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Democratic Party is Lost, Out of Sync with America

democraticStrange political trends are afoot in early 2020.The Democratic Party – based on state-by-state polling – is evenly split between socialist-leaning candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and establishment liberals Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg. Sanders notched wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, as Biden won South Carolina. With Super Tuesday’s 14 state contests before us, much could change – or nothing could change.

On the surface, the Democratic Party is engaged in a rousing “civil war,” socialists pushing federal takeover of “means of production and distribution,” while liberals fight the rearguard for a high-tax, high-regulation “mixed economy.” Under the surface – from social issues to national security – there is more cohesion internally, but more misalignment with most of America.

On social issues, Democrats consistently fail to defend historic freedoms of speech and religion, eschew individual liberty, fail to oppose violence on campuses and fail to acknowledge the moral compass and historic achievements flowing from America’s market economy. They seem preoccupied with stirring class warfare, casting the Administration as anti-minority, anti-middle class, anti-upward mobility, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic, which they plainly are not.

Speaking honestly, socialist orthodoxy – whether Marxist-Leninism as in Soviet Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela or Maoist as in China, Laos, and North Korea – is expressly atheist. Socialism – by reference to Marx and Engels – is a waystation on the way to Communism.

By complicity, the entire Democratic field is on a collision course with values held dear by most Americans – and textually enshrined in our Bill of Rights. Strangely, not one Democratic candidate has dared confront that issue head-on. This may change after Super Tuesday – but for now, the Democratic Party is fast drifting out of the mainstream. They are out of sync with America.

Democrats have fallen into lockstep on other issues. They defend late-term abortions, in some cases, infanticide – i.e., the law in New York State. Late-term abortion is quietly accepted by Democratic presidential candidates. Likewise, all Democrat contenders support public funding for abortion – and none openly oppose Planned Parenthood’s reported sale of fetus body pieces.

Candidly, Americans do not line up behind these Democratic positions. A 2016 Politico/Harvard University poll found “just 36 percent of likely voters supported taxpayer funding for abortions, while 58 percent opposed it.” Likewise, the national Marist University poll reported 75 percent of Americans oppose late-term abortions, including 92 percent of Republicans, 78 percent of Independents, and 60 percent of Democrats. That compass seems lost on leading Democrats.

Behind their “civil war,” national Democrats are all shifting left – against the grain of America. Many issues make the point, and several punctuate it. Economically, most Americans favor less regulation, lower taxes, and more individual liberty. Countless polls – and high support for the Trump economy – reinforce that point.

A January 24th ABC/Washington Post poll reported: “Approval of Trump’s Handling of Economy Hits All-Time High.” That number jumped to 56 percent from 46 percent months earlier. Other issues reflect a similar grudging acknowledgment of Trump’s leadership.

Democrats’ shift left is also illustrated by how self-described “moderates” act. Vice President Biden is heavy on federal spending, new taxes, new regulations, and boldly opposed Trump’s tax cuts. He is an inveterate critic of Trump’s emphasis on securing our southern border, holding Iran and China accountable, and elevating the US Defense budget. Historically, even Democratic “moderates” would not have taken such views.

Again, on social issues, numbers tell a chilling story. Michael Bloomberg, when the mayor of New York City, oversaw 83,000 abortions in 2010 – in a total population of 8,175,133. Put differently, 40 percent of New York City pregnancies ended in abortion. At one abortion per 98 citizens go national, abortions will more than triple. In a nation of 329,671,200, we may expect 3,363,991 abortions annually. That is not a turn most Americans would counsel.

Nor would those numbers bother Sanders, Warren, or Biden – defenders of late-term abortion, the first two socialist, third a bold defender of China’s prerogatives on population control. Note: Last year, China aborted 23 million children – mostly girls. In 1.3 billion, China annually administers one abortion for every 56 citizens. Americans should ask: Is China a role model for America? Are Sanders, Warren, Biden, or Bloomberg in sync with America? Hard to see that.

Democrats are misaligned in other ways – and data shows it. From economic and security policy to harboring criminals in “sanctuary cities,” preoccupation with impeachment to “open borders,” legalizing drugs to ripping up a State of the Union speech, many Americans do not recognize the modern Democratic Party.

Many traditional Democrats no longer see their worldview reflected in the New Left, perpetually angry and meanspirited leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Tlaib Rashida, Ilhan Omar, Alex Acasio-Cortez, and innumerable others, many of whom just go along.

Many traditional Democrats now spin their political searchlights, seeking someone competent who might share the worldview of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, or Sam Nunn. Such level-headed patriots are in short supply, leaving traditional Democrats lost.

