Democrat Scandal Continues: IT Staffer Arrested While Trying to Flee Country

scandal democrat Debbie Wasserman SchultzFormer DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz just can’t stay away from scandal and corruption.

In case your memory is foggy, here’s a quick recap of Debbie’s greatest hits: Wasserman Schultz disgracefully resigned as DNC chairwoman in July 2016 after WikiLeaks published thousands of her emails revealing plans to sabotage Bernie Sanders and secure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Even before her shameful resignation, Wasserman Schultz was known for being an incompetent leader and poor communicator, with a string of public blunders including asking the DNC to cover the costs of her wardrobe and comparing voter ID laws to Jim Crow laws, exposing herself as a politically tone-deaf hack.

It’s safe to say the woman’s got a knack for earning negative headlines.

Which is why it’s no surprise that Wasserman Schultz’s career has once again blown up for all the wrong reasons. Back in February, a ring of house IT workers were accused of “stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network”. The group, led by Imran Awan, was suspected of stealing computers from over 20 member offices and collecting their data. Things got stranger in early July when it was suspected that Awan and his group of IT staffers were blackmailing Wasserman Schultz and other House democrats with their own data. This week, the case took another bizarre turn when the FBI arrested Imran Awan as he attempted to flee the country and fly to his home in Lahore, Pakistan.

Awan, the subject of a Capitol Police investigation since last winter, was finally arrested on Monday night at Dulles international Airport in Virginia. Awan was charged with multiple counts of bank fraud as part of a scheme involving double-charging for House IT equipment, as well as allegedly attempting to get a loan from the Congressional Federal Credit Union on a rental property by claiming it as his primary residence. Awan pleaded not guilty. Although currently released, the FBI has confiscated his passport and he will be required to abide by a curfew, wear a GPS monitoring device, and surrender his possessions before his August court date.

But Awan’s criminal activities don’t end there.

In February, upon finding out he was under investigation, Awan moved out of his home in Virginia, renting the house to a Marine Corps veteran and his Navy Officer wife. When they moved in, these new tenants found some interesting materials—a collection of smashed hard drives had been left behind, along with other equipment appearing as though Awan had tried to destroy it, including wireless routers and laptops. “It was in the garage”, the veteran said, “They left in a huge hurry. It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over”. Awan reacted by asking for the materials back and threatening to sue the tenants for their return–  which is, quite possibly, the most self-incriminating action he could’ve taken.

By asking for the equipment back, Awan has inadvertently established a link to the materials that federal prosecutors may have had to otherwise prove exists. By affirming his connection to the smashed hard drives and other equipment, Awan has essentially confirmed his involvement.

And speaking of self-incriminating, where is Debbie Wassermann Schultz in all this?

Despite officially firing Awan on Tuesday, many are questioning why she kept Awan on the House payroll and gave him continued access to House computers and data even while he was under investigation. Why is Wasserman Schultz being let off the hook, rather than arrested for enabling these criminal activities? The former DNC chair has always had a career marked by scandal, ineptitude, and dishonesty. Despite recent efforts to revive her image and gain clout among young voters, Wasserman Schultz still holds a reputation as an out-of-touch hypocrite politician who represents the worst of the Democratic Party.

With the FBI now in possession of the smashed hard drives and Imran Awan waiting for his next court date, we can only hope that Capitol officials wake up and decide to prosecute Debbie Wasserman Schultz for compromising national security. Until then, we’re left to wonder:  will the democrats ever learn? Will Wasserman Schultz ever hear the sound of a cell door slamming shut?

Now, more than ever, we need politicians who prioritize integrity over cash and cronies.

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As long as the American people continue to elect RINO’s like Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Gramm, the republican party will go now where. Wake up low information voters!

Join the discussion Amen brother you said it right” flipping” doesn’t fix problems it takes guts, President Trump has guts we are praying everyday The Lord will give him the Anointing of David.

Gordon, I firmly God already has. I have been praying for Trump since he got the nomination. I didn’t jump on board right away – like a lot of Conservatives — because I wanted to see where he was going to go with his platform. I was in the Cruz camp. By the time of the debates, I was listening intently to every word he said and loving it. Cruz was good and would have been a great nominee, but NOBODY else but Trump would have had the courage to take on Hillary head on and hammer her hard, saying what needed to be said about her criminal activities and total corruption – o matter what they tried to do to him. Cruz has been a fantastic, stead fast influence in the Senate and needs to stay there until after election 2018. If we can get more Republicans in the… Read more »

McCain is not only a failed warrior he is a spoiled little brat attempting everything, including not helping the American people, to get back at Trump. Shame on you McCain. I hope your health care will not cover you.


They should make these so called RINO’s Senators to pay for their own healthcare and then maybe they will get rid of Obamacare just like the
American people have to pay for this.

The leadership needs exactly the same type of insurance the ordinary citizen has to live with…and deal with the same ups and downs of price increases, terrible coverage, and the same kind of out of pocket expenses. Guarantee you that theae problems would be solved immediately.

just take away their waiver////executive order will fix that?????

I’m disappointed in McCain. I sent an email after his failure to repeal Obama care. My opinion is it’s an attention-getting maneuver. I suspect he’s unstable and craving attention. Continue to pray for our country and our leaders.

