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Democrats Are Trashing the American Work Ethic With Their Spending Bill


The humongous bill that Democrats in Washington, D.C. are assembling this week is a slap in the face to Americans who work, pay taxes and support their families.

The bill demeans work ethic and glorifies government handouts. It sends a message that work and self-sufficiency are for suckers. Better to climb on Uncle Sam’s gravy train that will now provide cradle-to-grave benefits. 

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1 year ago

Self-worth and self-respect are missing in the way people conduct themselves. There is no work ethic that I had observed in my 40+ yrs on the work force.. Paychecks were the singular concern of applying and “upward mobility” as a function of salary increases. I used to honor “quality of life” alibis of immigrants coming into the country but THIS is precisely what breeds the work “ethic” we have today… NON work ethic.. When you think about it anyone who takes a job with strictly the pay check in mind is working on false pretenses so perpetrating a fraud. So what if they lie about their credentials and who cares if they’re qualified? THEY’RE NOT REALLY APPLYING FOR A JOB AT ALL and most likely their work “habits” will reflect this.. (Keep an eye on that supply cabinet!!! Oh, my lordy.)

1 year ago

Between “covid” and this administration, our country is going down hill faster than a skier on a black run. Everywhere you go you hear that due to “covid” we are short staffed. We see “now hiring” signs everywhere. Why should people that have no ethics work when they can sit home on their butts and make as much money as they need? The socialist/marxist democrats have it all figured out. More freebies, more votes. Bigger spending bills, more people get rich. I already miss America.

John Munro
1 year ago

well Kamila has been in Hatti making promises and has flown in 10,000 more illegals while they are pushing a bill up wards of 8 trillion and taxes that will take jobs to china. Fox news was making it seam as if dems were no able to force it on us they lost? They secretly raised their pay. Im sure the liberal news hides that. The vaccine mandates are to confuse us about their militude of acts of treason.

1 year ago

Between inovation and big government, eventually all jobs that pertain to manufacturing and warehousing or assembly lines will be like a distant memory.Robotics are being used and tested for order picking, and warehousing. And with trial and era, inventing robotics to be technically sound, you have robots that are becoming graceful in their abilities, in moving around and being agile.The order or world leaders, are wanting to corral the working middle class that evolve around the previous mentioned statement’s.And it goes as far as the trucking industry, with self driving trucks. And, It looks as though that they are making major break throughs.Cost of everything is only increasing, while we had relief during the trump adminstration, but, never seen the common consumer goods decrease, because of the bush and Obama administrations pushing for what we are seeing that surrounds socialism. From the skyrocketing fuel prices under bush and the carry over into Obama years.We have become a society that has no compassion for life and worse, no respect for the liberties that our founders bestowed upon us.The socialist agenda is only targeted for the ones that have no intitiative in achieving anything except what is handed over as being free…no ambition, except living by the laws of the street jungle.And with wokeness, these individuals have infiltrated a controlled environment, where their is generation gaps and culture differences, and trying to inflict their street values into the work force..It’s ridiculous in how our governing bodies and left wing media has fed into the frenzy and to normalize lawlessness and disobedience..All while corporate hollywood and politicians and corporate retail , social media gain great wealth for all the divide.

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert

Well stated Robert!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bernie

Totally agree Robert. If things continue as they are, we won’t need any manufacturing. We will be buying EVERYTHING from China.

Tom Sansoni
1 year ago

The Demos have been doing this since the Great Society BS of 1965. What you are saying is true but nothing New. Sorry AMAC, tell us something new.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Sansoni

Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

1 year ago


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