Decrease in Service, Higher Copays, and Much Higher Deductibles

by Mary Sable – First off my demographic, I am a 57 year old retired (civilian and military) government and National Guard employee for 27 civilian and 33 military years. Having paid for my insurance for all those years I am a bit shocked to have to “pay” for those who did not plan, gamble, or take care of their own health care. As of 2012 my share of insurance was $190.00 dollars a month. In 2013 that increased to $254.00 per month and this year (2014) I am up to $290.00 per month. That is an increase of $100.00 ($1200.00 per year) in just two years. Decrease in service, higher copays, and much much higher deductibles ($2500 to $5000 out of pocket) I will now be on the brink of bankruptcy should anything catastrophic happen via healthcare.

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