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Democrats Angry – Watch Your Six!


Only once did life put me in an F-16, an hour of bliss. “Watch your six” was the watch word, in dogfights over Texas. That is how aviators – back to WWI – say “watch out.” Your six is behind you, twelve your nose, nine left, three right. America just won big, will control the skies of Congress after January 3. Thank God, but this is the “danger zone.” Until then, “watch your six.”

What do you mean? I mean, mandate or no mandate, retirements and losses notwithstanding, Democrats still control Congress, only relinquish power on January 3rd. Between now and then, Democrats control both chambers and the White House. Those reckless with power, may use it.

What could they do – what should we be watching for? Seven possibilities.

First, in 2021, the Biden Administration commissioned a “study” to assess whether to “pack the US Supreme Court” with left-leaning justices. The liberal press reported, in December 2021, that the group “refused to take a stand.”

Ask yourself, since when does a president “commission a study” on whether to cheat or not cheat, whether to tip the balance of nine justices – number since 1869 – in favor of his leftist political agenda, or to allow “rule of law” to be administered fairly and non-politically? 

Answer: Never. No president – except FDR, who hated the idea of a Supreme Court opposing “New Deal” legislation – has ever tried to turn the Supreme Court political. Until now.

Interestingly, FDR’s ploy in 1937 was to say justices get too old to serve, so should be age-limited out. It backfired, causing him to fear declaring war – until Pearl Harbor. Congress bolted.

Today, a new pitch is made saying justices should be age limited. But that is not really the point. Liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at 87, opposing age limits and court-packing. Biden himself is almost 80, daily makes a strong argument for age-limiting presidents.

All this is a Democrat foil, bunch of chaff. Like so much else, Democrats are lying about motivations. They just do not want their leftist agenda struck down. They want new rules.

Could they get them? Yes. Will they? As with all else in Biden’s world, that will be a political calculation. If they think they can get away with it, arguing Dobbs needs correction, the 2nd Amendment needs ending, Court is too judicially conservative, maybe.

The danger is real, as they could end the filibuster, throwing another tradition on their bonfire of political vanities, finally killing Supreme Court legitimacy, making all things political.

Second, Democrats could ram a final Fiscal 2023 bill into law, where we now have a continuing resolution – in effect, a placeholder. What could that do? Kill oil, gas, coal, and the American consumer, elevate spending, inflation, interest rates, and taxes, accelerate recession, blame Republicans in 2024, push leftists priorities.

Third, they could declare a national climate emergency, since temperatures are unseasonably high, and there are reports of tornados, hurricanes, floods, droughts, thunderstorms, even rain. The climate emergency would trigger executive action, banning gas cars (pushed by blue states), shutting down oil, gas, and coal production (which Biden wants), killing fossil fuel jobs, and capping cow belching and farts (no kidding).

Fourth, loan forgiveness on steroids could be coming. To put pressure on Republicans to undo the damage prior to 2024, Democrats may expand loan forgiveness, arguing COVID, climate, inflation, and Trump’s policies require more loans become a federal (taxpayer) liability.

These could go beyond student loans, already a constitutional nightmare, to include forgiveness of loans on cars and mortgages for the “poor,” sex change surgery (already for military), abortions (requiring change of the Hyde Amendment), hurricane insurance for minorities (who Harris says should be helped first), and a long list.

Fifth, one-time bailouts could be in store, for example making all blue state “public pensions” – many underwater for poor management, overpromising, loss of tax base, leftist policies – a federal responsibility, offering onetime payments to states that restrict 2nd Amendment rights, legalize drugs, end bail, or push the leftist anti-police, anti-detention “equity” agenda.  A raft of generally unconstitutional authorizing legislation could be considered.

Sixth, to protect leftist leaders and national teachers’ unions – which tip left – the idea of a “COVID lockdown amnesty” could be enacted, disenfranchising those harmed by lockdowns.

Seventh, a mass criminal amnesty – for drug offenders, illegal aliens, leftist rioters, and longtime Democrat political supporters – could be initiated, advancing the presidential pardon idea by making it legislative. Again, watch for a run at the filibuster.

In the end, many of these ideas would create blowback, but then so have leftist ideas to date, ironically validating a strong right-leaning response, seen this week. These ideas are possible.

Point is simple: To win, we have to land this plane, see a Republican majority taking the oath, taking back Congress. Between now and then, we have some rough air, so “Watch your six!”

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2 months ago

Do not fear these tyrants. They may make things bad for a while but their over confidence will destroy them. Just wait and see.

Mile Hall
2 months ago

Lol, you get the government you deserve! Sad, but true. I’ve been in this fight for 41 yrs and have only seen us win twice, Reagan and Trump!

2 months ago

Todays Dim strategy is to prevent the full counting of this weeks vote until the day before the 2024 election when the final results will be announced. The repub house count will never get to 218.
This count has been held to 208 for the past 24 hours.

2 months ago

I disagree with the statement that no president except FDR and the current idiot-in-chief have tried to make the SCOTUS political. Every Democrat who nominated people to the high court has nominated people who are highly political themselves, and in so doing have tried to turn the court into a political tool. And Obama even went so far as to murder a SCOTUS justice to open up a seat so he could fill it with a political tool.

