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Decorating a Courtyard or Patio for Spring


What is a courtyard?

A courtyard is technically defined as an unroofed area that is completely or mostly enclosed by a large building’s walls. However, today the term courtyard is also loosely used to describe an atrium, patio, or outdoor area of the yard.

How can I get my outdoor space ready for spring?

There are many ways to transform an outdoor area in preparation for spring. Here are some great ideas:

  • Give a pre-existing deck or patio a good scrubbing or power washing. Once the dirt and mold are gone, you’re likely ready to begin.
  • Give your open space definition by adding a trellis, canopy, outdoor curtains, or string of light bulbs.
  • Add furniture such a table and chairs, lounge chairs, Adirondack chairs, or whatever you deem comfortable.
  • Or give old furniture a new life by repainting pieces in uplifting colors.
  • Add cushions, chair pads, outdoor rugs, tablecloths, outdoor plants, and accessories such as wall décor.
  • Incorporate water features such as fountains, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor lanterns, or specialty lighting wherever possible—Wrap solar-powered lights around the perimeter of your patio area.

What can make my outdoor area appear more spring-like?

Think light, bright, and cheerful:

  • Use an assortment of vivid colors in your décor.
  • Add colored spotlights to the garden to create a soft yet lively mood.
  • Arrange large groupings of plants in assorted pots of different sizes, colors, and textures.
  • Set a spring table using nature themes.
  • Add statues of birds and bunnies to your space.
  • Hang bird feeders in areas where you can watch them from a distance (avoid putting them too close to your seating area).
  • Display cut fresh flowers from your garden.
  • Hang bright floral wreaths to welcome spring.

What is the most important decorating element of an outdoor area?

Your outdoor area is an important space, especially come spring when people tend to spend a lot more time outdoors in the sun and shade. What’s most important is the feeling that you create with your space. It should reflect your personality, feel inviting to you, and be welcoming to others. If you like to read and relax, creating a cozy space with comfy furnishings might be your goal. If you prefer to host parties, a lively entertaining space with lots of tables and chairs can help achieve your objective. It’s all about feeling at home in the great outdoors.

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7 months ago

Useful article, thanks. You can also install a movie theater in your backyard. Just a couple of chairs, speakers, a projector and a projector screen, popcorn, a warm plaid, and you’ll have an unforgettable outdoor movie experience.

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