When I look at his voting history, I think he is just a RINO. There are to many liberals in the Republican ranks, they get rich but they don’t help our country.

McCain is the biggest attention whore in Congress as his record clearly proves.
And do not forget about the Keating S&L scandel he was involved in years ago
for which he should be serving time in prison.

I believe his days are numbered here on earth…new leadership is in the wake to take over with a newer vision.

I did the same thing! I send him a ‘PLEASE RESIGN, YOURE A TRAITOR’ email every few weeks. Like Richard above said, McShame is the real-life Manchurian Candidate!

Bob – Think about this. John McCain has always been a loser. They try to justify it by calling him. “Maverick”, which is a lot of horse pucky. He is a RINO and a documented traitor. He is also a Never Trumper, who hates that Trump – a non establishment type – is president, and he is not. Now, add to that the fact that he has just been handed a death sentence. There is no cure for his brain cancer. He is marking time. His tumor was in his left frontal lobe. The left frontal lobe controls intellect and behavior, and language to a great extent. The medical exam – probably EEG, Brain Scan, Ultra Sound – could have been precipitated by McCain’s recent behavior at a Senate Investigating Committee. When it was his turn to ask questions,he was erratic, irrational, his speech was slurred and difficult and he… Read more »

What a thoughtful and well-spoken post! Thanks so much…totally agree on all points.

If his thinking was impaired, why was he allowed to vote? Other folks lose their jobs when seriously ill.

The Senator’s brain tumor explains his erratic eccentric behavior, calling himself a maverick but he is really the manchurian candidate. Just like Ted Kennedy had a similiar condition and was so antiamerican to the point of coming forward to the kgb to offer his services to counterbalance President Reagan holding the nuclear codes. They did’nt take him seriously.

The Republicans refuse to do anything to bring Democrats to justice even though they are in charge of all 3 branches of the government. I heard someone say the other day that when the Democrats win elections, they take control, but when the Republicans win elections, they take office. I believe it.

This is also my point…why haven’t the Posse been sent out weeks ago, after Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill? I actually thought the DOJ or FBI or some law enforcement group.would have been on the tails of those who are guilty, get them in court and perhaps even indicted and prosecuted. And I’m beginning to think too, that perhaps even Comey himself might have had something to do with it by suggesting a special counsel be selected to look into whatever..that “nothing burger” Russia-Trump collusion, to maybe “stall” things a little longer. And look who they selected for the special counsel…another cohort of Comey’s and he in turn picks lawyers who are loyal to Obama and Clinton!!! What are the Republicans waiting for??? They seem to drag their feet on everything instead of plowing into the mess and knocking heads until they get everyone of those guilty people reined into… Read more »

probably because they know if they do, at least 1/2 of the GOP would be in jail with them.

Scandal and corruption are the least of the problems within the Dim-o-cratic party, outright treason tops the list.
From illegal voter registrations, to aiding enemy combatants engaging our troops, to flooding our country with dangerous illegal aliens and unvetted “refugees”, to members of Congress openly violating their oath of office and the Constitution, to illegally occupying the top executive office in the Federal government. Shall I go on?

Great article. The mainstream media has kept this information away from the public

“Be sure and know, your sins will find you out.” The lust for power is destroying our Country. Wasserman Schultz has allowed several Muslims to steal our government secrets. She has been a part of treasonous acts, as has several other Democrats. Pray for our Nation.

Not only pray but get s Republican who has the intestinal fortitude to do something about it.

I agree, Doug, but don’t think any of them has it in them. If they did, wouldn’t we have seen it by now. No, I’m afraid what we have is Donald J. Trump and, for the most part, he’s not backed by them. Shame on all of the Republican traitors!

Now that Debbie Wasserman is getting caught up in stuff and no longer head of the DNC
She doesn’t get the same public air time she used to get
That’s a good thing.
Now I don’t have to listen to her nasty pit bull gibberish

Who was nastier ? Anthony Weiner or Debbie Wasserman?
? How does someone of such personal character rise to such a high level in two high profile positions.
Kind of gives one an insight into the true nature of the Dems.

Lol, last Saturday we went to a family reunion for the first time in years. As we were all devouring great food, we remembered some that are no longer with us. I remember Aunt Virginia standing up one time and saying loudly, “All democrats are going to hell. ” She was funny to talk with, but she really believed that the democrat way today is not right and often evil intent.
About half the family smiled and the other half just thought ‘that’s just the way she is. ‘
For her, may she rest in peace. For us, may God move to convict us all to live moral and upright lives.

Your Aunt Virginia was right…

It’s interesting the major newtworks are silent to any coverage what so ever… to this disgraceful former democratic person who has been caught with her panties in a pinch. Yea!!!!

Gee, the main stream media is silent? What a surprise, NOT!

It should be appalling and frightening to all Americans that these are the type of people running our country. No wonder the fat little Korean is flexing his muscle!

I’ll bet ImrN Awan and his group are the real source of the leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks, not the Russians. Any investigator looks for motive, means and opportunity. Awan has all three. It also fits other facts, like the DNC’s refusal to let the FBI examine the server. If they found no evidence the server was hacked that would have pointed to it being an inside job.

