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Democracy Must Guard Against the Dangers of Marxist Political Violence

AMAC Exclusive – By Ben Solis

(L-R) Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx

Only a few short weeks after the thwarting of the attempted assassination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and as the world continues to mourn the death of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s great statesman who was assassinated at a campaign event on July 8, it is worthwhile for Americans increasingly concerned about the threat of political violence here at home to reflect on the fact that history has much to teach us about political violence. Americans, of course, immediately think of Lincoln, but in modern times of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, or his brother Bobby in Los Angeles. We often forget that with both Kennedys, their killers were deeply motivated by Marxism-Leninism and were sympathizers with and believers in that ideology. The media too often finds that fact inconvenient to reflect on, and so rarely does. But another example of Marxist-inspired political violence from the 1970s, though perhaps less well-known, also drew considerable attention at the time and has essential lessons for us now – the kidnapping and murder of Italian Premier Aldo Moro. A brief description of Moro’s life and legacy is instructive for how this pattern of Marxist violence is a truly global phenomenon that democratic nations everywhere must be watchful of.

Moro rose to prominence during a turbulent time in Italy in the decades following World War II. Born to a family of five in the small, impoverished town of Maglie in the country’s southeast region, he learned an ethos of hard work, respect for the dignity of human life, and appreciation for education early from his father, a school inspector, and his mother, a teacher.

Moro studied law in the city of Bari, graduating in 1939. Throughout his time in school, he intensified his devotion to his Catholic faith and developed a friendship with Father Giovanni Battista Montini – the future Pope Paul VI.

With the outbreak of World War II, Moro served in the Italian military before helping to bring about the downfall of the regime of Benito Mussolini in 1943.

Following Mussolini’s ouster, Moro, along with other Christian democratic political leaders, helped form the Christian Democracy, a Catholic-inspired political party determined to rebuild Italy on a solidly Christian and democratic basis after the destruction wrought on the country by radically secular fascism and war. Moro would eventually rise to become the leader of the party and serve as Premier of Italy five separate times, the first in 1963.

As Italy’s top politician, Moro based his governance around the principles that he and Montini had discussed so many years ago. Both Moro and Montini shared Pope Pius XII’s view that the Marxist doctrines of class warfare and the abolition of private property were an insidious threat to the moral and spiritual base of society, indeed with destructive potential akin to fascism.

Moro’s philosophy is perhaps described best in his lecture titled “The Problem of Life,” which explores the freedom of the individual, a topic fascists and Marxists avoided. The Problem of Life discussed the concept of natural law, which Moro called the “profound law of truth.” As Moro explained, the law of truth is ingrained in every person’s conscience, urging them to abandon their ego and focus on the good of others. Through this, every person realizes that he or she is free to do good. The only authentic freedom, he concluded, was the freedom derived from this truth, which was directly opposed to the evils of Marxism.

With this philosophy as a guide, and through pragmatic decision-making and commitment to traditional religious principles, Moro became a crucial political force who helped weaken Marxist influence in Europe, paving the way for the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

Throughout his time in power, Moro decried Soviet persecution of Catholic figures in particular – something which earned him the ire of a small but militant faction of Communists in Italy known as the Red Brigade. From the group’s inception, their goal was to destroy Christianity and Christian Democrats in particular, whom they believed to be the foremost obstacle to the “formation of the revolutionary state.”

On March 16, 1978, a group of Red Brigade members stopped a two-car convoy that was carrying Moro on his way to discussions about the formation of a new government. After killing his five bodyguards, they kidnapped Moro and held him hostage. The group made demands that the government release 13 members of the Red Brigade who were on trial in Turin. The government refused. The terrorists conducted a show-trial to portray Moro as a fascist and restated their plan to initiate class warfare across Europe according to the tenets of Marxism. After 54 days in captivity, Moro was murdered, and his body was abandoned on the streets of Rome.

Pope Paul VI – Moro’s old friend – remarked after his death that the tolerance of Marxism in the public square would turn Western societies, once the teacher of civilization, into a helpless witness of revived barbarism. His remark – and the lessons of Moro’s killing – resonate today, as the world continues to confront the threat of Marxist violence.

Just as the Red Brigade targeted Moro in large part for his religious philosophy, religious institutions in the United States have come under relentless attack from left-wing elements in recent years. Following the leaking of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, churches and pro-life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers – the majority of which are affiliated with Christian groups – experienced a wave of violence, suffering at least 40 such attacks.

The Justices who signed on to the decision were also subject to threats of violence, many specifically citing the supposed religious basis for their decision. At least two organizations, “Ruth Sent Us” and “ShutDownDC,” searched with social media for information about their location. ShutDownDC even offered a bounty for the location of justices in public, even after Justice Kavanaugh was the target of an assassination attempt.

