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Democrat Obstruction Will Now Cost People Their Paychecks PPP Needs More Funding

McConnell “One week ago, on this floor, I warned that the Paycheck Protection Program was running out of money and tried to a pass clean funding bill. Senate Democrats blocked it. Here’s where we are, a week later, with absolutely no progress. This morning (April 16), the program ran out of money and shut down, just as I warned a week ago. But even now, Senate Democrats are still blocking funding. Every Senate Republican was ready to act today, but Democrats would not let us reopen the program. It is absolutely surreal to see Democratic leaders treat support for workers and small businesses as something they need to be goaded into supporting. This really should be above politics. Five million more Americans lost their jobs just last week. That makes 20 million layoffs in just one month. Americans need Democrats to stop blocking emergency paycheck money and let this job-saving program reopen. I hope our colleagues will come around soon.”

Quote from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

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2 years ago

Democraps are furthering their desperately needed demise . Their insane actions are hurting Americans on a daily basis Tis very clear they do not care about America at all!!


2 years ago

We need to open the country back up. The numbers being touted in this “panicdemic” don’t support the level of fear and panic being generated by the media.
If these one worlders can stampede us this easily with this what new “crisis” will they invent and exploit next?

2 years ago

That sounds right to me too. The Democrats are playing with people’s livelihoods and this country’s survival. Let’s keep our country great. No time for these sick games. Remember these Democrats come November people, they’re not for working Americans anymore.

2 years ago
Reply to  Buddy

Dimocraps play sick games ??

2 years ago
Reply to  Joanned

Its just amazing to me and many others that you just dont get it. It has nothing to do with political parties, it is a pandemic and it is global and it is killing people. What has happened to your moral values? Do you not value anybody’s life except your own. Are you people that think this way that arrogant and narcissistic. I feel nothing but pity for you people with this mentality.

Sandra Gawinski
2 years ago

Excellent, sound and accurate news!

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