Democrat Meltdown

When intransigence, demagoguery, threats, and word breaking are indulged – they roar back.  As they say, “what goes around comes around.”  Democrats are learning.  If you punt on due process, comity, compromise, respect for law, solvency, and public will, things change.

After two slap-dash impeachments, scalding rhetoric, uncontrolled border, riots in 200 cities, defunding police, and a calamity in Afghanistan – Democrats are collecting an early harvest.

Public perceptions of Democrat respect for due process, judicial rulings, state legislation, and Supreme Court are record low.  The southern border is overrun by Haitians, Central Americans, other nationalities seeking illegal entry.  Drug trafficking is out of control, 96,000 kids dead. Police recruiting, retention, and morale are down, homicide rates skyrocketing.

Domestic and international respect for US leadership is abysmal, foreign press savaging the Biden Administration. Now – as if no one cared – Democrats try to jam $3.5 and $1.2 trillion-dollar bills through both chambers, demanding moderate Senate Democrats trust House radicals (self-styled progressives), and House radicals trust moderate House Democrats.

No dice.  Trust among trust-breakers is thin, no honor among thieves. What we are watching is the operational definition of political comeuppance.  Put differently, this is what happens when those driven by power, sure they can strongarm others, meet and go over the brink together.

I am reminded of the famous scene in “Rebel Without a Cause,” where James Dean takes a “chicken run” with teen peer Buzz.  Neither expects to go over the edge, but Buzz does.

On facts, picking up mid-plot, here is where we are.  Speaker Pelosi, having tried several political tricks to force passage of a $3.5 trillion socialist (power centralizing) spending bill – which would transform state prerogatives to federal, drive national debt over $30 trillion, push up inflation, make bond markets stutter – decided to push the “bipartisan” $1.2 trillion spending bill with “progressive” support, promising their $3.5 trillion bill would follow.

They said, no way.  They do not trust her.  They do not trust moderate House or Senate Democrats to press the $3.5 trillion “go socialism” bill.  Meantime, Senate moderates – like Senators Manchin and Sinema – are apoplectic, as they wanted the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and will not “go big” for $3.5 trillion a “human infrastructure” gambit.

Playing God, Pelosi assured the press she would engineer a double vote last week, only to find members of her own caucus do not trust her. Thus, the vote on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan bill got put off, “as the far-left wing of the Democratic caucus refused to back the bill, unless there was an agreement on a separate $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package” – that is, the $3.5 trillion – “packed with left-wing spending priorities and tax increases.” See, Sinema slams Dem leadership over ‘inexcusable’ failure to hold vote on infrastructure bill.

Meetings with Biden did no good, as the trust at opposing ends of Pennsylvania Avenue – although all Democrats – is hardly better than among House Democrats, or between chambers.

In short, “Democrats conceded that the votes were not there to pass the infrastructure bill, with talks still ongoing with moderate Democrats – including Sinema – to come to an agreement on the reconciliation package.”  Sure, maybe.

Although the larger bill could pass the Senate without facing a filibuster – if 50 votes existed – chances are fading, as moderate Senate Democrats are insisting the bill be considerably smaller.  Senator Manchin put a powerful marker in place – no way he will support $3.5 trillion.  See, Manchin Statement on Infrastrcuture and Reconciliation Negotiations.

Tempers within the Democrat caucus are rising.  After the far left in the House blocked the $1.2 trillion bill, Democrat Senator Sinema came down like a hammer, following Senator Manchin, calling House actions “an ineffective stunt to gain leverage over a separate proposal,” the $3.5 trillion bill.  Her invective got hotter Saturday, questioning their “good faith.” See, e.g., Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: Delayed vote on infrastructure bill ‘inexcusable’ and ‘deeply disappointing’; Sinema slams delay of infrastructure vote: ‘Inexcusable’.

Meantime, President Biden’s influence seems to slide by the day.  Meetings with him last week – including with leading Democrats – did nothing.  Reelection is front-and-center for many.

In fact, “clashing Democratic factions” are “fueling the party’s anxiety about the path forward and their prospects in elections this year and next,” and Biden seems more a bit player than president.  In any event, he produced no consensus. See, e.g., Democratic Clashes Hold Up Biden’s Agenda After Rocky Month.

As if talking to himself, Biden resolved “it does not matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days or six weeks, we’re going to get it done,” and with that exited stage left.