The BLM organization – which has explicit Marxist roots – also fueled the summer riots of 2020, which saw the lives of conservative politicians threatened and dozens of church firebombings, religious statue demolitions, and anti-Christian graffiti. It is no stretch to say that BLM riots were in many ways a reflection of what the Red Brigade hoped to accomplish in Italy through their terrorist acts.

These acts of violence have one purpose – scaring religious groups and individuals into silence so as to remove the greatest barrier to the spread of Marxist ideology within a society. Those who would tear down religion in the United States hope to turn the country from one based on Judeo-Christian values and principles to a radically secular society completely alien to the American Spirit.

In whatever form it appears, Marxism inevitably leads to suffering, violence, and the destruction of civilized society. That is why all freedom-loving peoples – especially the Christian churches – should continue to guard against the pernicious spread of this ideology, lest these acts of violence become more widespread in the years to come.

Ben Solis is the pen name of an international affairs journalist, historian, and researcher.

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Kathryn N Charlton
2 months ago


2 months ago

The progressive democrat party is urging violence and backed by people like Soros. They hope to gain complete control over everything. Unfortunately, most people today do not read a newspaper or listen to worthwhile news. People have become lazy and not willing to fight for what they believe but instead look to the government to give them handouts.

George L
2 months ago


where is that word Democracy used in the Constitution?

Arent we a Constitutional Republic??

2 months ago
Reply to  George L

We are indeed a Constitutional Republic…the left are like parrots screeching the same lies over and over until even those who should know better start repeating it. Another term that sadly, conservative news people have started to use is “gun violence”…as a long time firearms instructor I’ve yet to see a gun load itself, walk out the door, pick a target, kill said target and then walk home and put itself away.
As Goebbels, Hitler’s right hand man said; “A lie repeated often enough soon becomes “truth”.
Our conservative news people must not adopt the left’s talking points…if they do they’re just fanning the flames.

2 months ago
Reply to  Denise

P.S. The article was dead on in spite of the “clerical error”.

2 months ago


David Neal
2 months ago

Thank you for this history lesson and showing the connection then and now with Marxism. I believe that many in America today, are ignorant of world history and therefore fail to see the similarities between now and then. We need to be reminded. We need to be challenged. We need to do better. Or, we will lose the natural rights our forefathers spoke of and the liberty and pursuit of happiness they proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. Thank you, again!

2 months ago
Reply to  David Neal

Hindsight is 20/20, if we know the history. But the Marxist want us to forget history. Plus, I do not remember ever hearing about this in the history books I saw in school.

2 months ago

No question, from my perspective that religion, particularly Christian, has been under duress for the past cantury in the U.S… and progressively this has increased over time to the point today that most Americans are neither religious or Christian, and could care less about church or faith or true democracy. This has been actively and covertly carried out across the culture via, schools, higher education, media and entertainment and yes, even Christian (supposedly) groups and churches that have allowed their doctrines to be diluted and even reversed. The great warning from the Bible still stands….we are not at war with flesh and blood, but with the powers of darkness….specifically, Satan.
Yes, it is bad and will continue to grow worse…’s the consequence of a people giving up on and rejecting the one who created all things. Yet there will be a remnant, as history shows, of the faithful who will continue… that last day when they will join the saints in heaven…..sadly, more people will NOT make it to heaven, than will…..and that’s not a judgment, it’s a reality of the present age.

2 months ago

A Great article which frames today’s marxist democrat party and exposes exactly what destructive ,anti American playbook they follow.
These are immoral,corrupt,divisive and hateful marxist democrat politicians and their failed policies of which they lie to an unintelligent group of followers.
These people are evil and care only about monet and power.
Enemies of Real American Citizens.

2 months ago

This violence is going to continue. America’s thug Commies told us it would. As the elite thugs all over the world work to take away our food, and homes, and freedom, these evil things already told us when the food runs out in their cities, they WILL COME FOR US.
I took money and bought two more guns and not enough ammo. That’s the best I can do in their declared war on us.
They won’t strip us of our belief in God, though. But they may die trying…..

2 months ago
Reply to  Becky

The marxist democrat party is pushing the violence and lawlessness.
Pay attention to what schumer ,pelosi and joebama preach along with the rest of their own show pals

DeEnna Matthews
2 months ago

Violence is going on all over the country. Until we get local and national non-Marxist political leaders, there is no hope of getting the violence under control. Unfortunately, the NEA has been responsible for not teaching truths and the generations lost in this horrible educational experiment are unwilling to hear truths from conservative politicians.

