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Dear Mayor Adams, You Don’t Know What Stress Is | EP 150

“Dear Mayor Adams, You Don’t Know What Stress is, Fella.” Liberal Mayors are are finally getting a taste of what it really means to declare as a USA Sanctuary city, and they are overwhelmed to say the least. Representing Texas 22nd district, Rep. Troy Nehls joins the CEO of AMAC, Rebecca Weber on the BFA Podcast to tackle Biden’s out of control border crisis and the hypocrisy at the heart of the issue. Even democratic leaders of northern cities and states are coming to the harsh realization that record-high illegal migrations are detrimental to the entire country, not just to the few states that line our southern border. Will this be what tips the ice burg into a tsunami of red votes this November? Tune in to find out, only on BFA!

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6 months ago

Thank you Rebecca and AMAC for the interview with another American patriot. Rep. Nehls said it all. WE need to pass the word to all that we ALL must get out and VOTE.

6 months ago

I’ve been commenting about the moaning of those here in the north on youtube for almost a week now – especially since Gov. DeSantis sent those illegals to Martha’s Vinyards and to Kamala Harris’ door step. It’s a means to take care of this invasion problem because it puts the problem in the laps of those who keep saying the border is secure and ignore the problem and now that it’s come to their door steps, they say DeSantis is unamerican and it was illegal of him to do it. They called in the National Guard to remove those people to the mainland. How can they get the guard there so quickly but not have gotten them to the Capitol during the so called insurgence on Jan 6? Funny when they only have a few what they call migrants show up that they’re complaining they weren’t forewarned – what do they think Texas and all our southern border states get for warnings? How about next time, instead of the Japs hitting Pearl Harbor, the Russians or Chinese hit Martha’s Vinyard? Keep sending the planes and busses of illegals to those places until they get off their asses and fix the problem! God bless you all in TX, FL, and other places trying to stop this invasion from the south.

Rene H Roy Jr.
6 months ago

Mayor Adams mentioned “Rocket Man”, how about Biden the “Mushroom Man”. He is always out of site in the dark in his living room.

S Heilman-Knight
6 months ago

We need to leave buses outside Pelosi’s home so she can share some of that ice cream in her expensive refrigerator.

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

I feel sorry for these migrants escaping the violence inntheir countries only to be sent to pkaces like Chicago or NYC… but at least they’ll feel right at home.

6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

Hopefully these migrants will figure out who they should vote for when they see with their own eyes what type of sewer the socialist democrats are creating in this country.

Herb S
6 months ago

Kalifornia Gov Grusome Newsom will feel neglected if some of the buses are not sent to Sacramento and San Francisco.

6 months ago
Reply to  Herb S

Just make sure they’re not electric buses or they might not be able to get back.

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