Beyond the issue polls, basic turnout is low. That tells you something. Turnout in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada suggests an undermotivated, badly divided party. Exit polls in New Hampshire showed “young and new voters” down, the latter by 16 percent from 2016.

Other trends are afoot. NBC reported only 11 percent of New Hampshire’s Democrat voters were 18 to 29, suggesting low young turnout. These numbers contrast sharply with older voters, who historically tip more conservative – and more often vote.

Nationally, a January 30, 2020, Pew poll reported: “nearly a quarter of the electorate” over 65 and 35 percent over 50. These numbers represent “the highest such share since 1970.” Pew notes: “Since older adults are more likely to turn out to vote, it is possible that older generations will form a larger share of actual voters in 2020 than their share in the electorate.”

A Gallop poll in 2015 observed: “Older generations of Americans are much more likely” to be “conservative than liberal,” especially the “baby boom generation.” Of this cohort, “44 percent” self-describe as “conservative,” while “21 percent” identity as “liberal.”

Each year, the number of Americans over 50 grows – which means the cohort empirically more conservative and more likely to vote grows. All this would argue for retooling the wildly out-of-step New Democrats. But leftist ideology is binding and blinding; another reason Americans oppose it—the individual counts for little or nothing, the collective everything.

What does all this tell us about what to expect on Super Tuesday? Only this: The Democratic primary race is a mess, confused, and likely to stay so for some time. No clear victor is emerging, unless the socialist wing triumphs this week, pulling the whole party further left.

These are testing days for Democrats – and our two-party system. The Republic needs two level-headed, liberty-loving parties, but seems now only to have one. The best we can do is stay informed, love our liberties, respect our history, and participate.

One can only hope the People – We, The People – will restore ballast to the Republic. America has never been a socialist country; God-willing never will be. That said, strange political trends are afoot – and the Democratic Party is objectively lost.

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Hal Gregg Lemoyne
2 years ago

???CHRISTrumPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
Amen & Amen???

2 years ago

Hatred is destroying the Demo Party from within its confines Situation is no longer about good government or about honesty or American ideals

2 years ago

ALL Americans need to truly embrace the awful truth that our government Must be fixed somehow, some way for any and all to continue to survive this CRISIS in our Country!!!!! EACH INDIVIDUAL NEEDS TO TAKE Responsibility!!!!!! We. Need to stand up to all evil wrongdoings We need to be deadly serious about notifying our elected officials, many of whom are Democrats, that we do not and will tolerate their actions NOW or in future AMERICANS need to reclaim our Government FOR THE PEOPLE By THE PEOPLE Don’t think about it, don’t wish it were happening VOTE OUT THE Dishonest politicians who are wrongly usurping money. And power

2 years ago

News showed a young female saying she’s voting Democrat because she wants to eliminate income inequality. Income inequality is eliminated by not spending beyond your income. If she depends on government to make things equal, she should live in country where government makes everyone equally poor—like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China.

Joanna Johnson-Smith
2 years ago

This is GOOD NEWS for the RIGHT, but does poor turnout at debates signal poor turnout at the polls? Maybe not. At my local town election this past November, I saw more voters under the age of 30 than I have ever seen before, and I have lived here for 37 years. The Democrats won by a landslide in this very tiny, very rural community. That is BAD NEWS for the RIGHT. Young people are voting based on their New Liberal Ideologies and lack of historical knowledge, and THAT is frightening. Conservative Parents and Grandparents need to start talking to their younger family members. Time is short.

2 years ago

It’s very scary. They have wanted to do away with the middle class for years! They keep telling everything will be free. The younger voters are eating it up. Nothing is for free and shouldn’t be. Young voters your parents will be paying fir what is free and eventually you will. All in taxes!

As for the Kate term abortions, it’s murder! I had no idea that the body parts are being sold. How disgusting! Most of the politicians are Christians . How can they not see what it really is? They have sold their souls to the devil. For what? Votes, their egos, control, money. Definitely not, fir the American people.

I pray for this country and I hope that we will rise above this mess.

2 years ago

Fantastic article!!

dino deplorable
2 years ago

You could take all of the rest of these liberal socialists that are running for chairman,put them in an old fashioned gunny sack,shake them up for ten minutes and empty it and all that you would have is”BULL EXHAUST”,fertilizer for your garden.

Corbin L Douthitt
2 years ago

The Democrat Party has been out of sync with America since Woodrow Wilson. It is just now at it’s peak. It should be the Socialist Democrat Party- to be half-truthful..or the Communist Party America to be truly honest.

2 years ago

Please cite your source on 83000 abortions in New York in 2010. My research shows 45722 abortions in that year from the CDC. Now 45722 is an awful lot of abortions but way less that you cite.