2 months ago

Throw them out, EVERY marxist democrat, EVERY office!
Save Our Country

J. Farley
2 months ago

Violence is the vehicle by which the Marxist gain control, the only way you combat Marxism, is by counter violence, you cannot stop it by appeasement or complacency, you must confront it head on! “Those that beat their Swords in to Plow Shears, Plow for those who don’t”.

2 months ago

The media successfully painted oswald as a right wing stooge. To this day, many believe he was anything but what he actually was, a communist sympathizer. Theres a central problem in dealing with the far left with Christian and Catholic sensibilities and that is an unwillingness to face what real solutions look like and then to support those who would act. Why do we elect rinos other than because we’re not really serious about confronting communism.

2 months ago

Most of our large cities and some small ones , that are run by the Marxist Demorats , that have done away with any reason not to commit the crimes that you talk about here , Ga. is one of the many states that has not been taken over completely by them , but they are pushing hard to overturn that with all the,,, HATE AMERICA ,, billion airs ,, backing them ,, WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE,,

2 months ago
Reply to  mark

Failed marxist democrat party politicians- THROW THEM OUT

2 months ago
Reply to  mark

Michigan has a governor ,secretary of state and attorney General,ALL of who think they are above the law and the Will of the People they SERVE.
Hoping this year they are REMOVED along with their marxist democrat party and failed policies!
They simply refuse to obey any laws and are arrogant, hateful, racist and divisive just like joebama and the useless democrats in Washington.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Then shut down the colleges & Univs or those schools within

anna hubert
2 months ago

We now have generations that are ignorant of history sheltered from facts of life living in a bubble or cocoon totally oblivious to reality, not equipped to survive that which they are demanding

Stuart E Fiedler, PE
2 months ago

2004 CAAttyGen, VP ‘Border Zar KHARRIS + CAGovASchwartzenigger = CARevTaxCode19280;
Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein (Who WORKED ON 19280, …)
PISSED OFFÍf CAL 19280 is CA LAW, how is it ENACTED?  
WHY isn’t 19280 taught CA K-12, USA, WORLD?
Juvenile criminal(S) PARENTS are FINANCIALLY LIABLE ($$$) to CA Franchise Tax Board (CFTB, IRS, …)who COLLECTS on VICTIM(S) BEHALF BILLS CRIMINAL CFTB collection burden, PLUS expenses, pain, suffering … (CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB))  



2 months ago

WhT the hell are you trying to say?

Lawrence Greenberg
2 months ago

There are many reasons why history is no longer taught in our schools, but chief among them is that the powers-that-be do not want anyone to know the truth about the past or learn from the lessons of history. Since the time of The French Revolution, which was the time of the birth of the modern “Left,” well more than 95% of all political violence has been committed by the Left. And the reason is simple: the policies of the Left are anti-freedom and anti-individual, and so are rarely able to gain majority support no matter the country. So in order to attain (and in some cases, seize) power, the Left must engage in ever-increasing violence until circumstances are such that they can take power. Evil ideology followed by evil people.

2 months ago

“Evil ideology followed by evil people.”
as well as “useful idiots”.

Lawrence Greenberg
2 months ago
Reply to  edward

Yes, there’s that.

2 months ago
Reply to  edward

Equals the marxist democrat party

2 months ago
Reply to  edward

Aka- democrat party supporters.
What wrong with those people?
How can you support such idiocy and destructive American garbage??

2 months ago

Exterminate marxism, socialism nazism, and all other America haters for a free U.S.A.!

Bill T
2 months ago

The recent assassination of the Japanese leader (a true conservative leader for the people) being shot dead at point blank range is extremely suspicious, how could they let an armed killer get directly behind him and with a wide open target from 15 feet away put a 10 gauge shotgun slug thru him? It’s not possible, but if there communist enemies are somehow put there with some assistance from the Japanese leftist party?

2 months ago

So THIS is the site I go to to find people who believe that Oswald was the actual killer? Never would have guessed.

2 months ago
Reply to  Nick

The question is “Was it the CIA? or some other government agency?” My wife said when she died that her father stated “They killed him”. She did not really know who they were. But his background suggested he may have been an agent of the government too.

Michael J
2 months ago

Is there any wonder that the left wouldn’t want a populace to be armed to resist their hypocrisy and tyranny?
Marxism, communism, fascism and socialism have at least one thing in common – a subjugated population. Controlling all facets of life without providing any meaningful way to self-reliance is a tried and failed model of the aforementioned run society. These self proclaiming governments keeps their subjects under life or death control if or until they would rise up under the weight of a tyrants atrocities. Relearning what was imposed in the past and repeating the same old lessons seems to be society’s down fall.

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