Democrat Secret Scandal – Is a Top Member of Congress Being Blackmailed?

Scandal Democrat Republican capitol HouseA strange spectacle—and possible obstruction of justice— involving former Democratic National Committee Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been kept under wraps by Congress, flying under the radar until now. A messy, tangled web of suspicious connections and incriminating allegations, the scandal has led White House aides to suspect whether a top member of Congress is being blackmailed.

Confused? Let’s take a closer look at the scandal major media is keeping quiet about.

To refresh your memory, Wasserman Schultz resigned as the DNC chairwoman in July of 2016 after WikiLeaks published 19, 252 of her emails. The emails revealed how DNC leaders conspired to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders to secure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Wasserman Schultz was told to resign by President Obama shortly after. Now, Wasserman Schultz finds herself embroiled in another scandal, which she seems to be keeping more tight-lipped about.

In February, a group of five Congress information technology (IT) employees fell under criminal investigation for allegations of stealing equipment from over 20 member offices, and committing serious and “potentially illegal violations” of House IT policies. The “leader” of this group is Imran Awan, who has worked for Wasserman Schultz since 2005.

In May, Wasserman Schultz threatened the US Capitol Police for investigating her office. After they had retained her computer as evidence in part of the Awan investigation, Wasserman Schultz apparently threatened the Capitol Police Chief with “consequences”, claiming that the computer belonged to her.

After the investigation, Wasserman Schultz kept Awan employed by her office as an “advisor”, leaving many both perplexed and suspicious. Why would she not only refuse to fire the suspect, but protect him after he had allegedly victimized her?

As usual with Wasserman Schultz, things don’t add up.

Furthermore, although Imran Awan and his IT associates were accused of data theft and banned from the network, they still have not been charged with a crime. And despite suspicions that the group accessed congressional computers without permission, members of Congress have displayed a peculiarly strong loyalty towards the suspects. Along with Wasserman Schultz keeping Awan as an employee and therefore giving him continued access to her data, other representatives remain bizarrely loyal to the IT workers as well. When a tech-services manager who had previously worked with Democratic House offices offered his company’s services for one quarter of the price Awan and his group charged, the members surprisingly declined. Why are members of Congress so fiercely protective of these IT workers?

Conservatives are understandably frustrated that the case is receiving such little national attention, however, cybersecurity experts claim that the case has numerous red flags that indicate not just another bizarre Democratic scandal, but a potential blackmailer.

Other House IT aides have claimed that they believe Awan and his associates are blackmailing House members with their own data, and that this would explain not only why the victims of these hacks are oddly loyal to the alleged suspects, but the clout that Awan holds among House Democrats. Public records also indicate that Awan was paid $165,000 a year—a salary comparable to the likes of top House aides. Making nearly three times the amount of an average IT staffer, Awan’s unusually high salary has never been explained by his Democratic employers.

Representative Gregory Meeks, D-NY, who is believed to be friends with Awan and his wife, claims that the investigation is rooted in Islamophobia, as Awan and his associates are Muslim Americans with ties to Pakistan. Meeks has stated that this “could make them easy targets for false charges”.

Others, however, believe that Awan is a suspicious figure not due to his religious or ethnic background, but because this scandal is not his first brush with the law. Awan has previously been convicted of criminal misdemeanors, for using an illegal radar detector and driving an unregistered vehicle. And in 2010, Awan took over running his brother’s failing car dealership, which was in hot water due to bad record-keeping and numerous “incidents” in which money and vehicles would seemingly go missing on the regular.

Considering this shady business past, Conservatives are not exactly shocked that Awan’s work in the House was not done by the book.

What is perhaps the most worrying is that the Awan case goes far beyond the theft of property and money. The suspected IT members had access to a wealth of highly sensitive data, including privileged congressional information. With access to House documents, emails, and confidential files, and members having no way of knowing if anything on their electronic devices had been copied, a massive amount of sensitive government information could be compromised; the entire case can be considered a major violation of the House security rules.

What more must these IT workers do to be removed from the House payroll and arrested? And, just as importantly, why hasn’t Congress taken a more active stance on policing its own members? All signs indicate Wasserman Schultz justifiably being impeached for obstruction of justice– why is Congress stalling the impeachment proceedings?

At this point, it is clear that congressional leadership must make a decision. Will they keep covering up the case and continue the obvious charade of things being copacetic in Congress, all while possibly risking national security, or will they finally come clean and openly investigate what Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her ilk have been so desperately trying to hide?

For our nation’s sake, the time for transparency is now.

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Shirley Hathaway
5 years ago

I also am glad I dropped AARP and joined AMAC. There are still so many uninformed seniors that still belong to AARP and probably don’t realize why they removed the word RETIRED from their name……because they do not represent the seniors anymore. Wake up America!!!! As for this “cover-up” of Wasserman-Schultz and Awan dirty deeds, when is Congress going to get with it? I don’t trust anyone in Congress any longer and I am really disgusted with how the Republicans won’t even stand up for our President. They need to fear the loss of their jobs but again who would be the ones to vote on term limits…..Congress. Does anyone believe they will EVER vote against themselves? Too bad our founding fathers didn’t put a clause in the Constitution that the voters could fire them all and start from scratch. We need to inundate our Congressmen with calls, letters, e-mails, whatever, so they remember WHO put them in office. Let’s get moving people and tell them how we feel!!!

5 years ago

Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles International Airport as he was trying to leave the country 25 days after AMAC published this story.

