Delegate Success Stories

From Delegate Rita Fullerton, OH-08:

“I met with Erin Clemons of John Boehner’s staff on May 28…Congressman Boehner represents the 8th District of Ohio and is also Speaker of the House…I gave Ms. Clemons the Fast Facts sheet, enrollment form with Dan Weber’s bio, membership benefits pamphlet and the Social Security Worksheet. We told her that there are over 1600 AMAC members in the 8th District. When I asked about a Town Hall meeting… she was very impressed by the growing membership of AMAC…she seemed receptive to our views.

AMAC Delegate Vince Romao in Rep. Phil Gingrey’s district office in Marietta, GA.

AMAC Delegate Vince Romao in Rep. Phil Gingrey’s district office in Marietta, GA.

From Delegate Vince Romao, GA-11

“…met with Deputy District Director John O’Keeffe today…spoke about AMAC, its values and general issues it supports. John was quite positive on the Social Security IRA concept and liked that it did not take away anything from the current Social Security program therefore does not provide an opening for liberals to attack. Also was very positive on the idea of a town hall meeting for Congressman Gingrey…Overall, it was great meeting–John and I hit it off very well. I’ll follow-up on the Town Hall meeting idea.”

AMAC Delegate Jeff Drummond, NC-2, met with multiple offices:

“NC-2:  I met with Representative Elmers’ District Manager, Pat Fitzgerald on Tuesday, 28 May.  She was receptive to all the material I delivered and asked quite a few questions.  Overall we spent about 20 minutes discussing various aspects of AMAC.  I also gave her the latest AMAC magazine I received in the mail.  She quickly scanned through and picked up on a couple of items that interested her (hopefully she will join).  She will brief Rep Elmers about AMAC when she sees her….

NC-6:  I met with Representative Coble’s Highpoint, NC case worker; Nancy Mazza on Wednesday, 29 May…We discussed AMAC and general issues for about 45 minutes.  She indicated Rep Coble….would be receptive to a group meeting up to 14-16 people at an evening event somewhere…He is very comfortable face to face and much prefers a venue where he can listen and talk to individuals on a personal basis….According to Nancy, Rep Coble is very accessible and loves getting out with his constituents as often as he can.  Apparently has a lot of energy for an 82 year old…”


AMAC Delegate Jim Hoy with Congressman Lee Terry

From Delegate Jim Hoy, NE-2:

“Had a very positive meeting with Congressman Lee Terry and three members of his staff in his Omaha office…he immediately recognized the organization as the “conservative alternative to AARP.” We spent a full hour discussing AMAC, our goals, the organization’s growth, and the AMAC plan for revitalizing Social Security. Congressman Terry was very receptive to holding an AMAC Town Hall meeting.

I received a post-meeting email from his constituent liaison, Spencer Head, who mentioned that our goals seem to align quite well with Congressman Terry’s.  Spencer forwarded the Fast Facts & Social Security Worksheet to Nick Magallanes, Congressman Terry’s legislative aide (for Social Security, Medicare, etc.) in D.C. He also sent me a copy of the House Legislative calendar for 2013. I will work with him to identify and schedule a Town Hall.”

AMAC Delegate Jim Harbison and Congressman Steve Pearce

AMAC Delegate Jim Harbison and Congressman Steve Pearce

From Delegate Jim Harbison, NM-2:

“I met with Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) yesterday…and discussed all the “fast facts” with him…I explained that AMAC delegates in all 50 states were meeting with their congressional members this week to raise the awareness of the organization.   He was impressed by this initiative.

He is clearly aligned with AMAC and asked for an application to join the organization (I had included one in his packet).  In addition, several of his staff members also asked for membership applications.  I will deliver additional applications to them today.  Congressman Pearce expressed that the values of AMAC were consistent with his and he was pleased to know that there was a conservative value organization to counter AARP and he wants to work with us.  He is outspoken and has no problem in confronting Republican leadership when they deviate from his strong conservative principles…”


AMAC Delegate Pat Harper Browne, MI- meets with Rep. Dave Camp’s Director of Community Relations and fellow AMAC member Sharon Wise

From Delegate Pat Harper Browne, MI-4:

“The meeting today went great!  First Sharon Wise, Director of Community Relations for Dave Camp, is already an AMAC member.  She is also Co-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.  She was very amenable to me leaving our materials.