Lock her ass up! NOW! Another obstructing, taxpayer robbing, CRIMINAL Democrat!

Yes. Why isn’t she being tried for treason?

Looks like more of the same, business as usual. There is a gentlemens agreement in Washington between republicrats and demicans. When you are in power, don’t prosecute me for my corruption and I wont prosecute you for yours when I am in power. That is why, despite the appearance of an investigation, nothing ever comes of these investigations. Anyone remember Barney Frank, caught running a homosexual prostitution and pederasty ring out of his office? All he had to do to get out of hot water was threaten to reveal names of his fellow senators/congresscritters in the ethics committee. He went on to “serve” his constituents for another 20+ years. This culture of corruption is why an outsider meets with so much resistance when they are elected to office.

We’ll see now if the MSM discusses the story on Sunday morning coverage.

Let some light shine on the darkness. Only then can justice be sought by the true Americans.

Don’t hold your breath . . .

If a civilian committed any of these crimes we’d be in jail yesterday. I demand our government prosecute Debbie, Imran, Clintons….. Crimes have been committed a and laws need to be followed.

D W Schultz holds a reputation as an out of touch hypocrite politician who represents the BEST of the democratic party, not the worst. there are many who are worse, just not caught.

She’s no worse than McCain traitors all. It isn’t about Dems vs GOP anymore. It’s about patriots vs communists. There are commies in both parties.


You are 100 percent correct.


He wasn’t the only one she hired from Pakistan. There were a total of about 6 in that same group that she hired and they all worked in IT in the same area, and I believe they were all related to each other. Fox has been covering this.

And, no doubt, she’ll likely ask the DNC to purchase a different color of stripes uniform for each day of the week. She’s crazy!

Washerwoman – Schultz and the Hildabeast would be cellmates if DOJ wasn’t corrupt.
Is it time for a third party would be a good poll question, how about it, AMAC ?

New York State has numerous third parties. do some research. They are all beholden to and connected to and some controlled outright by one or the other of the big 2. It doesnt work out as you might think though the intent and idea are good..

Here I am, hoping most people know the Fed is 20% owned by member banks (that part they taught us in high school in the 60’s) but 80% privately held in the hands of a few families, most notably the Rothschilds. Please don’t jump at me about anti-Semitism just yet; since this is the family that funded Hitler. I don’t think of people that way anyhow. See ‘the creature from Jekyll Island’; ‘The Moneymasters’; etc. So it’s often said the banks are the real bosses in D.C. I agree that the petty criminals we elect to public office protect each other so neither side will indict the other, blue or red notwithstanding, for the crimes they share. Trump has spent time in both camps but lives in neither. He’s just a jerk, same as me or any man- and shows it unapologetically, but still I am of the opinion he’s… Read more »

I’m right beside you Robert. My flints are sharp, my lead balls smooth and my powder is dry!

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them (the citizens) under absolute Despotism, it is their (the citizens) right, it is their (the citizens) duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their (the citizens) future security.”

Declaration of Independence

And thus we have the 2nd amendment as well as several others. The Founding Fathers were aware of this possibility and wanted to give the people “ammunition” to fight against such a takeover.

…pursuing invariably…that’s a mouthful and has been so true over millennia. Good call Griz, thanks.

Yes the Evil Rothschild Dynasty has been doing its dirty work for years. However, we shouldn’t overlook the help that it has been provided by equally Evil George Soros, the “Godfather” of the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Waters, Warren and the rest of the DemonRats. Their goal is to have a one-government worldwide Socialist-style without Christianity, and of course, they’ll be controlling all the money. But there it came an outsider, Trump, followed by a multitude of Conservative Christians to give them a headache. This is the reason why there is so much opposition to positive changes to push the country up after 8 years of decadent and failed liberal policies. There’s still hope for America and for conservative values. We need to be more outspoken putting the fire on our elected Republican representatives to force them to be more aggressive and in charge. They’re too weak and afraid to take… Read more »

This is just another of the Democrat’s Crime Mob’s leaders doing her thing. If I can ever get enoiugh money together or enough tax payers I’m going to sue this whole bunch of thieves for thief of our tax dollers. I’ve had my full of these thieves and our congress and no one else is doing one single thing about it. The Clintons started the down fal of our country with their Crime operation and then along comes the cumminist billionaire George Sores, whom wshould of been arrested and deported from this country when he bought the presidency for that piece of crap Obama

Meh. I’ll believe anything will get done about this when I see it happen. Until then I will not get myself into a tizzy waiting for the powers-that-be to act as their oaths demand. We’ve seen endless treasonous corruption from the Dhimmicrat Party for decades now.

So what has changed? The sold out GOP won’t act because they might shine a light on their own treasonous behavior. The Federal bureaucracy won’t act, those same politicians own them. Trump can only do so much without the support of the “opposition” (LOL) GOP.

And the band played on ………

How does she stay out of jail? She resigned in disgrace after working hard to undermine Bernie the hippie’s run. As chair of the DNC she should have been working for the party not Honest Hilly.