Michael Quinn
2 months ago

Too many people in the wagon and fewer and fewer pulling it. Without drastic change or a genuine crisis (not what Democraps are continually calling crises) such as military attack, a true famine, or some National calamity, it is unlikely to happen. As long as about half of our population can sit at home, never work, and collect a check from those who do, nothing will change. Once people with “no skin in the game” were allowed to vote, the eventual end of America was assured.

Larry W.
2 months ago

70% of people think that the country is going in the wrong direction, but they won’t do anyting to turn the car around? Our vote is our voice. Too many are silent.

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

Too many people complain but never do anything to help make needed changes.

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry W.

The problem is a lot of people in that 70% just want to keep voting the same way on the Democrat side over and over again. Yet they expect something to fundamentally improve by supporting the same failed policies over and over again. Einstein called the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result which of course never occurs. That describes a very large percentage of the typical Democrat voter base. I’ve seen this for decades in every election in most Democrat run states or cities.

Sean Richman
2 months ago

First of all it really amazes me how out of touch with reality voters are .”joey mumbles”IS a democRAT and a total threat to AMERICA,yet people voted for democRATS and that shows that they accept his agenda.Where in the hell is your common sense and your commitment to saving AMERICA.

Allan Terry
2 months ago
Reply to  Sean Richman

It is always easier to ignore reality and depend upon others to do the work. This election showed us the power of big media to control the narrative and provide cover for corrupt, self-serving politicians. It also revealed that few people watched the candidate debates, voting for pathetic candidates like Warnock and Fetterman. Socialist billionaires like George Soros will be pleased to find that their money can indeed buy votes.

Reports of election fraud will soon emerge. How many votes were counted overnight after every poll watcher had gone home? How many times were just enough ballots “discovered” by poll workers to change the outcomes? Joe Biden tells us there is no voter fraud and that “election deniers” are traitors, while he denies Democrats’ actions caused them to lose their House majority.

2 months ago
Reply to  Allan Terry

Voting for any candidate should only take place after the final debates. This might change some of the votes. As for voter fraud, socialist/democrats will see the fraud face to face soon enough and won’t be able to deny it.

2 months ago

Knowing Biden, he will want to forgive car loans and house loans based on color of someone’s skin and sexual identity. That seems to be very important to the Biden administration. Remember Kamala saying that hurricane relief should prioritize black and brown people first? Biden is a crook, always has been and always will be.

2 months ago

Our country is so divided I do not see anything ever getting done. Socialist government run and controlled by democrats will give away all they can to keep Washington. Our country is lost unless people start fighting and not give in to free money

David Millikan
2 months ago


2 months ago

Of course , no one is doing a thing about it . To ask Republicans to get some stones is to much . They don’t want to upset the black and brown vote . Let’s stop worrying about getting 3 to 6 percent of their vote . They are as racist as whitey. Where has limited campaign donations gone ?? Some Democrats are spending 4 to 5 to one for Republicans time to put the brakes on Zuckerpuss. Everybody remembers cow pie smelling AL gore don’t we . Everybody in their gas cars drive out of the blue states take your company’s, your tax dollars and let the nutjobs figure it out .

2 months ago

We have got to have ballots traceable back to the voter via a globally unique ballot ID or similar. Maintaining a completely anonymized, secret ballot allows for all manner of cheating. All they have to do is find one of many ways to slip extra ballots “into the pile” and it doesn’t matter if the fraud is later revealed, by then it’s too late — how are you going to pick the bad ballots out of a pile of hundreds of thousands or millions of valid ballots when there’s no ID or serial on the ballots and they are completely anonymized?

Well you may think we can watermark the ballots or secretly add a lot# or something, and that may help, but it won’t stop crooked poll workers who may have access to the storeroom with cases and cases of pristine “official” ballots, from marking a bunch of them up and mixing them into the pile. And once they are in the pile, we’re back to the problem — no way to separate the completely anonymized bad ballots from the good ones.

I don’t know the best way to fix it, but I do know that we need to have some way of tracing an individual ballot all the way back to an individual voter. I wouldn’t personally object to wet-ink signing my ballot. Hell, I’d even add my home address, email and phone, but that is likely “a bridge too far” for others. We need to get over that. Criminalize voting retaliation or something like that, if you are scared of such from an employer or whatever.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

More voting machine “glitches” in Democrat-controlled precincts! Just like the “hanging chads” in DIMM areas in FL in 2000. Who knows if the paper ballots were ever fed through the machine!

2 months ago

Maybe they weren’t fed through the machines enough times yet.

Wayne Peterkin
2 months ago

IF we had truly honest elections where fraudulent votes were impossible to cast the Democrats would be in far worse shape I believe. They have opposed every single attempt to make our elections ethical and honest, and the potential for fraud gets worse every election. Did that contribute to yesterday’s disappointing result? I don’t know and can’t say except that it may have. To the left, the ends justify the means and they will lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. Ethical people do not, but we are raising a lot of very unethical, immoral, and dishonest people these days.

