lax immigration policy may help them earn new voters, it directly harms their most reliable constituency. Until this happens, expect to see left-wing politicians continue running on platforms bloated with identity politics, open-borders idealism, and other feel-good partisan opportunism.

Even when they’ve set their sights on winning, American Democrats can’t help but lose.


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Illegal immigration morphs into illegal, non-citzen voters. Democrats are engaged in the ultimate rigging of elections.
The whole fooliness of Russians “colluding” is much more sinister. It is the attempt to undermine Democracy by attacking a legally elected President.

Candy Warren

Because they really are CLUELESS. Many have been there so long, that they are incapable of thinking along any different lines, than they always have. They keep singing the same old song, but their audience is walking out on the show. Many GOP types are also too long in the tooth to see the handwriting on the wall. American Citizens are sick of supporting the rest of the world, here or elsewhere, and frankly, we cannot continue to do so, Financially.


The democrat party offers no solutions. The democrat party has no agenda. Smear tactics and mean spirited accusations simply will not win elections anymore. The back of the democrat party is against the wall. The only way to win elections is to cheat.

Ivan Berry

Mr. Zail doth crow both too early and too loud. Polls mean little when it comes to the ballot box. Wishing it so has never made it so. Best to work toward a win and stop calling it a done deal. It ain’t.

Dan W.

The Democrats have 20/20 vision when it comes to foot shooting.

The Democratic base is already energized but every time Hilary Clinton runs her yap to complain about the 2016 election or some dunce in Congress starts talking about impeachment, they assist the Republicans in energizing the Republican base.

Steven Winner

I would personally like to see 100% of the Democrats in the Federal Government, the States, and cities throughout the U.S. be thrown out of office. All the Democrats have done is attempt to destroy our country. About 50% of the Republicans in the Federal Government need to be forced out of office for not backing the President. The wall should have been funded. All of the illegals collecting Welfare, Foodstamps, and getting many freebies on the backs of us taxpayers, should have been stopped and totally defunded in the new budget. Planned Parenthood should have have been totally defunded.


You are mirror-imaging, and the outcome may not be what you would like. Almost half of the people in this country want to live on government hand-out’s. They want the Democrats to win and give them money that the government will take from those of us who work, save and invest. I used to believe otherwise. But the screaming after Donald Trump’s victory made me understand that most of our citizens want “The Welfare Empire” to take care of them. This will only worsen after the “Millenials” increase and expect the rest of us to pay for their student loans and housing costs.

The Ugly Truth

I’m not so sure the Democrats are at deaths door. Remember, Obama was elected twice in a row by the same socialist and racist agenda. Democrats would elect him again today if he ran.


You have to wonder where has common sense gone
When you listen to the Dems and their supporters and strategists
Even the good professor Dershowitz seems to be blind to the many scandals and potential crimes of the Clinton Phamily.

Pete M

Great article. it’s amazing the Dems are willing to throw one of their strongest demographic blocks under the bus in order to gain more votes. They figure most African-Americans could never bring themselves to vote Republican. That’s because they’ve been indoctrinated for so long by the left. Let’s hope the left is wrong!


I concur with the author but would point out that Democrats dont see it this way. Thats because the displaced unemployed black guys will become wards of the plantation from drawing benefits peaceably as ne’er do wells or criminals caught up in the cogs of the justice/parole/probation/”promise” system. This also impacts the American minority family structure with producing unemployed absentee dads. Back in the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s I used to sell hand tools to skilled technicians /unskilled mechanics in the car business who had to customarily buy their own, on a handshake guarantee. The employer shop and dealership owners viewed the illegal immigrants as exploitable cheap labor and always preferred hiring them for less to Americans of any ethnicity. For me as a vendor they being paid the least were the highest risk for unsecured credit and when they paid were the slowest, poorest turnover, frequently defaulting and… Read more »


Dumbocrats can’t get the votes of a majority of Americans. So they must import people who will vote for them.


Pelosi is just not smart enough to understand American voters. IN fact, there’s little of any kind that she can understand.