David Lyday
2 years ago

Here’s what I find most frightening:
This whole vaudeville show is just a set-up for Michelle Obama to come riding in to the rescue.
I can’t imagine anybody with a brain expects any of the bunch in this clown car to beat President Trump. But MO would fire up the base, pull black and Hispanic voters away from @POTUS and give the impression of being less of a communist than the current warm-up act.

Z Martin
2 years ago

Who would have ever believed our Republic could be in such a state!!!

Robert J White
2 years ago

The sad point of the article is the silent Majority has stayed silent until 2016. It has to reinvigorate it’s self for this next election !!! No if’s or buts

2 years ago

I still believe there is a lot of fraudulent voting, (vote harvesting, double voting, dead voting, etc.), and do hope someday we have voter ID. With states like NY and CA allowing illegals to get drivers licenses, no wonder they have such a large number of people voting for government handouts. Also, I hope the legal republican voters will vote for all offices and not just president, although I think a lot of them are too lazy to make the effort.

G. Fisher
2 years ago

They’ve gone beyond “out of sync.” They’re out of tune, out of kilter, out of control, out of focus, out of touch, certainly out of their minds, and most of all out of ideas. It’s time they were all out of a job.

2 years ago

I am beginning to think that the colleges have been in total collusion with the Dems for many years. When my daughter went to Pharmacy School, the college itself gladly gave her a loan. ( We totally wish she had let us Or her fiancé read it before she signed !!!!) She and her husband have been paying well over a thousand dollars a month for ten years…the math @ even $1000x12x10…$120,000…which is a bit less than what she needed to pay for the four years. But, after ten years, she still owes…wait for this….$205,000!!!!!! She will never have it paid off in her lifetime. So, if the colleges are lending money at terrible interest rates to young adults, and the young adults feel hopeless about ever getting out from under….they see the Socialist plan to “ pay for college” as a way out….even though they do not promise retroactive loans to be paid and even though they do not promise grad school, medical school, pharmacy school and the like to be covered under their “Free College for All”mantra. We are heartsick. We were able to pay for her undergrad, but not her pharmacy school. She has tried over and over to refinance and switch the loan to a bank or other institution, but the college cleverly put in the small print that this is never going to be an option. So, there you go….the tail wagging the dog towards Socialism.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sue

Has she sought the help of a good lawyer or her state representative?

Bob L.
2 years ago

We are faced with a choice between radical liberal Democrats, Socialist/Communist Democrats or Globalist Republicans, none of whom have much if any loyalty to the founding principles of our nation. Yes, even Donald Trump is a globalist.

2 years ago

“Democratic Party is Lost, Out of Sync with America” Along with their propaganda media.

David Spade
2 years ago

Everything that is good about America is in-line with conservative values. Everything that is bad about American squares totally on the policies or lack thereof of proposed by the Democrat party. The leftist leaning is going to be the downfall of the Democrat party, and I again predict that it will last for decades. I admittedly live in the Midwest, and I know of no one who subscribes to the socialist/communist viewpoints of the Sanders, Warren and others. Similar to the last presidential election, there will be few precincts nationally who will favor anyone but President Trump. This article written for AMAC is very concise and spot-on to the “out of touch” position of the Democrats. Their convention this summer could literally be a blood-bath for supporters of those candidates still on the stage. People who do not have situational awareness of the doom that will come from the Democrats should really “wake up and smell the coffee”.

John Karkalis
2 years ago
Reply to  David Spade

David, today is “Super Tuesday”, so we may get an idea how well Socialist ideas play out in diverse states.
Sadly my state of Ohio is not included in today’s election.

Mark B
2 years ago

Do not count them out just yet. If Biden got the nomination and he picked a certain person as a running mate, it could reignite the party to a rally. Not sure if it would happen but the person I am thinking of is M. Obama. Pray that Bernie gets the nomination and he picks another commie for a running mate, we could have a 49 state win like Reagan did. Then maybe the commies will finally get the message, not here, not now, never.

John Karkalis
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark B

As my crystal ball clears I see the image of Hillary as the choice.
Of course I got my crystal ball at a rummage sale in Poughkeepsie.

Ed J
2 years ago
Reply to  John Karkalis

Gee! A Demshevik ticket with Comrade Bernie and Hillarious Clinton! Ask your crystal ball if that ticket has a chance of winning in November. I expect your crystal ball will immediately start laughing uproariously and not stop until the election is over.

John Karkalis
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed J

No, Ed, my crystal ball cracked over the naivete of my question.
I guess that they don’t make them like they used to in Poughkeepsie.

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