This Would Be the Death Panels We Heard About?

from Rod Bentley – My wife and I have been trying to find doctors since November 2012. We have both had Five meet and greet visit, which is now required before anything is done @ $30.00 each. the average is two visit per doctor. Thank GOD we are both in good health (we hope) . Most of these doctors have quit, moved or retired. My last doctor said “I just can’t put up with government telling me what my patients need. We are now both looking again . I have another meet & greet March 10 and then a real visit April 9. I assume this would be the death panels we heard about.

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Ralph T
6 years ago

Medical ins and visits are a major issue. WATCH OUT FOR THRE OF THE BIGGEST LIARS IN GOVERNMENT: OBAMA, REED AND POLOSI. enough said.

Ken C
6 years ago

I would suggest looking for a doctor in your area who belongs to MDVIP. Thus far, I’ve had zero problems getting the tests, exams, etc., as requested y my doctor. There is a monthly fee to join MDVIP, but I highly recommend it. MDVIP is NOT an insurance provider, and there is a yearly fee. MDVIP requires that physicians have a patient load not exceeding 600 people. What this means is that you can often be seen the day you call to request to be seen by the doctor. Check out their website, and look for a doctor in your… Read more »

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