A Decorated Combat Veteran’s Open Letter to the American People.

Open letter to the American People,

I write this letter as a decorated combat veteran with 10 years active service and 2 years in the reserves. I have served in various parts of the world including West Berlin, Central America and the Middle East. I was raised as the oldest in a Navy career NCO’s family and watched first hand my Father’s own struggles with the VA system. I carry my own VA Medical ID Card and will only avail myself of their services as a last resort. I am currently a licensed insurance agent with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry and fully certified as a federal agent under the “Affordable Care Act”. I state the preceding facts as a means of qualifying my statements in this letter.

The furor of outrage fades as the media spotlight is dimmed on the VA medical system scandal. The VA Secretary’s resignation seems to have settled the question of how to punish a system that is operating seemingly without oversight and costing the lives of faceless service veterans across the country. It is easy to put aside something you can’t see or recognize in those faceless Veterans. Easy to be distracted and off balance as our Republic teeters on the edge of extinction.

My hope is that this letter finds some Americans left with a few lucid moments to read this letter and ask themselves: When? When will we as a People assert our franchise and pull back from the edge? The answer needs to be now; now or probably not at all.

My Brothers and Sisters that are victims of a system that values performance “bonuses” over saving lives demand our action! Their continued sacrifice; far beyond their years of uniformed service, in peace or war, stands as the example of what the future holds for us all in a single payer, socialized medical system. And make no mistake or misinterpretation – this is not just about promised medical care. This is about control. Control of our lives and our future. In the broken promises to my fellow veterans and the implementation of health care “reform” we witness the bleak legacy we leave to our children.

It isn’t too late to take back our country and our future; however, time is working against us. This is our opportunity to not only correct our commitment to our veterans, but to honor our commitment to coming generations.

I pray we are not too late. My hope is this letter, short and simple, will provoke thought and action.

Respectfully resubmitted,

William M. Jennings
Former US Army officer and combat veteran

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8 years ago

The American public, as a whole, are stupid, and uninterested in politics in general. Just look at what they call entertainment today. Realty tv shows? … Please, how realistic can it be if everything is choreographed. Video games that are pure fantasy. Rap music and hip hop, what garbage! Tattoos and body piercings? The majority of women, even in our age group don’t like or want to have a political discussion. The truth is, the average American is stupid when it comes to politics, they really don’t care enough to educate themselves or their children. America is getting exactly what it deserves … Grandstanding politicians, like “Howdy Doody” Harry Reid, how does he continually get elected? Americans are deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to politicians. How else can you explain the low voter turnout each election?

It’s apathy, and then they will complain when they got exactly what and who they elected. It’s going to take an excellent conservative candidate that can excite the populace. One beyond reproach, that means no skeletons in the closet, an excellent communicator who can simply explain and effectively communicate his message truthfully in words and actions beyond the reproach of a biased media.

More and more, I believe that person is Dr. Ben Carson. I truly believe Dr. Ben is our last hope for saving this country! Google his comments, I watched him deal with “the View” and Whoopi Goldberg and that bunch … and the best part of it all, he was just being himself, he was real … not just another phony politician pandering for votes, getting fed milk toast questions. He was being attacked by these liberal loons … and guess what? Dr. Ben did better than hold his own, in fact, I believe even Whoopi would now vote for him. I was amazed! Here’s a man not connected to any political establishment except being conservative, and a “real” Christian to boot. You know, one who worships His maker for real, and lives it … Not attending a church to appear Christian just for votes.

People, sign the petition to urge Dr. Ben Carson to seek the Presidency on our behalf, the average citizen, and not beholden to special interest groups and power brokers as per our usual candidates. Go to … Get educated, get involved! I truly believe this election is our last chance to save America as a Republic, as it was originally intended by our country’s forefathers. We owe this to our grandchildren and future generations! Socialism be damned!

Mike Santino
8 years ago

Why do Civil Service Employees get bonuses for doing what they are paid to do ???

8 years ago
Reply to  Mike Santino

Why do IRS employees get bonuses for what they should NOT be doing. Amazing, huh?

Paul Wade
8 years ago
Reply to  Mike Santino

Because they’ll vote for the ones in office when they’re pay raise is referred to. Congress is now a career, not a citizen’s obligation to control the government..

8 years ago

Absolutely spot on. Where do we sign up to stop this mess?

8 years ago
Reply to  JayJay

VOTE in November for Republican/Conservative candidates. Encourage people you know who are Republicans/Conservative/Independent to do the same. We need a very large turn out in the upcoming election AND also in 2016.

