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Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum


Democratic presidential candidates seem convinced a leftward rush is the ticket to success in 2020.  That is how they aim to beat President Trump, who produced the best economy in 50 years, has strong national security credentials, a moral compass for the Supreme Court – and is reforming healthcare through the private sector.

The biggest Democratic bell-ringer is “Medicare for all,” which kicks 180 million Americans off employer and private plans, takes your doctor away (no more false promises!), and reduces access and quality at one time, saddling America with a $32 trillion-dollar bill.

Do you know how many zeros are in a trillion?  How many hard-earned taxpayer dollars are in 32 trillion?  That is more than 10 Iraq and Afghanistan wars, one and a half times the entire American gross national product, two-thirds of all the money in all the world’s central banks today.  If you are still un-phased, I have some swamp land to sell you.  In short, this is nonsense – all America’s money for worse medical care and breadlines.

Here is the part that will make you laugh – or maybe cry.  People are being sold a bill of goods, and national organizations are buying it, some even selling it.  This week, AARP hosted an event in Iowa that brought out Democratic candidates, and what emerged from the event? 

A Democratic commitment to taking away private health care and giving it “lock, stock and barrel” (can we still say that?) to the federal government.  AARP reported glowingly on its forum, which showcased multiple Democrats defending socialized medicine, dressed up as care for those who find it hard to afford treatments and drugs.  

Let’s cut to the chase – speaking truth about the future, and to those who want to preserve the America’s private health care system.  Republicans have long advocated a variety of reforms, which center around lowering prescription prices (which President Trump has signed Executive Orders and issued regulations to do), addressing pre-existing conditions with networks of private groups, and assuring catastrophic health insurance, a safety net.

Interestingly, legislation on this order has been pressed by Republicans back to George Herbert Walker Bush but opposed by Obamacare Democrats who said it did not go far enough giving control and taxpayer money to the federal government. 

Here is the hard truth, which those Democratic candidates and AARP wishes not to discuss:  If current “Medicare for all” legislation – bad medicine for money we do not have – were to become law, the impact on America would be devastating.

Specifically, “Medicare for all” legislation carnival-barking promotors want – S. 1129 in the Senate and companion House legislation – is a travesty.  It creates a massive government entity to review ALL your medical claims (efficient right?), with one-size-fits-all coverage (because we are all identical, right?), new prosecution of good doctors, hospitals, private and state level providers (because they need them prosecuted, right?), and states: “It shall be unlawful for … a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage … or … an employer to provide benefits …” So, gone is your existing plan, doctor, and coverage level – poof!

But it gets worse.  The federal government will decide if your coverage is “medically necessary or appropriate.”  In a hurry?  Sit down and wait.  Need something others want?  Take a ticket.  Enjoy the idea of rationing?  Step right up.

Moreover, the federal government would be entitled to still charge you more for prescription drugs, commit people over the age of 21, disapprove doctors and providers, demand your invoice in 30 days or you lose coverage, and demand that doctors start ratting on (testifying again) each other.  The old Soviets might like this, but not most Americans.

Add weak fraud and abuse provisions, mass tracking of private individuals’ health, amateur anti-bribery provisions, and that $32 trillion-dollar price tag – roughly one and a half times America’s annual net worth.  And where does that money come from?  Not the tooth fairy – who is also probably up for prosecution, but the middle class.  In short:  From you.

So, when Democratic candidates cheer for a seemingly Soviet-style form of medicine, at ungodly, largely incomprehensible cost – borne by you and me – and the approach is glibly promoted by big organizations like AARP, one must wonder.  Who would be served by such a travesty?  Maybe that ubiquitous, Orwellian-shaped federal government, more bureaucrats and big pro-government groups, but not average Americans.  And there is the rub.  We are the voters still, right?  I certainly hope so.   

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Martha Clark, RN

I will never support Socialism in the form of ‘Medicare For All’.

Because of their support of this travesty, and treatment of President Trump, Dems can expect to NEVER get a vote from me…ever!


This why I do not belong to AARP. They are a leftist organization and people should start dropping them. They are bad for America. It is a shame so many people are uninformed and stupid.


Medicare for all is socialized medicine. As a retired nurse, this is not acceptable. People with this type of medical treatment in other countries have months if waiting for much needed surgery and medical care. Many come to us for care because it is easier to obtain and better as no waiting months for care. All bills paid, but can’t get care needed in own country. I was amazed during my 40 years of nursing, how many came from other countries for care. Heart surgery had been postponed in their country for 6 months or longer. This is just one example, most would have been dead by then. You want this for your care, I sure don’t!!


