Dark Money Group Linked To Ocasio-Cortez To Spend $500,000 Attacking Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg

MoneyA dark money group with ties to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced Tuesday it will spend over $500,000 on digital ads attacking former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Ocasio-Cortez has in the past called dark money the “enemy to democracy,” saying groups that use it do so to “manipulate electorates” and silence grassroots candidates.

The group, Organize for Justice, is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, meaning it can raise unlimited sums of money without having to disclose the identity of its donors to the public. Organize for Justice calls itself the “sister organization” of Justice Democrats, a PAC whose board Ocasio-Cortez served on throughout most of her pivotal 2018 primary campaign.

“Dark money is used to manipulate electorates. It is the enemy to democracy. Period. When politicians and corporations weaved their dark web of campaign finance, they created a ticking time bomb for foreign adversaries. To make our democracy safer, we need to get big money OUT.” https://t.co/OYX62jboZH

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 17, 2018

Organize for Justice plans on spending $500,000 on Facebook ads promoting news articles that highlight Biden and Buttigieg’s lack of progressive bonafides, according to HuffPost.

The dark money group has already spent about $20,000 on about 40 Facebook ads, all of which were run on a month-old page called “Watercooler Politics,” Quartz reported. The ads targeted voters in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

“We need leaders who can connect with diverse communities and work for ordinary people, not big donors, to take on the big challenges we’re facing,” states one of the Organize for Justice ads linking to an article titled, “Why 2020 Won’t Be Won By Centrists.”

Organize for Justice spokesman Waleed Shahid did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation when asked if the group planned on releasing the identity the contributors funding its digital ad blitz.

Ocasio-Cortez did not immediately return a request for comment.

Ocasio-Cortez and her then-campaign chair Saikat Chakrabarti served on the three-member board of Justice Democrats PAC while it simultaneously supported her primary campaign in 2018.

But Ocasio-Cortez never disclosed to the Federal Election Commission that she controlled the political action committee during her campaign.

Multiple former FEC commissioners previously told the DCNF that Ocasio-Cortez’s unreported affiliation with Justice Democrats during her 2018 primary campaign could land her in legal trouble.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, a conservative watchdog group, filed an FEC complaint against Ocasio-Cortez in April 2019 over her unreported affiliation with Justice Democrats. A total of three FEC complaints were filed against Ocasio-Cortez over her relationship with Justice Democrats.

Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged in August that she was “in conversation” with the FEC over the complaints, saying she was in “total compliance” with the law while dismissing the measures as a “form of legal trolling” from “fringe, Republican groups.”

However, the FEC is currently unable to take any official action to enforce campaign finance laws as it has had only three active commissioners on its six-member board since the end of August 2019.

Reprinted with Permission by Conservative Daily News – by Andrew Kerr

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AOC and the people that financially back her have repeatedly said that they intend to fund alternative candidates to any Democrat they deem insufficiently committed to bringing about the level of socialistic change she and her backers desire for this country. AOC has already stated she wants Bernie Sanders to be President. So this article isn’t really news. AOC and her financial backers are simply funding attack ads against the opposition to Sanders. Neither Biden, who is both obviously mentally impaired at this point and not a true believer in the socialist cause (he’s just in the race to front for the old guard Democrat financiers who still dream of “the good old days” of passing envelopes filled with cash back and forth to buy votes on favored liberal issues), and Buttigieg, who is just a cheap carbon-copy wanna-be of disgraceful John Kerry, fit the mold of the true, committed… Read more »

Wayne D Peterkin

Democrat cannibalism! What a hoot! Were the money able to be traced, I would suspect that Soros or some under his influence are involved. Maybe our nation has gone over the edge to ruin, but I remain optimistic enough to believe that in any general election, socialism would be soundly defeated. I just hope and pray I’m right!

H L Howell

It seems that the government always has a reason why they don’t prosecute these criminal. why has there only been 3 board members for this long period, because it makes it easier for them to turn a blind eye and not do their job.


Seems Ocazio-Cortez wants her cake and eat it too. She speak with forked tongue and can’t be trusted. Following Bernie Sanders field coordinator? There would be a pair worth scrutiny.


Biden! He`s been in Washington for 50+ years and now he wants to be president to FIX Washington! Give me a break! Drain the swamp! Go Trump Go, 2020

Michael Javick

As if Biden is something America needs. NOT !