So, what are the stakes, implications of failure, chances Democrats get both bills?  Hard to say, but their current plan is not working – hung up on trust, as tempers continue to rise.

If progressives cannot trust Pelosi, and demand $3.5 trillion in spending, creating resentment among Senate Moderates, nothing happens.  If House progressives cave, they might pass the $1.2 trillion, allowing conference and signing. Getting $3.5 trillion from the Senate seems unlikely.

If tempers continue to rise among Democrats, what was political, professional, and vigorous may turn personal, impossible, and venal.  What we are seeing is what happens when everyone is “throwing down,” and members quick to decry conservatives become a circular firing squad.

Where does it end?  Not clear, but stakes are high. Public perceptions of Democrat professionalism, trust, honor, and fidelity are fast fraying.  The economy is creaking, inflation rising, new spending a heavy burden, markets uneasy.  In a phrase, Democrats are in meltdown.

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3 months ago

It’s about time they implode. Good riddance. My concern is what will replace them?

3 months ago

Pelosi is the enemy of “we the people” she is nothing but a power mad traitor and needs to exit our government. I am so sick of her dirty politics and strutting around like she is all of that. Disgusting display of tyrany.

3 months ago

Sounds like everybody in Democratic party does not believe in Socialism direction. Sorry Bernie!!!

3 months ago

And this too shall pass!

Dave Smith
3 months ago

Utter implosion and destruction couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of “Power at all cost, Destroy America” group than the disease in Congress disgracefully called democrats! I only see two possible Americans in the entire bunch! And when they fall apart it’s time to hunt and destroy their minions all across this nation without mercy! Always told my kids another revolution would happen in this country but never thought I’d be alive to see it, but we’ve allowed this infestation to grow for way too long and it will not go away on it’s own! I truly wish it didn’t have to be this way but anyone who thinks you can talk with rabid dogs without getting bitten is incredibly naive! Our governments, courts, media, schools have all been infested and it’s got to stop!

3 months ago
Reply to  Dave Smith

So true. Couldn’t have said it better.

3 months ago

They keep pushing their agenda that is going to cost ????0?? Why isn’t anyone telling you what’s in the agenda?? The American citizens have been screwed by this administration more than they care to be. Do they actually think this is going to be something that we will welcome with open arms. I think everyone is sick of this administration Democrats, Libertarians, definitely Republicans and all other parties.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

Thanks RBC, another inciteful read…It would appear we have reached the end game with these power hungry pack of wolves…Whatever the final outcome, this is Pelosi’s FINAL hurrah…
Be gone with her already, she reminds me of a bloody hemorrhoid that just won’t go away!
They are getting desperate, they have a mostly comatose faux potus that is essentially useless…
This leaves Pelosi & Schumer the Schmuck to try to jamb this garbage down America’s throats.
The JRB foundation is crumbling & they know it…The American people know this Biden character for what he really is now, i.e. listen to the stadium packed crowd at the Talladega Speedway on what they think of Joe Biden… F**K Joe Biden, F**K Joe Biden. I rest my case…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

3 months ago

By including attractive bribes, democrats expected to pass both bills. However, I think they included enough items that each senator and representative does not want to vote for to remove support from each bill. Given enough time, each will eventually identify this. I think both fail.

J Brown
3 months ago

This is well written article exposes the corruption amongst the dems, but also the handful who have not yet sold their souls to the devil.. I am thankful that my state Senator Sinema is one with a conscience. We may be able to exist as a country after all!

Don Horaist
3 months ago

I cannot see the last part of this article on my screen. What appears to be the last paragraph says, “Where does it end? Not clear, but stakes are high. Public perceptions of Democrat professionalism, trust, honor, and fidelity are fast fraying. The economy is”. . . Where is the rest of the sentence?

Dragon Lady
3 months ago
Reply to  Don Horaist

“The economy is creaking, inflation rising, new spending a heavy burden, markets uneasy. In a phrase, Democrats are in meltdown.”

3 months ago

Just remember Democrat stands for Deeply Entrenched Members Openly Committed to Removing American Traditions. They will never change until they destroy this country.