Make no mistake, the Democrats/Socialists/Communists are gearing up for nasty election campaign. They will continue to use the type of campaigning that Rob Emanual uses (Chicago politics – HIT HARD and BELOW the BELT). The Republican candidate needs to remind the people and campaign hard on the issues that most affect them – INFLATION and LOSS of JOBS caused by the ever increasing EPA regulations, the coming increase in HEALTHCARE PREMIUMS and continuing LOSS of our FREEDOMS and to make our own CHOICES. Also how the VETERANS and SENIORS have been treated by the DEMOCRATS is just an example of what citizens can look forward to under Obamacare. The VA and Medicare are “single payer” programs. People need to be reminded how beaurocrats did not care about the lives of our VETERANS until a whistle blower came forward and made it public knowledge that “bonuses” trumped American lives. Obama had been warned by the Bush administration and did NOTHING until the s— hit the fan.

People need to be aware of the “death panel” under Obamacare and how they will affect them directly if Democrats stay in power and convert Obamacare to a single payer. Eliminating employer healthcare coverage is another step on that direction. The average citizen does NOT understand (or not fully) the impact these ANONYMOUS beaurocrats are going to have on their lives. The uninformed voters (and there are a lot out there) do not believe there is a death panel. I think the Presidential candidate should not refer to them as death panels though but should emphasize that these are ANONYMOUS beaurocrats who may NOT be in the medical profession who will be making decisions about whether they or their family member will LOVE or DIE. That is what will get their attention, when it will affect them DIRECTLY. Calling them death panels will likely turn people off to the message because of the negative news reporting by the media in Obama’s pocket about this name.

Our candidates need to fight fire with fire and telling the people the truth about the Democrats agenda for the future is the way to do it. Campaign ads on all these issues will put them front and center. There will be some who will not belive the message but there will be others that will or at least get them to thinking and that is what is needed.

8 years ago
Reply to  HAM

Sorry, typing error, that should have been LIVE or DIE. That really changed the message, huh?

8 years ago
Reply to  HAM

I completely agree with everything you’ve said HAM. The Republican candidates, running in ALL elections going forward, need to be able to skillfully articulate a clear and concise position on all these issues. We can no longer afford the canned, pre-packaged sound bites or the meaningless, politically correct non-responses designed to straddle the fence on these and other important issues that are crippling our country’s future. At the end of the day, most people want to hear real solutions to real problems in plain English they can understand and relate to. Talk to the people, not at the people. Republicans need to drop the legalese and idiotic parsing of words, where they spend five minutes to say essentially nothing substantive.

Republicans need to push back hard against the constant lies of Democrats by using the facts. which are plentiful on virtually every issue you outlined, as well as numerous others, to debunk the phony narratives Democrats and the mainstream media are telling the public. Yes, that means actually taking the time to better understand the details associated with each of the issues, but isn’t that what we expect from those we elect to Congress. If we wanted superficial answers to complex problems, we would elect five year olds to Congress.

The whole point should be to try and get people to think about what is being pushed upon them by the Democrats and act before it is too late. If the American public doesn’t start making intelligent choices soon, they may very well lose the ability to even have a choice on anything in the future. Republicans need to hammer that point home.

8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

That’s where campaign ads on these issues will do the most good. Look at the ad the Republican candidate in Iowa used to get her message out about cutting the pork. It was very effective & got her the nomination with at 50% or more of the Republican votes. She addressed the issues the people want to hear and I think in the future we need to hold the politicians to their campaign promises if the are elected.

Jane Jensen
8 years ago
Reply to  HAM

As an Iowan, who thoroughly vetted each of the US Seante candidates, listened to every debate, and researched who was endorsing/backing/coaching each one, I can say without equivocation that Joni Ernst was the least qualified candidate in the field. She is a “yes man” who will, if she wins in November, fall in lockstep with the other RINO`s in DC, since they bought her the election. Sorry to dash the hopes of fellow Patriots, but the ring is in her nose already.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jane Jensen

That wasn’t the point I was making. It was how effective her campaign ad was. Even though she was not your choice, she is now the Republican candidate. Will you help the Democrats win by not voting?

8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Can you honestly tell the difference between the Republican and Democrats, PaulE? Our biggest concern today is the point no one in Congress or the Supreme Court questioned Obama’s refusal to identify himself and don’t question his illegal actions today.

Claiming he was born in Kenya with a British Subject his father and raised in Indonesia (adopted into Indonesian citizenship) and Hawaii, how did he become a natural born citizen of the USA?

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