So, will Congress be changing to Medicare/Medicaid for all, themselves, if it will be unlawful to have anything else? Keep hammering that fact to the ears of every American instead of the current rhetorical. Nothing will ring more clearly in the ears of everyone. My husband fled Cuba with his family (by gunpoint) in 1962. They owned the radio station. Cuba has “great” government doctors. They were all trained somewhere else. But, there is no medicine. Canadians will tell you that its not so great either up there. You wait for 6 months and more for cancer treatment and you cannot pay a private doctor. THAT’S WHY THEY COME HERE. Finland is going bankrupt with their healthcare system also. I am on Medicare as well as some of you. Its not so great. I have hardly any doctors to choose from. Can’t see my doctor of 20 years because he… Read more »


I hope people really are not blind sheep being led to slaughter. It has gotten to where when you see the word free, people will break their neck to get whatever it might be. I truly hope our society can see through this devastating health care jargon.


What has happened to common sense? Dems have lost it!


This was the plan all along…from Obama Care to Single Payor (Gov’t). However, one thing is still not mentioned…never was to be Medicare, it is to be Medicaid! Quite a difference in health care access/availability. And, not for the good. So, Medicare also goes away.

Stephen Russell

Biden reruns O Care again & Dems Govt take over.
We lose.
Use to boost AMAC rolls, BIG Time


I will never recommend AARP to anyone. AMAC is the best choice.

Judith A. Ray

I’m almost 75 and I have seen the steady erosion of the rights of individual citizens which started with the Clinton Cartel and gained momentum during Obama and only when Donald Trump became President (thank God) did I see any hope of things turning around and things did start to turn around, but the hate mongers on the Democratic side were so mad that their “Gravy Train” got stopped at the end of the line and they lost their ticket to ride and they turned into a pack of snarling cur dogs. I hope they keep snarling and snapping at each other because we are seeing people – especially black people – finally realizing how they have been used for generations by the Democrats and held down in poverty and despair. I say to all blacks and other races – the only race they can win with us to race… Read more »

Dr. Covert

The wait will be long in the Doctor’s office. We will be standing in line to see your doctor. It is terrible in Russia, and it will not work here. Wake up people and smell the bad smell for you and I.

Brenda Blunt

Socialized medical care is NOT the way to go. I am particular about my doctors and I will not accept someone I don’t like and feel who would not take good care of me! The Dems can have it if they want, but NOT me. The Dems can pay for it all as well!! Ability to get health insurance is a must for all with the person being able to pick the plan that is best for them.


The other HUGE negative is that surgeons will be limited on how many surgeries they can perform in a month, due to budget cuts etc…It also creates a shortage of healthcare providers such as MDs, surgeons, specialists etc… Politicians will never mention the negatives of such programs during their campaign. It’s not to their advantage. Plus it doesn’t affect them since they will have a “Cadillac” plan solely made available to them. Countries with government run healthcare cannot afford it anymore. So they have to cut benefits. Prescription drugs which are deemed too expensive are not prescribed, even if they could save someone’s life.

Todd Taylor

Sorry, no pay no play. If you did not pay into Medicare for a life time, as so many of us have, you do not get it whether you are a citizen or not.

Bo Dalton

America can be assured, That if these Idiot socialists get the results they want in 2020, there will be another Civil war ! And it will be a shooting war !!!


They are not even Dems anymore. Socialism is alive and growing…
Nothing is Free !! There is always a cost. I feel those of us, older. on certain meds, better we die so they don’t have to deal with us…if Socialism happens, and I pray God still has his hand over our nation , many of us will die, sooner than hoped for but we will become like Venezuela, Cuba, the other countries. The government won’t have any Drs. left so that will work out.
When asked who would be willing to give up their private healthcare…2 out of 20 raised their hands..they won’t lose theirs, only us.
Leading the sheep to the slaughter..


AARP should rename itself ACARP – the “American Communist Association for Retired Persons” with the by line “(who long to go back to work because their money allowed us to bankrupt their healthcare and social security).”


No way for one thing it’s for those who have worked and paid into, not for illegals lazy asses these stupid dum idiot politicians need the looney bin and out of politics for life

Wayne D Peterkin

Except “Medicare for All” is NOT Medicare. As a 75 year-old who is very familiar with Medicare, we rely on a lot of private insurance to cover what Medicare does not cover. I bristle at anyone using the term “Medicare for All” because it’s a lie. What every Democrat is supporting is the death of all private insurance and a complete government takeover of healthcare, either an immediate radical conversion or an evolution by pricing some government insurance program under private insurance to drive private providers out of the market. Either way, the result is a massive new federal bureaucracy along with major tax increases, reduced payments to providers, and what amounts to a federal implementation of the old VA system for us all which completely sucked. Months to obtain life saving treatments, dramatically reduced innovation along with far fewer new and better medications, all of the liabilities with few… Read more »


Medicare is not the issue here. The issue is that AARP, the organization that is supposed to support and look after seniors is falling for the Socialist propaganda. Can you imagine how many people are signed up in AARP? Me for one. I am a member of AARP and AMAC. I have written to cancel my subscription to AARP and return my money. Thank you for this information.