El Ey
3 months ago

Has anyone asked these wicked democrats if they have actually read and understood the $3.5 trillion, 2400 pages bill? I’m hoping and praying that Manchin and Sinema will stick to their good conscience and dignity and defy Pelosi and Biden.
This is another Wicked Pelosi’s “WE NEED TO PASS IT SO WE WILL KNOW WHATS IN IT”, just like the Obamacare.
Lord, please have mercy on our country.

Steven W. Anderson
3 months ago

I pray that both spending bills fail. The truth is that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is filled with unrelated items that total about half of the total amount. AMAC needs to encourage Senators Manchin and Cinema to hold the line.

Melvin Johnson
3 months ago

Enjoy your articles, very informative.

3 months ago
Reply to  Melvin Johnson

Yes, great article

3 months ago

Oh what to do!!!! Tempers are rising in the democrat caucas….the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!
Fortunately we still have committed conservative sources that tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth…so far, (and they’re under attack from the leftist predators). No editing, censoring, covering up. The entire end game of the democrats is for one goal and one goal only: complete and utter destruction of our Constitutional Republic and ultimately complete control of your every day existence…think China where literally your every move is on surveillance cameras.
They have, piecemeal by piecemeal, eaten away at our Republic while citizens pursued the American dream, content to leave the running of the country to politicians…George Wallace, not a favorite of those of us on the right once said a big truth: “There’s not a dimes worth of difference between democrats and Republicans.” With a few principled and strong exceptions willing to actually protect our Republic…very few.
I pray it’s not to late to turn our America around, and with great hope, the democrats are so unstable, so manically focused on our destruction and their “coming kingdom”, they’ll begin to savage their own and ultimately destroy themselves in the process…we can only hope.
Meanwhile write, call, make appointments and go visit if possible, your representatives. A few letters and calls here and there are easy to ignore…I’ve seen it happen in the past when thousands of fed up citizens never let up on their local ‘representatives’. Numbers matter. Sometimes we must be as annoying as a fire ant. These politicians think they’re sacrosanct…untouchable….not according to our Constitution, Bill of RIGHTS, AND our Declaration of Independence.
P.S. if you’re not on some federal agency or politician’s hit list…why not?

3 months ago

Meltdown….that’s when it gets so hot, you turn into goo. Testing again

3 months ago


3 months ago

Yes, the DemocRat meltdown has a very distinctive odor .. reminiscent of what come out of the south end of a north running bull. The DemocRat Party has become a potpourri of political incompetence and a movement to hide their Communist actions in the cloak of a Constitutional Democracy. And two keys have been paramount in their success so far:(1) the overwhelming control of the news media to serve as their propaganda outlet (with a couple or so exceptions) and; (2) the successful rigging of the elections. The government can’t really control by law the obvious and overwhelming bias in favor of serving as the DemocRat propaganda outlet, but alert and informed intelligent citizenry can do so by closely monitoring polling/elections and dropping subscriptions to those news outlets that are propaganda outlets … except the DemocRats learned how to do that and get away with it given the lax procedures used in the last major National election. If Ameicans want to MAGA, elections have to be cleaned up of their lack of honesty and rigging.

3 months ago

I never thought America could be brought lower after Obama but I was sure wrong. Biden has definitely put what was once the “United” States in the sewer!! We are no longer UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Our own National Guard has turned their weapons on the people by supposedly defending the peoples Capital!!! How dare they!!! And for who? PELOSI!!! The Democrats don’t care about the people and quite frankly neither do the Republicans!!! All they want is MONEY and POWER!! None of them work for the people anymore!!!

John Pi
3 months ago
Reply to  Ginger

Well stated and so true. We need term limits now more than ever.

3 months ago
Reply to  John Pi

We need more than term limits

3 months ago
Reply to  Ginger

Obama is the one behind all this in the first place ! Biden doesn’t even know where he is !

3 months ago
Reply to  Dede

DON’T FORGET soros AND THE clintons

3 months ago
Reply to  jocko

How about china

Gail Tubbs
3 months ago
Reply to  Dede

You are correct! 100%.

Sean Richman
3 months ago

Lets face it,the democrats and their agenda is doomed to failure.There are still many more true patriotic AMERICANS than what the dimwhit democrats know.The AMERICAN people really need to wake up and realize that nothing is free and when the country runs out of money because the taxpayers realize that why work to support the politicians and the rest of the deadbeats,THE COUNTRY IS BROKE.WE,AS A COUNTRY,ARE BURNT TOAST.

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