Lynn Mueser
5 years ago

AARP is really pushing for new member. My husband and I quit them with confetti AARP cards back when they sold seniors out with supporting Obama, and now they try at least once a week, by snail mail and email, to try to get us to rejoin. I think it’s typical of AARP to not even recognize when a former member is FORMER for a reason. Thanks Amac for keeping us folks in the ranks advised of the ongoing lib full court presses and attempts to further degrade this country. I thank God every day that Hillary failed yet again — may the beat go on!!

5 years ago

Perhaps Awan has some info on the Republican members…..

5 years ago

My wife and I cut up our AARP cards after AARP went to bed with the Affordable Care Act. They sold the American people out and offered health insurance to enhance their bottom line. We are very happy with AMAC!!!!

5 years ago

Send this information to your state representatives and ask why nothing is being done.

5 years ago

I also joined AMAC because I could see how corrupt AARP was. Now I fear I’m going to have to continue looking for a truly conservative senior organization. Mr Weber seems to continue to support liberal causes despite his members’ wishes. Most of us don’t want to replace Obamacare, just repeal it! And his fight for a raise in SS was a joke! I want to see some leadership in fighting for conservative principles, not leadership in getting more people more dependent on the gov’t!

5 years ago

Give this Information to Trey Gowdy he;s about the only HONEST congressman

5 years ago

Mueller should be investigating this Democrat secret scandal instead of the Russian nonsense that I hope boomerangs on the Democrats. Talking about “beating a dead horse”………must be how they made that nothing burger.

5 years ago

It is past time for the House to CLEAN House! Obey the LAW!

5 years ago

I left AARP when I found out that they sold out to Obamacare. I have Obamacare and hate it. Premiums are too high and deductibles are too high. I can’t afford to get sick on Obamacare. On August 1, 2017, I am officially off of it. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

john Abbott
5 years ago

Two questions: The congressional leadership Should investigate this, like you say, but the Republicans are the leadership in Congress. Why would THEY try to cover for DW Schultz and the other Dems? And, also, why weren’t these Techs Arrested ? They committed SERIOUS CRIMES. Something doesn’t sound right. Are they waiting for a future court date? Did they grant them bail? And if they did, Why?

Bill Eason
5 years ago

I sincerely hope our Congressman from SC Trey Gowdy has been questioned from AMAC regarding all this ridiculous shananigans. I know our President has said he wants to drain the swamp. It appears not only do we have crooked people in the White House, but in the Congress and Senate as well from both parties. Thats,why I think most American people have thrown their hands up, and said what’s the use in voting, Congress, Senate, President, etc. THEIR NEEDS TO BE SOME INTEGRITY RESTORED IN OUR COUNTRY LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS PLANNED IT.TERM LIMITS NEED TO GO IN PLACE TO ELIMINATE THESE FAT CATS SELF SERVING POLITICIANS THAT COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I THINK I SPEAK FOR EVERY AMERICAN WHO HAS WORKED FOR OVER 40 YEARS AND SERVED OUR COUNTRY IN THE MILITARY. THE CORRUPTION NEEDS TO STOP.

5 years ago

Thank you AMAC, I too have been following this story. I don’t understand why the FBI counter-intelligence division has not stepped in and taken over this investigation. One or more of the Awan group has already fled the country and is being protected in Pakistan.

Where the other Democratic congress people ALSO grossly overpaying Awan and his associates?

Was any of the Awan group involved in the election, the hacking of any of the candidates?

Was Hillary or Obama, or any of the other Democratic party leaders, involved with this scandal of dishonesty?

Why did Wasserman-Schultz threaten the Capitol Police for investigating this matter?

Wasserman-Schultz has proven she is NOT trustworthy or credible!

I don’t trust the usual Washington DC swamp slime to investigate this matter and tp truthfully, accurately inform the public. It is just too potentially dangerous for the Modern Democratic Party after its embarrassing election losses. An honest and competent investigation must be undertaken.

5 years ago

A question I have is WHY in the name of COMMON SENSE, does the Federal Government contract with companies that are run by NON Natural Born Citizens of the United States and also contract out to Russia and China software and airplane parts? How utterly STUPID!!!!!

Carol Remter
5 years ago

I am shocked at how corrupt the Democrats are. This Debbie Wasserman Shultz should be arrested and put in jail until she decides to talk! How ridiculous this whole thing is. And Trump and his family are suffering because of the Democratic corrupt party. Enough is enough. We the people need to end this!!!!

5 years ago

We need to know some of the best avenues to start being heard in Washington DC and our home states. This lawlessness and lake of trust must end and we need hope of positive change and that ALL people are created and treated equally–even those in high places of our government. I want to have trust in our Justice department, but breaking the law must have consequences!

What can we do as concerned citizens?

Elena Tellez
5 years ago

It’s one thing for SOME Congresspeople (not all) to accept bribes from big business — big pharma, big pharm, big tobacco, big food, etc. and other special interests — that’s bad enough… but this goes straight to the core of America’s defenses and security. Even if it eventually calls for TEMPORARY martial law, the swamp must be drained, and guilty treasonous people, right up to the very TOP, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background, need to be indicted, given a fair trial, and if found guilty, given long prison terms or executed. Just sayin’. This is no joke any more.

5 years ago

Demand investigation! Our weak, political suck ups in Republican party need some serious waking up!

5 years ago

Congress has many things they need to come clean about, including this, the reality is many of them are “comprised” in a variety of ways! Bribery, extortion, blackmail and outright threats against them and thier families. This is noting new, just another group doing the extorting. The swamp cleaning is under way and it starts with pedophilia, 3,500 arrested to date under the Trump admin., more to come and where it goes is going to shock and awe many!

5 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Compromised not comprised, oooops!

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