  • One major effort Michigan Republicans are focused on is changing the way electoral votes are allocated to a state-by-state model.  I understand that Maine and Nebraska have already accomplished this.  In our state, Romney won 9 of the 14 Congressional Districts.
  • Sharon agrees with us that our party’s “ground game” needs to be strengthened.  She has invited me and my fiance (who knows Congressman Camp) to an invitation-only event on June 10, where I will meet the Congressman.
  • I delivered the 400+ petitions to defund Obamacare, and they will be forwarded as requested.
  • I broached the subject of a Town Hall meeting, and Sharon…suggested an electronic alternative, or a round table, in Lansing, our state’s capital.  She can secure a location.  She referred me to a number of Congressman Camp’s staff members that I will immediately begin to build relationships with.”

From Delegate John Wainionpaa, MA-09:

 “Yesterday, May 29, 2013, I met with Mr. Anthony Morse, Hyannis Office Staffer of Congressman William Keating, 9th Mass District, in the Hyannis office, to introduce myself and AMAC to the Congressman. We spent about 20 minutes together, starting at 2:30PM EDT, and I provided the following to him: AMAC Fast Facts Sheet; Social Security Worksheet; AMAC Member Benefits Folder; Andrew Mangione Business Card and my cell phone number & e-mail address.

…I offered for AMAC to facilitate a Town Hall meeting with the Congressman and AMAC constituents. He said he would pass that information on to the Washington, DC office for consideration…He mentioned Congressman Keating’s bill addressing abuse-deterrent formulations for commonly abused painkillers.: the Stop the Tampering of Prescription Pills (STOPP) Act, first introduced last year, and again in March 2013…We parted cordially with mutual promises to stay connected…”


AMAC Delegate James Moore with Deputy District Director Patricia Fabio in Congressman’s Gary Miller’s district office

From Delegate James Moore, CA-31:

“I met with Deputy District Director Patricia Fabio and District Representative Socorro Pantaleon today.

The meeting was well received and very pleasant. It lasted about 20 minutes and I was able to discuss several items on the AMAC fast facts sheet. Social Security was at the top of the list as well as JOBS….I also asked if I could schedule a Town Hall Meeting with our AMAC group..they will bring this to the attention of the Congressman – so we will hopefully get a date/time for the Town Hall soon…”

From Delegate Ken Barber, AL-3:

“…the meeting with Ms. Rollins, District Manager for Congressman Rogers…went well…I was able to tell her about our organization..and also was able to answer some questions…now she knows that in addition to having a contact here in the district, there are people in Washington that the Congressman’s Washington staff could contact also…she said they would look into the possibilities of setting up a Town Hall in a central location in August because the congressman would be in the district for the whole month…all in all a very productive first meeting…she said she would forward the SS worksheet with her notes and a copy of our fact sheet to the Congressman in D.C.”

AMAC Delegate Brian Lake with Community Relations Coordinator Thomas Queen of Congressman Jim Renacci’s district office

AMAC Delegate Brian Lake with Community Relations Coordinator Thomas Queen of Congressman Jim Renacci’s district office

From Delegate Brian Lake, OH-16:

“I had the opportunity/pleasure to meet with Thomas Queen, Community Relations Coordinator for the Honorable James(Jim) B. Renacci, Member of Congress, 16th District of Ohio, on Tuesday May 28, 2013. Tom and I had an hour long meeting, where we could learn about each other and especially important, how we could help each other. The presentation encompassed AMAC’s values and core beliefs as well as AMAC’s position on Social Security. The Social Security presentation was important in a number of ways but this presentation was listened to very intently, because the Congressman is a sitting member on the Subcommittee on Social Security.

The views that were expressed are part of the Congressman’s core beliefs on this topic. Congressman Renacci also sits on the House Ways and Means Committee. When the meeting was wrapping up, we both agreed that we have begun an open dialogue between 2 parties that can help each other in a vast majority of ways. We discussed meeting to address issues that arise quarterly, if not sooner, and hopefully we can get time with the Congressman and get him involved in these discussions.

A Town Hall was discussed and will remain a topic of discussion going forward. The meeting was concluded with an office tour and an introduction to staff including Heidi Matthews, Constituent Service Director and the Congressman’s Lead on Social Security. AMAC has a friend in the 16th Congressional District and we will continue to build on this relationship. This was an afternoon that was very beneficial to both parties involved and was admired by the office for the grassroots approach. Tom’s last question, “How do you grow bigger than AARP?” My answer,” Sticking to our core values and beliefs, and one member at a time.”

Take care and God bless the United States of America”

From Delegate Edward Durfee, NJ-5:

“Had a great sit down Congressman Garrett…He was interested in knowing more and I referred him to our website…I gave him…the Social Security Worksheet..and the Fast Facts…the same was passed to his field representative, Daniel…we spent about an hour with the Congressman…”


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