2 months ago

I have no doubt the demoncrats will punish us. However, when the new Congress is sworn in, they need to see just what was done and if it was constitutional. If not, go after their sorry hides. It can work both ways but the Republicans have got to have a stiff backbone.

Sharon K Trampe
2 months ago

I think for future elections…BAN the campaign ads. They are filled with misinformation and meant to distort the truth. We can thank big money for their contributions that paid for these smear ads. The only thing that should be allowed are the live debates and forget about the Media assessing the candidates. The public has brainwashed again.

Paul W
2 months ago

Heck…I’m still not sure that the “R”s are going to reclaim the majority in congress, at least in both chambers. We have to take 3 of 4 undecided senate seats. Even if they do, with a dim in the WH, it’s a stalemate. Stopping further damage is the best we can hope for. biden will surely be letting EOs rip, per his puppet masters commands. Furthermore, the belief in “free and fair” elections is dead and buried. The massive negativity surrounding the dims’ agenda (most especially, the economy and crime) should have led to a FAR better outcome than this election yielded. We’re not going to be able to stop “watching our six”…even after Jan. 3, 2023. That’s just a sad reality in this dumpster fire we call the current…rigged…Western World.

J. Farley
2 months ago
Reply to  Paul W

The Republicans missed a Golden opportunity in this election!

Wayne Peterkin
2 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

No, they really didn’t. The voters did.

Larry W.
2 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

That’s right. I saw that only about 60% of eligible voters turned out to vote in this election. This is a serious problem. This was a chance to make a good change. Now we wait another 2 years.

2 months ago

The Demoncraps will ram through the change to eliminate our first and second amendments and alter the Constitution to prevent a second party from even existing…I also blame Republicans who just sat back yesterday and were complacent that everything would be are staring down the barrel of the end of the greatest country that ever existed on earth…

Joey Mize
2 months ago


I really liked this reply therein I copied it as an intro to my reply…

I too have questioned and attempted to ascertain from light conversations I have from time to time with the LEFT LEANERS… of whom I cross paths with in daily life, WHY DO THEY ENJOY SUCH SELF INFLICTED INJURY AND PAIN. The prices of everything from popsicles to Coffee to Gas and Drugs at all levels have gone through the roofs. Everything has a new gas surcharge to it when you ship something the cost of everything has been inflated to recover the fuel prices. OK great the Pandemic caused a short term price decrease which is totally understandable. People stayed home, workers stayed home, the highways were desolate at 2:AM for months. But the aftermath of recovery in the energy sector is ongoing now as if the world of OIL and energy production has been virtually stopped in its tracks. I WILL NEVER FORGET BRANDON’s COMMENT “( WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY UNDER MY LEADERSHIP ) ” It hasn’t happend but the cost of everything has gone up because of the price of oil. as we all know plastic is a derivative of petroleum. Yes it is recyclable, but who do you reverse 50 years of industrial and commercial use of a substance that has become part of other worlds life style. 75% of the items found in and emergency room are made from plastic. Same with cars and Homes and etc. etc.

NOW A SIDE BAR POINT… most do not know this !!!!!!!!!!
I study the energy sectors of the world, around the globe ongoing daily. The reports I saw pre-Pandemic said and I quote” CHINA IS BUYING, LEASING AND ACQUIRING AT EVERY LEVEL ALL THE OIL TANKERS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD THAT IT CAN GET IT’S HANDS ON AND FILLING THEM WITH CHAEP OIL” Cheap oil then PRE-PANDEMIC was 46.00 a barrel + -. CHINA HAS THEM PARKED AT PORTS ALL OVER THE CHINA CONTINENT< SHORES. They have never done that before in history. This was a strategic move and now with oil well over 100 USD per Barrel, we can see why. They refine their oil and up charge anyone who comes to purchase the by products. PLUS it enhances their economy to have this strategic reserve. All this and more are 100 % available in the records of who leases and owns the huge oil tankers. Just like rail cars are tracked worldwide to insure they are accounted for, primarily by the people who own and lease the railcars. China did this in a slow handed move over a period of 4 years, as they did the same with all independent GOLD MINING operations worldwide. They have the title to most all of the active GOLD MINES NOW, while we fiddled Rome BURNED. I have no doubt that the Dragon has awakened and is being fueled for an extended long life by the Communist Regime. As one U.S. General recently stated ” WE CAN MATCH THEM BUT FOR HOW LONG” we are not that deep. China can put up a 300 million man Army in 30 days. And Support that Army as they move. The new China Air craft Carriers are 10x as efficient and powerful as any we have now and can carry 2x the aircraft and missiles. But who needs Aircraft when you have covert Subs sitting in every Free world Ocean port. The term WAKEUP AMERICA is now so lost on our leaders that it sounds cliche. I do not have an answer,,, WAKE UP WORLD,,,, we just dodged a bullet when the COVID – 19 Virus was unleased on the world, what more will it take to confront the CCR?

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

Congres will not impeach him. Maby somebody will blow him away. Kyle L.

2 months ago

We all want him gone but that’s a little extreme.

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