Seems to me that her, Sanders and the DNC NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED FOR THEIR TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES. Facebook needs to regulated, investigated and SHUT DOWN for their connections to foreign money and terrorist activities. They are CONSTANTLY infringing on people’s rights. Communist and Nazi activities along with their protecting whiny ass millennials and slimy Muslims needs to go.

tony d willIiams

Dark money?
The democrat’s obsession with impeaching the president directly after he was sworn in?
The abolishment of voting rights in our country?
The wanton disruption and ignorance of our constitution except when needed?
Removal of “We The People”?

As the 3rd Reich said, “Give me your children and I will have an unbeatable army”. Paraphrased, the Soviet communist leaders also said it. All hail to our public schools and lack of parental teaching.


The slime in Washington is breathtaking.

Patriot Will

AOC is a communist, plain and simple. She makes up her own facts and repeats anti-American propaganda with such ease that it sounds like she is telling the truth. If AOC has her way, free enterprise and American exceptionalism will be dead and gone within a few years!

Barbara P

All of the Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Christians, Evangelicals and everyone else need to vote a straight Republican ticket for 2020!! That is the only way we will take back the House, Senate and White House! If we do not do that then our Country is doomed to Socialism/Communism!!!
The democrats are so evil they will do anything underhanded to win!!!! The SQUAD is evil!!!! Pay attention everyone!!!!!
President Trump MUST be re-elected!!!!!
Be vigilant, pay attention!!!!!!!

Brenda Blunt

Let them attack each other and then vote them out!!!!!


Who the hell does she think she is? Her goal for socialism here will not happen. She better find another country to try to mess up.


Will anything be done with all this political INSANITY?


This communist should have never been allowed in any part of American government not even picking up trash, shows how dum Americans voters have become, better get their heads on straight before we have no America anymore that is what obama, and most democratics want and they have made that very plain so anyone that votes for a democratic is part of this one world order garbage that the democratics have been trying for, by taking away or Freedoms and our Rights which is Treason and we need to prosecute any and all politicians judges police or military that try to take,change, twist, ignore, or dismantle any part of Our Constitution as Written

Ed J

Does this really surprise anyone? After all, how does a very young and obviously ignorant bartender (AOC) get elected to Congress? Well, now we have the explanation. Big, dark money is moving the chess pieces around the political chessboard with impunity by manipulating the system and skewing the real intent and best interests of the electorate, to the extreme detriment of our nation.

Just like Obama, a so-called “Community Organizer” (whatever that means), who was propelled from obscurity into the Senate and eventually the Presidency. It surely wasn’t his inherent qualifications that got him there. I have always referred to Obama as “Chairman Obama, our very own Manchurian candidate.”

Today, I consider AOC’s initials to stand for “Always On CrystalMeth.” If anyone else can come up with a better label, post it here?


What!!?!?!??!? The FEC can’t DO anything about the breaking of campaign finance laws because they don’t have enough board members! What a racket! Who’s paying off whom here? Our government campaign finance laws are a travesty as it is and now the people who are supposed to monitor the situation are on permanent vacation!


We are hearing more and more of how the four ladies of her group are being funded or doing questionable actions – same ones they criticizes others for doing. Have read recently that the group who hacked in Burisma is also associated with a Russian group supporting some of the current democratic presidential candidates. Where is the democrat or even republican outrage over that?


I would guess it takes a positive vote from the House of Representatives to move any recommendations by the Executive Branch for individuals to be named to the FEC ! Without such cooperation by the House, NOW CONTROLLED BY NANCY PELOSI and her DEMOCRATIC LEFTIST COMRADS, as they are doing all the time thus holding up multiple Executive necessary job appointments. One must not trust Shi-face Adam Schiff, Peabrain Pelosi and her 2 Hand Puppets, Representative Gerald ” the Nebish” Nadler, nor Maxine “16 inch softball mouth” Waters( this lady with the softball in her mouth would still be able to eat a full meal on the opposite side)!! And now that the Democratic farce has moved to the Republican held Senate, ALL EYES and EARS will be lit up by Chuck “the SCHMUCK” SCHUMER and many other controlled Democrat clowns, including Kamela “the Held/Got Woman” Harris . The upcoming… Read more »

leonard tatko

How the H did she get elected??
Pls go back to bartending!!